Friday, March 23, 2007

Denver City Council District 8 Candidates Speak at San Rafael 3-22-07

Determined as I am to videotape the candidates for Denver City Council District 8, I went unannounced to the Forum sponsored by the San Rafael Neighborhood Association. What a difference from my experience at the CBWPA Forum! (See Hatchett article below.) Carol Tuttle, the president of the Association welcomed and even thanked me for videotaping. For now, I am going to refrain from editorial comment regarding the candidates. I'll just present the videos, and you can come to your own conclusions. And so, in alphabetical order, first: The Candidates for District 8: Dr. Sharon Bailey Carla Madison Greg Rasheed Lynn Smith Darrell Watson Candidates for the At-Large Seat: Carol Boigon Carole Campbell Doug Linkhart (Note: If you are a blogger or candidate, feel free to link to this site or to the original YouTube videos.)


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