Wednesday, February 27, 2013

DeHerrera Family to Demand Answers at Mayor's Office/Webb Building

Results of illegal left-hand turn 
Denver -- On Friday, Colorado Progressive Coalition members and survivors of police misconduct will join with the DeHerrera family to support their call for justice after Corporal Randy Murr was reinstated. The DeHerrera's and survivors of police violence will speak to their cases at the Webb building in Denver and ask questions of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock as part of a delegation that will go to his office.
On Wednesday, February 20, hearing officers at the Civil Service Commission reinstated Murr, the police officer involved in the assault on Shawn Johnson and Michael DeHerrera. Murr was also involved in the assault on Alex Landau less than 90 days prior. Murr was reinstated despite, as the Denver Post's Vincent Carroll stated, "...[having told at] least three different stories about what happened outside a club in LoDo on April 4, 2009...."
Anthony and Denise DeHerrera and Alex Landau will speak at a community gathering of roughly 40-80 people in front of the Webb building at noon then head to the City and County building where a delegation will attempt to speak with Mayor Michael Hancock and Manager of Safety Alex Martinez. After the event is over, the delegation will also look to speak with Chief Robert White at the Police Administrative Building.
During the event at the Webb Building, Landau will provide a narrative and visual timeline of the police brutality stemming from his case that has occurred due to the city's disciplinary failures including the Civil Service Commission's decisions in the Denver Diner and DeHerrera cases.
"Over four years after the modern day Jim Crow brutality that I experienced at the hands of Denver law enforcement, the only thing that has transpired with the officers involved in my case is that they've gone on to attack other community members," said Landau. "Two of the officers were recently reinstated in their respective roles in attacking community members. On March 1, I am coming together with survivors of those cases of police brutality to call for termination of these violent officers, and we are inviting the community to join us."
The DeHerrera Family
Alex Landau
Colorado Progressive Coalition members and leaders
Speakers to include:
Alex Landau
Anthony DeHerrera
Denise DeHerrera
A community rally and formal delegation to respond to the Civil Service Commission's decision to reinstate Corporal Murr after his part in the Michael DeHerrera beating.
Concerned Denver residents will offer support for the family as they move over to the City and County Building to speak with Mayor Michael Hancock and Manager of Safety.
After the event, the delegation will attempt to speak with Chief White at the Denver .
Friday, March 1, 2013 at 12 p.m.
Webb Municipal Building, 7th Floor 201 W Colfax Ave, Dept 803 Denver, CO 80202
City and County Building, 1437 Bannock St Denver, CO 80202
Police Administrative Building, 1331 Cherokee St Denver, CO 80202


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