Thursday, August 14, 2008


Associate Dave Felice wrote to the open forum at the Denver Post today: Editor: The hypocrisy of the Democratic National Convention is amazing. City leaders continue to insist “the city is open” and “it’s business as usual” while: - streets are closed - snipers are on rooftops - city establishes “secret” jail in unused warehouse at East 38th Avenue and Steele/York - public transit schedules change, service cancelled, parking lots closed - air space is restricted - chain link fences confine citizens to specific spaces - the SWAT team sets up a field HQ at a downtown building - police set up a staging area in the main public library - classes on the Auraria campus cancelled for a week - downtown post office is closed - a number of residents deliberately leave Denver - anyone carrying a bicycle lock subject to questioning - city suddenly does park/street maintenance - hotels, service businesses doubling/tripling prices - hundreds of extra police officers imported from other jurisdictions - downtown workers finding ways to stay home Democratic Party delegates will be holding their convention in a facility belonging to a staunch anti-union Republican. Delegates are staying in non-union hotels, using non-union transportation, and dining at non-union restaurants. The amount of money being spent, officially and unofficially, on an unneeded event is absolutely obscene. How much better could even part of that money be used for schools, housing, other social programs, and infrastructure? While Denver tries to shed its self-conscious “cow town” image, convention participants are likely to run to Rockmount Western Wear for shirts with pearly snap buttons and cowboy boots of exotic skins before dinner at the Buckhorn Saloon where even the New Yorkers and Bostonians will try to talk with a western drawl. Since city officials heavily tout the “economic benefit” of the convention, will the city VOLUNTARILY offer verifiable evidence? For example, the city ought to be able to report increased revenue from sales and lodging taxes. Denver International Airport could report revenue on increased traffic. The city should encourage other businesses, such as taxi companies and private security companies, to offer some kind of report of percentages of increased revenue. It’s highly unlikely that anyone will ever know how much the Democratic Party pays for using “The Can” or “The Diaphragm”. All hail, the Anointed One, and those who hope to touch the hem of his garment. Dave Felice


  1. This crap happens every day every person in our government cares more about themselves then the people they are trying to govern
    Yet us Americans still vote why you know there is no one out there in the government that really puts the American people above there own pockets
    Face it who ever you vote for is still corrupt so what now the only choice us Americans have is deciding over the lesser of the two evils
    bullshit I have more then 2 choices this is not an a or b country this is our country you don't have to vote for any one running for presidency I say vote for yourself on all the ballots
    Every American needs to start standing up I see and hear everyone talking we all know they use the money that should be going to your kids your neighbors kids to millions upon millions of better uses
    But the American dream needs to be followed right
    Ask yourself what is the American dream
    I say this dream has become a vicious nightmare everyone spending more money then they earn
    Racking up debts just to work harder and longer and get those raises just to pay debts what the fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What the fuck are we thinking what the fuck are we doing
    I'll tell you what we Americans are doing about it nothing
    Look in the mirror what did you fucking do today
    Nothing I bet you and don't fucking lie because the only person your lieing to is yourself
    And the only people you are hurting is your kids, grandchildren, friends, neighbors, anyone who is and American
    Proud to be an American fuck that, look at us obesity is a disease depressed people getting disability
    Shut the fuck up eat a salad and get out the fucking house and stop watching the fucking bullshit idiot box called the TV to lazy fucking bastards
    I hope this message gets passed on and this story gets told to all because if we don't get our fucking heads out of our asses there is no hope just fucking shoot yourself now
    If this message does get to you and hurts your feelings or makes you upset bet you nine to one odds this message is directed toward you
    And if you just changed your fucking mind about this message not bothering you STOP FUCKING LIEING you are only lieing to your fucking self have more self respect
    Lets stop talking and complaining because that’s nothing but a fucking dog with no bite
    Its time to stand up first thing vote for yourself and only yourself
    Next turn that fucking box off get off your fucking ass and read with your kid don't you know compared to all other none and again I mean none third world countries we are fucking dumb
    but we are so dumb we think were smart your all fucking dumb stop thinking you know it all and start fucking listening because no matter who you talk to and I mean no matter who you talk to you can learn something from them
    And let’s not hope your fucking learning who one on next top model or when the Simpsons are on
    America the home of the dumb
    The home of the lazy
    all talk no bite because you can't get off the couch because your depressed complaining about that fucking diets not working while your eating a Twinkie you fucking obese bitches
    Well I hope this hits home
    Let’s hope you get out of the house
    Let’s hope you pick up a book
    But face it you’re fucking pathetic
    Have a nice life