Friday, February 8, 2013

Part 1 - Walkabout - November 3, 2012 - Lowry Bombing Range - Missile silo

I was working on an old building in Denver back in the late '70s when I was told that Denver's dump was at the Lowry Bombing Range. I thought it best to avoid taking anything there. Last November (2012) I had the opportunity to visit and walkabout that area on a guided tour by a gentleman who knew the history of that land, from before it became a missile site.

Top of missile silo
This is part of the cover over the missile which slid away before the missile was launched from the silo. It is about 3 feet thick.

My guide said that this missile program was never operational but was built to fool the Soviet Union.

Looks like someone has been trying to get into the silo.

This is an exhaust vent near the missile silo.

This is what is currently in the vent.

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