Tuesday, August 26, 2014

INC Resolution on Revising Neighborhood Noise Ordinance

• WHEREAS, the City of Denver Noise Ordinance, Section 36 sets the limit for
sound in neighborhoods at 55 dB(A), and
• WHEREAS, Sec. 36-6(b) (17) gives an exemption to festivals and raises the
limit for sound to 80 dB(A), and
• WHEREAS, under the current ordinance definitions, only dB readings at (A)
levels are required which does not measure the different frequencies, and
• WHEREAS, low frequency sound waves dB(C) are long, can actually travel
through buildings and be heard and often can be felt, and
• WHEREAS, the current ordinance was promulgated some years ago before
the advent of the Admission Based Event policy and the significant
increase from a few hundred to more than 800 events a year in Denver,
including in Denver parks, and
• WHEREAS, at the time this ordinance was promulgated 80 dBs(A) was
interpreted to be an acceptable level for sound in residential area when
there were few permitted events in parks, and
• WHEREAS, the 80 dB(A) sound level associated with these frequent events
in parks has become the norm, has disrupted the quality of neighborhood
life on a regular basis and has created an ongoing and intolerable
condition.which the 55 dB level was intended to address, now therefore,
• BE IT RESOLVED, that INC calls upon the City of Denver to begin a
collaborative, thorough, and thoughtful public process in order to revise the
Noise Ordinance so that it is specified how sound pressure is measured,
by whom, and when during an event, and to state the maximum level of
sound pressure is 55 dB(A) & (C) in neighborhoods in order to maintain
and improve the quality of life for Denver's residents.

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