Tuesday, November 25, 2014

ORWELLIAN HISTORY by Phil Goodstein - December 2014 Naysayer

Columbine High School was in the news during the 1994–95 school year. Al Wilder, a veteran teacher, sought to give students a view outside of the system’s artificial and banal boundaries. He so showed his debate class 1900, a powerful movie by Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci. It focused about life, growing up, fascism, resistance, friendship, and love. Included was a graphic scene about bought sex.
The result was horror and heresy. The students were receptive to the film. That was the problem. Their elders, led by Jefferson County’s premier lunatics, the school board, screamed with outrage. They made it plain that school was not a place to encourage eager youngsters to explore the world and question everything around them; on the contrary, it was to turn them into mindless zombies who readily accept the worst of the status quo. The Jefferson Public Schools consequently fired Wilder. Virtually nothing was said about his fate and the horrific world administrators gave students when the Columbine High School Massacre erupted at the academy in April 1999.

DEMOCRATS VERSUS THE ENVIRONMENT by Phil Goodstein - December 2014 Naysayer

Washington has again acted to protect Colorado from state officials backed by environmentalists. In particular, the
United States Fish and Wildlife Service, drawing on the Endangered Species Act which passed under the Richard Nixon administration with the support of the Republican president, has declared the Gunnison sage grouse an endangered species. This decree to protect a local animal and its natural habitat has particularly provoked the ire of Governor John Hickenlooper. Sounding just like a states’ right Democrat, he has yelled that Washington is interfering with Colorado’s ability to destroy the climate and obliterate its wildlife. He echoes the laments of Roy Romer and Federico Peña 25 years ago when the Environmental Protection Agency ruled Two Forks Dam was an ecologically devastating project that violated the most basic laws guarding the integrity of the earth. In the process, George Bush I came across as a sterling environmentalist compared to those Democratic officeholders backed by the likes of the Sierra Club.

DENVER PRESCHOOL TAX by Phil Goodstein - December 2014 Naysayer

The Denver preschool tax once more narrowly gained voter authorization. Since its adoption in 2006, it has been used to fund a coalition of self-styled improvers and babysitters who have embraced preschools as both salvation and a business.
From the beginning, advocates of the preschool tax have not addressed the most fundamental of issues. If preschool is a positive good for society, why should it be in private hands? In particular, why should parents wanting their toddlers in preschool have to pay for enrolling them? Why should not preschools be part of a universal public school system? For that matter, why, instead of drawing on the reactionary sales tax, should they not be financed with the rest of the public school system? By once more avoiding these issues and perpetuating their empire, the champions of the preschool tax show themselves to be the Naysayer of the Month.
(The Naysayers will meet at Javier’s, northwest corner of W. 38th Avenue and Tennyson Street, Saturday, December 6, 4:30 PM.)

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Community Planning and Development has updated its website to better communicate important information pertaining to plans and rezonings. These changes were made in response to community feedback.

The Completed Plans page (www.DenverGov.org/planning) now includes several ways to search for current plans. Users can find small area plans, general development plans, assessments and studies by location usinga new interactive GIS map, by statistical neighborhood or by plan name using type-specific drop-down menus on the Completed Plans page.
The Rezonings – Map Amendments page has been reconfigured in several ways to better present information on changes to the city’s zoning map.
1)      The page now offers a more complete overview of the process as it applies to applicants and neighbors.
2)      At the bottom of the page, a new section, “Information for Applicants and Neighbors,” brings together all the information and forms that each will need over the course of the process. In particular, the “For Neighbors and RNOs” tab explains when RNOs are notified and provides links to the RNO position statement form, the Official Map Amendments (Rezoning) Customer Guide and other information that may be useful to RNOs in navigating the rezoning process.
3)      The new rezoning process page features a step-by-step overview and timeline for applicants and neighbors, including details on RNO notifications, opportunities for public input and instructions and deadlines for public comment submission and protest petitions.
4)      Lastly, a link to the proposed rezonings page has been added to the “Zoning” drop-down menu on the main navigation bar on the CPD website to make that page easier to find.
If you have any questions or additional comments on the changes, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Alexandra Foster | Communications program manager
Community Planning & Development | City and County of Denver
720.865.2969 Phone | alexandra.foster@denvergov.org
DenverGov.org/CPD | @DenverCPD | Take our Survey 


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Next South City Park Neighborhood Association Meeting includes City Park Playground Proposal

When: Wednesday, November 19th
Time: 7-9pm
Where: Bluebird Theater (3317 E. Colfax)

Meeting Agenda
1) SCPNA Officers Election – 30-45 minute Q&A with members posing questions to our various candidates.
2) City Park Playground Proposal – We will consider a proposal to re-engage city agencies about replacing the Dustin Redd playground. Instead of regional destination scaled playground like what was proposed with the City Loop, this proposal asks for something that is just the scale of the existing playground and picnic area. To see the entire proposal, please visit www.scpna.org where it will posted.
3) Neighborhood updates on recent notifications about liquor license applications, potential property redevelopments, and other news from the newsletter. Some discussion to follow on these items.
4) Open conversation where members can discuss neighborhood issues for the remainder of the meeting.
5) Lost Lake after-meeting party where members will receive free admission to see The Soil and The Sun.

We would like to re-engage Denver Parks and Recreation regarding replacing the Dustin Redd playground at City Park with a 1 to 2 acre community-scaled playground and not a regional destination scaled playground as proposed previously. The new playground should be ADA compliant, constructed with modern materials designed to survive with minimal maintenance for a number of years, as well as be engaging and exciting for the next generation of children that will play on it.

Our goals are:
* Budget for the design of the project in 2016
* Design the project in 2017
* Budget for construction of the project in 2018.
* Construct the project in 2018. Further, we would like on-going maintenance of the new playground to be included in the City Park budget.

Since this will be a community-scaled playground, the neighborhoods adjacent to City Park agree to actively participate in the design and creation of the new playground. We commit to electing or assigning representatives from each of the undersigned groups to work with the Denver Parks and Recreation.

The original creation of the Dustin Redd playground is an example of a vibrant community coming together to create an amazing playground which is used by thousands of families today. Our hope is to engage the same vibrant community to recreate a more modern playground. It is only fitting that this playground would continue to be called the Dustin Redd playground.
Together, we can create a new playground.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

All of Southeastern Colorado to be a Massive Electronic Warfare Testing and Training Center

 with Department of Defense (DOD), its contractors, and politicians!  

Stone-cold bluff: A bet or raise with an inferior hand that has little or no chance of improving.  Stone-cold bluffers believe they can win because all opponents will fold.  
-- Wikipedia

TRINIDAD, CO - When military contractors decided to have U. S. Senate candidates Mark Udall and Cory Gardner kill the six-year-old funding ban that prohibited spending on any part of the massive planned expansion at Department of Army's 236,000-acre Joint Forces Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site (PCMS) in southern Colorado, they slapped down our tax dollars and put a stone-cold bluff.  Udall-Gardner assured us the largest secretly planned military expansion in U.S. history was off the table!     

Friday, November 14, 2014


by Gerald Trumbule
As reported previously, my parking lot (4 spaces) is directly across the alley from the new Addiction Services drug dispensary located at 1620 Gaylord. We're told that about 150 addicts are serviced here daily. They haven't got the parking lot figured out yet, but they are working on it. Meanwhile, my lot seems to be a favorite (even though it's posted on all sides).

In this batch of photos from earlier in the month, screen grabs from video, my lot is at the bottom of the picture. Management at the dispensary said they were not able to identify their clients by their cars.

This next group is from Wednesday and Thursday

Prize winner for the day

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


The University of Colorado, through its federally-funded ARTS (Addiction Research and Treatment Services) program, has recently opened a drug dispensary at 1620 Gaylord Street. For additional posts on this blog go here, here, and here.
Without examining the disparity between the official attitude regarding cannabis dispensaries and methadone dispensaries, it is easy to see (above) that ANY drug dispensary within an official DRUG FREE SCHOOL ZONE is prohibited.
At a meeting of the nearby neighbors (11/10/14), the ARTS staff and the property owner, Victor Kolouch of Kolouch Properties, LLC, the Drug Free School Zone issue was raised. Program Director Angela Bonagudi stated that "our program is exempt."
Clients wait in line for methadone at 1620 Gaylord St.

It is not as if this property is unknown to the East High School students. For years they have used this parking lot as a place to smoke pot. Just last week approximately 30 students showed up for a fight. It looked like a "flash mob" to me. I called 911 but before I could even finish answering the operator's questions, the mob dispersed.
The neighbors want this drug dispensary closed. The tenant (ARTS) has a 4-year lease with the owner (Kolouch Properties).
Update 11/12/14: Apparently snow drives addicts crazy. Had 5 people try to park on my lot this morning. One person, standing on my lot, told me he did not have to move because he wasn't a car. His partner, in a wheel-chair, came out of the dispensary and called me a "real asshole".
I'll be publishing a list of names and phone numbers for you to call if you are concerned about this drug dispensary in the East High "drug-free zone".