Saturday, January 29, 2011

Phil Goodstein's Associate Naysayer of the Month - Colfax on the Hill

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Colfax on the Hill has been working for the uplift of Colfax near the Capitol since the mid-1980s. It has been quite skilled in publicizing itself. Through its collateral Colfax Business Improvement District, it has gained quasi-governmental powers, especially the ability to tax landlords and merchants. Amidst this, it has been unending in declaring that the bad old days of Colfax are over-the days when Colfax was both a people street and something of a sex arcade. Under its aegis, generic national chains have become the primary businesses along Colfax while the street lacks a grocery or hardware store from Broadway to Colorado Boulevard.

The group's policies have been so successful that it recently worked closely with the police to install a set of spy cameras along the avenue. The message is that virtual police-state monitoring is necessary to assure its continued success. For so showing its vision and operations, Colfax on the Hill is an associate Naysayer of the Month.

For details see The Denver Daily News.


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