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Some of what people who are "not paying any taxes" are paying in taxes

from Dave Felice

Sunday, October 28, 2012

All Things MMJ with Jessica LeRoux - Oct. 28, 2012

Hey Now, 

Big Week! Only 10 days till the election, and today we have some (non-64) related news about the elections that will matter after Nov 6th like house seats and local officials.... What ever you may feel about 64 you need to vote and be counted, there are so many sources saying  that the election is going to be stolen just like in 2000, get out, vote, keep a record of your vote in case there is a recount or other election fraud. 
Kicking off this week with some MMED updates, learn em, live em... and if the new emails dont work, keep a record of that fact! 

starting the week with some holiday cheer, dont lose your head out there this weekend! 
PhotoHalloween can be scary, Mitt Romney at Red Rocks, 1st time in 2012 when the venue did not smell at all like Kind Bud... Sorry Mitt no cheesecakes for your puppet show!

New stuff from the MMED's website concerning the forms and manifests, I have tried this email a few times, but got no auto responder to print out, nor any undelivered email bounce back message, so I will also be continuing to fax the manifests as I have advised you as well... Wondering what is up with the new compliance tip? I've heard that the MMED was still giving select owners 60 days to install equipment required in July of 2011 as recently as last month... maybe they are finally applying their own rules to all MMCs?

Compliance Tip: Medical Marijuana business staff must be able to provide information from Point of Sale (POS), Video or any other mandated system to MMED investigators or any law enforcement officer at any time of operation. Business owners will be held accountable for failure to meet compliance standards.

MMED Manifest Submissions may be made to DOR_mmedmanifest@state.co.us
MMED Forms Submissions may be made to DOR_mmedforms@state.co.us 

also new on the MMED's website, this stance may correspond with rumors circling that the special interest groups plan to exclude original panel members from their efforts to rewrite some portions of the rules promulgated for 1284 and make certain changes to the regulatory system... If that sounds shady to you too please take a minute to write a quick email to Laura Harris MMED director and tell her you want all members of the original panel who still own viable MMJ businesses to resume the work together, and replace the 60% plus of panelists that have failed or sold their businesses with independent MMJ operators, not more MMIG & CBA members... Here is her email please do it today,Laura Harris <laura.harris@state.co.us> also if you can be available to participate please offer your services... 
The MMED Rules are written in response to direction and authority provided by statute.  All rules undergo the due process detailed by the Colorado Administrative Procedures Act - which require an opportunity for the public to comment and request changes prior to their adoption by the State Licensing Authority.  Any proposed rules must also undergo scrutiny by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, the State Attorney General's Office and the Legislative Legal Services Office.

The initial draft of the current rules are the product of a collaborate process in which MMED staff facilitated a workgroup made of up industry stakeholders.  The draft of rules generated by this workgroup then followed due process via the Administrative Procedures Act, during which public comments led to the modification of some of the rules prior to their adoption by the State Licensing Authority.

heard an interesting local blurb story on CPR Tuesday morning but I cant find a link... They interviewed City of Denver License and Excise's Tom Downey about the results of the MMJ advertising ban, and he says there has been only one complaint registered with the city in the ensuing months since the ban was passed.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

More on Elyria pollution by Tom Anthony

Dave Oletski doesn't have email.  Although the City Council voted to go "all digital" three years ago not all the RNO's believe in computers.  Perhaps someone in the group knows how to communicate with him.  His contact information is not listed on the website where he is still listed as the Vice President of Globeville Civic Association #1.

If you've looked at the remediation maps for Globeville, Elyria and Swansea the pattern of removed soils makes no sense.  Less than half the yards got remediated.  The action level was 400 ppm for lead and cadmium, although no NPL action level has been established for cadmium.  The protocol was no more than 8 samples per residential lot, no matter how large.  The parameters were established by ASARCO, which was the ultimate authority in charge of the cleanup.  No "non-residential" property was remediated.  That leaves approximately 80% of the neighborhoods, most of which is dirt surfaced.  So, despite Dave's assertion that Fonda cleaned up everything I would take it with a grain of arsenic.  Fonda also neglected to mention at the Council public hearing that the molasses slurry technology they planned to use was experimental.  He failed to mention that only 8 of the 80 acres was badly contaminated, although they were deed restricting the entire parcel.

As far as the neighborhoods go, you can also imagine that the smelter waste accumulated on roofs and was washed into yards via gutters and downspouts.  Over time the downspouts were re-directed as driveways or carports or garages were installed.  Therefore there easily may be toxic pockets in anyone's yard where there are high concentrations of lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic which were missed by the testing crew.  Furthermore, Region 8 EPA left no accommodation in the ROD for bioaccumulation of toxic materials from the ASARCO slag heap under Heron Pond.  This is a grievous omission which cannot be ignored, despite the desperate attempts to keep our neighborhoods in ignorance.

As to LiveWell's goal of healthy eating and active lifestyles, if you think your kids should be indulging their healthy lifestyles by riding their bikes across the UP trackage at York Street and through Elyria and past JandB Auto Parts and down Race Court past Rocky Mountain Colby and the packing houses and the Denver Rock Island to get to the Platte River Bike Path then by all means buy a house here like I did.  Otherwise, your people can empower the Elyria 2020 Vision Plan that other non profits have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to repudiate.

In the meantime if you have a moment for some light reading you might want to go to this link and do some:

And thank you for having the meeting.  Sorry I don't like waiting 18 months between delivering 5 minute speeches and had to assert myself rather than walk out of it.  Your people can make the call or not as to whether to invite me back.
Tom Anthony

Sorry, I was going from my memory of the one or two Community Advisory Group meetings I heard about and subsequently attended in about 2006, long after things had gotten taken over by the Cross Community Coalition.  The action levels were 70 ppm for arsenic and 400 ppm for lead and no action level for cadmium, although EPA standard for residential soil is 30 ppm.  Cadmium was not analyzed.

Not 8 samples but 3 samples were allowed per residential lot.  The samples had to aggregate a total average contamination over one of the action levels in order to trigger a cleanup.  Consequently if they took three samples from three different spots in your yard and one was 800 ppm of lead and the other two were 100 ppm of lead, the average was 1,000 ppm divided by 3 or 333 ppm so you didn't get remediated.  

For this reason and many others there is no reason to believe that you have safe soil for gardening.  You will also find that trees tend to uptake heavy metals at higher than constituent soil levels into their leaves.  Annual composting of the leaf litter will thus result in bioconcentration of heavy metals.   I believe that prudence and logic indicate it's necessary to have a local soil testing lab that residents can utilize prior to a wholesale encouragement of gardening, composting, etc in our neighborhoods.
Tom Anthony

Monday, October 22, 2012

OMG, it's the Denver Capital Matrix

Ed note: When the bureaucrats don't know what to do they always print up a "directory" for those not in the know. These quickly go out of date and become useless. Kudos however for working the word MATRIX into the name. It's really just a list of 250 firms.

City of Denver Releases New Small Business Funding Directory
“Denver Capital Matrix” details funding sources for Denver entrepreneurs and small businesses
DENVER, CO ­— Monday, October 22, 2012 — Mayor Michael B. Hancock and the Denver Office of Economic Development (OED) Executive Director Paul Washington today announced the release of the Denver Capital Matrix, a new resource directory of funding sources for Denver small businesses and entrepreneurs.
“We heard the business community loud and clear when they said they need increased access to capital,” said Mayor Michael B. Hancock. “By compiling these resources, the city is helping to raise awareness about the different types and providers of financing available and to ultimately help spur our start-up and small business growth.”
The Denver Capital Matrix is one piece of the Hancock Administration’s Peak Enterprise initiative, a business toolkit to help small businesses and local companies compete and succeed in Denver.
The matrix identifies more than 250 funding sources, including traditional bank lending, venture capital firms, private equity firms, angel investors, mezzanine sources and others that have funded Colorado businesses. The matrix provides contact information and categorizes the investment focus of each listed organization.
“During Denver Startup Week, we’re proud to launch this new resource to help foster a stronger environment for our small business community,” said OED Executive Director Paul Washington. “Small business provides the greatest opportunity for job creation today. Our matrix is designed to help promising businesses to expand and thrive in Denver and in return help Denver deliver a diverse economy.”
Data sources for the Denver Capital Matrix include the National Venture Capital Association, S&P Capital IQ and the Colorado Bankers Association.
The Denver Capital Matrix is available online at www.denvergov.org/business.
The Denver Office of Economic Development (OED) is dedicated to advancing economic prosperity for the City of Denver, its businesses, neighborhoods and residents. Working with a wide variety of community partners, OED operates to create a local environment that stimulates balanced growth through job creation, business assistance, housing options, neighborhood redevelopment and the development of a skilled workforce.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

All Things MMJ with Jessica LeRoux - Oct. 21, 2012

Hey Now,
I am on battery power, and there aint much to work with so I will be brief... And I may have to send you another email later in the week with some info I want to share about the pending election....

MMED has updated their website concerning travel Manifests... and guess what they advise, exactly what I told you to do, fax em in and save the proof of fax... MMED Forms Submission
The MMED is experiencing difficulties receiving electronic submissions due to a conversion of our email system. Please fax all forms and manifests to our office until further notice: 303-205-2398.
Maintain a copy of fax submission in order to remain in compliance.
Thank you for patience and understanding while we work to resolve this issue.
Of course these updates were made after the Westword article about the issue, and the info MMED gave to Westword was incorrect... Sigh...
Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division e-mail snafu causes backup in MMJ warehouses

I dont have a TV, and wont likely miss much with the "talent" they have representing our industry, but if you watch lemme know what you thought... Denver pot industry on "60 Minutes" | Ostrow Off The Record — The Denver Postblogs.denverpost.com Denver pot industry on "60 Minutes" | Ostrow Off The Record — The Denver Post : Denver Post television critic Joanne Ostrow blogs about trends, news and developments regarding Denver and the national media. Colorado
even before the episode airs it is drawing unwanted attention to the industry.... http://denver.cbslocal.com/2012/10/20/u-s-justice-department-could-sue-if-amendment-64-passes/

One of these raids occured at one of my Client's shops this week. THe USDA came into her shop, she was closed for 2 hours to accomidate them and all the forms they filled out, then the USDA left the product at the MMC for the MMED to come retrieve the following morning for agency supervised destruction. We will be watching this story to see what other products may be involved, the mention of dairy is alarming, but I am receiving word for now that because we bake any dairy items that we use in our products we should not be under this scrutiny.

Gotta wonder how much of is ALEC funded, and what degree it affected the issues with registration this election... please go vote and if you have issues or they try to deny your ass, request a provisional ballot. Make a record and report any attempted partisan election fraud by our state's so called secretary... so young, already so corrupt!
Criminal, ethical probes sought for Gessler's use of public fundswww.coloradoan.com A watchdog organization on Monday requested criminal and ethical investigations into Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler's use public funds to attend what it considers partisan events.

Former Democratic President Jimmy Carter called for the decriminalization of marijuana on Thursday, saying U.S. drug policy has “destroyed the lives of millions of young people.” While delivering a speech on inter-American relations in Washington, D.C., the 39th president cited high prison populations as a reason to make the laws against marijuana more lenient.

As a food allergy sufferer myself I am scandalized by this story. The poor kid should have stayed on the lam...
Marijuana Inmate With Allergy Dies After Being Given Oatmeal www.tokeofthetown.com Although marijuana has never killed anyone in history, the marijuana laws have claimed another tragic victim. Michael Saffioti, who, upon his mother's advice, had turned himself in to police after missing a court date, was dead after just one night in the Snohomish County Jail.

It's OK to vote NO on 2A, 3A and 3B

Your needy Uncle Denver is at the door again. He seems to come around all too often these days. As usual, he has stories about how he need just a little bit more of your money to keep his act together. And don't forget his kids...the kids always need more money to keep the schools and libraries open.

But, unfortunately, this time you have to look at your own finances and decide whether or not you can afford to give him the extra handout. Things have not been going that well for you and yours. Yes, things may be looking up in Denver, but your dollar has lost half its value since 2005 and you haven't gotten a raise. That second job you've had to take to make ends meet is really getting you down, and it doesn't even seem to be helping that much. You know, prices at the grocery store and all.

Thanks to Auntie Jeanne you've got the numbers in hand, and it doesn't look good. That commercial property you own is really going to take a tax hit if these things go through.

So despite your love for Uncle Denver, you are going to have to say no this time. In the past, you've said yes, yes, yes, over and over again. But he always wants more. You're just going to have to put your foot down. Tell you still love him and all, but now is not the time. And while you are at it, tell him that adding $1 million to his staff salaries right off the bat was not cool, and ask him to please keep his hands off of our Taxpayers Bill of Rights.


And BTW, if you are worried about Denver and Colorado governments not having enough money to take care of business, be sure to vote YES on 64. It's guaranteed to bring in a boatload of new money and to cut unnecessary expenditure as well!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Park Questions

from Dave Felice

Now that the "Steering Committee" has decided to grant $2M of Better Denver Bond money to build a performance pavilion at Ruby Hill Park and $4.4M for additional parking at City Park, we need to ask questions.

First, it's important to recognize that there do not appear to be any neighborhood representatives on the steering committee. The members are mostly the same "do-nothing but get appointed" experts who are making all the other decisions.

The $2M for Ruby Hill is a 100 percent match for money from the Mortimer Levitt Foundation. To the best of my knowledge, the Levitt Foundation requires 50 "events" per year at its pavilions, and the events must be free. So how does Ruby Hill's designation as an admission based events (festival) site conform with the Levitt requirements?

How big will the pavilion be? Where would admission based events be held at Ruby Hill if the pavilion takes up most of the "bowl" area?

What provisions are being made for a real parking plan? Parking is already inadequate without a performance pavilion.

Does construction of the pavilion make Ruby Hill a "de facto" festival park?

In a meeting at the mayor's office, Communications Director Rowena Alegria claimed Ruby Hill was not a designated festival events site. I challenged that assertion by pointing out Councilman Chris Nevitt asked for Ruby Hill to be added to the alcohol policy so Swallow Hill could hold an admission based event (which, apparently, never materialized).

I am waiting for more information from Councilman Nevitt. But maybe asking questions is "hysteria, extremism, and narrow-minded parochial interests."
When I asked where the parking at City Park would would be located, Mayor Michael B.Hancock dismissed the question, saying I was "getting into the weeds" with detail.

The question is important because last time the zoo and museum expanded parking, there was a commitment that no park land would be taken for parking, and that going underground was the only available option. Hancock says he thinks the new project would be surface (ground level) parking.

I don't know where there's room for more surface parking at City Park!

We also need to demand neighborhood involvement in how the parking will be built and what it's going to look like. (What a silly idea that is; we all know the experts have already figured this out.)

I'm supposed to meet with mayoral aide Stephanie O'Malley to get more details.

Also, are these projects going to be assigned to Parks and Recreation or some other agency (Public Works? Theaters and Arenas?)

And it won't come as any surprise if consultants are hired to hire consultants to plan the projects, and that Mortenson Construction, which had a member on the steering committee, is selected to build the projects.

See more at:

DPS22 Denver Public Schools Board of Education Mtg

Live streaming now (6:59pm) of DPS Board Meeting here.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Stones - "Doom and Gloom"

The Rolling Stones blend past and present on "Doom and Gloom," their first new song together in seven years. Mick Jagger sings about class tensions and oil fracking over a Keith Richards guitar riff with shades of Sticky Fingers, while Charlie Watts propels the whole thing with an unfussy, rock-solid beat.

Go fly a kite

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wal-Mart will not be part of the development at 9th and Colorado Blvd

Neighbors Statement on Redevelopment of 9th and Colorado

Denver - Do It Right at 9th, formerly Stop Wal-Mart Colorado, released 
the following statement regarding the news that Wal-Mart will not be 
part of the development at 9th and Colorado Blvd.

“We couldn't be more pleased. We are proud of the role played by 
concerned neighbors in communicating to City Council representatives 
that Wal-mart was not the right way to go at 9th and Colorado. It is a 
real victory for 'the little guy'. Councilwomen Susman and Robb were so 
responsive and helpful – we are deeply grateful. Now we can get down to 
working with the developer, the City and CU on a plan that works for the 
surrounding neighborhoods and is truly beneficial for all of East 

Do it Right at 9th is a group of neighbors that have come together to 
push for responsible, sustainable development on the old CU Health 
Sciences Center. The all-volunteer group wants to help ensure that this 
part of Denver can continue to thrive.

From a member of the Stop Walmart Colorado Team:
This David vs Goliath battle is not over.  $prawlmart will continue its march into communities and can only be stopped when neighborhoods band together and get their city governments on board which is a monumental task considering the amount of corruption within City Hall these days.
Unfortunately for Hancock, his regime will be over by the next election IF he decides to run again.  He has turned his back on several Denver neighborhoods as of late and we will not forget when he begins his desperate crawl for votes.  
At the Montclair public meeting recently, it was brought to his attention that w/his coming out early in favor of TIF financing and Walmart coming into this site, he showed his true colors.  Turns out city council members were none too keen about his ass-uming that they would march in step w/his stance.  He said he 'had the votes from City Council' to support TIF and hence, Walmart.  What he didn't count on was that no one likes someone speaking for them and hence, their constituents.  
I'm sure he will take credit for Walmart pulling out and he's already going on record stating that he looks forward to working w/Walmart on other projects.  HELLO!!  Did you not hear and/or read the verbal outcry directed against Walmart?  It's not just the neighborhood surrounding 9th & Colorado, it's the majority of residents and homeowners in the city who do NOT want a $prawlmart in their neighborhood for reasons too numerous to list here.
So 'bye bye' Walmart for now, but we know you'll be rearing your ugly head again and as for you Mayor Hancock, you're going to go down in the books as being known for $upporting Walmart.  What a sad legacy to leave behind...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Land Swap

From Denver INC: This letter was received from Angela Casias, Parks and Rec.
From: Casias, Angela - Parks & Rec
Sent: Monday, October 08, 2012 5:12 PM
Subject: Hentzell Park Natural Area Public Hearing, November 8 PLEASE FORWARD
Importance: High

Dear Hentzell Park Neighbors,

Denver Parks and Recreation will bring forward a request from Denver Public Schools to de-designate approximately 5.7 acres of land in a public hearing hosted by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board on November 8, 2012 at the Wellington Webb Municipal Building, 201 W. Colfax Ave, 4th Floor, Room 4.F.6 at 5:30 p.m.
The Denver Real Estate Office and Denver Public Schools (DPS) are currently negotiating a proposed land swap that includes 11.7 acres of land located at 10300 E. Yale Ave.  Six acres are in the City’s real estate portfolio and the difference is located in the Hentzell Park Designated Natural Area which is part of Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR).  The 11.7 acres will be traded for a 40,000 sq. ft. office at 1330 Fox St. This is intended to be the future site of the City’s Domestic Violence Center which has been a high priority for Mayor Michael B. Hancock since his election in 2011.  In turn, Denver Public Schools will turn the 11.7 acre parcel a new Southeast school, funded through the school bond if passed in November of this year.

Please visit www.denvergov.org/parksandrecreation and go to the Quick Links and hit ‘Advisory Board’ on the left hand side of the page. Under ‘Hentzell Park Natural Area’, on the right hand side of the page, you will find documents including:

·         Summary of the Proposed Project.
·         Park Map defining the area proposed land area at Hentzell Park.
·         Letter of Request from Denver Public Schools to de-designate the area.

I will reach out to each one of you to answer any questions and to offer a presentation on the topic at any future meeting hosted by your organization in addition to the public hearing in November. If you would like to contact me please email or call me at the contact in my signature.  Public comment will be accepted through the Public Hearing date on November 8, 2012.


Angela Casias

Thursday, October 4, 2012


DENVER, October 4, 2012 – Chipotle Mexican Grill and the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), a farmworker-based human rights organization, have reached an agreement that brings Chipotle’s commitment to sustainable food to the CIW’s Fair Food Program. The agreement, which will improve wages and working conditions for farmworkers in Florida who pick tomatoes for Chipotle, comes in advance of the winter tomato-growing season, when most of the nation’s tomatoes come from growers in Florida.

The Fair Food Program provides a bonus for tomato pickers to improve wages and binds growers to protocols and a code of conduct that explicitly include a voice for workers in health and safety issues, worker-to-worker education on the new protections under the code, and a complaint resolution procedure which workers can use without fear of retaliation. The Program also provides for independent third party audits to ensure compliance.

“With this agreement, we are laying down a foundation upon which we all – workers, growers, and Chipotle – can build a stronger Florida tomato industry for the future,” said Gerardo Reyes of the CIW. “But more than this, today’s news marks a turning point in the sustainable food movement as a whole, whereby, thanks to Chipotle’s leadership, farmworkers are finally recognized as true partners -- every bit as vital as farmers, chefs, and restaurants -- in bringing ‘good food’ to our tables.”

“Chipotle has an unmatched track record driving positive change in the nation's food supply and is continuously working to find better, more sustainable sources for all of the ingredients we use — sources that produce food in ways that demonstrate respect for the land, farm animals, and the people involved,” said Chris Arnold, communications director at Chipotle. “We believe that this agreement underscores our long-standing commitment to the people who produce the food we serve in our restaurants.”

Chipotle becomes the 11th company to join the CIW’s Fair Food Program, which is designed to create a sustainable tomato industry through respect for the rights and concerns of all involved. The Fair Food Premium paid by participating buyers like Chipotle is used to help participating growers improve wages and working conditions for Florida farmworkers.

Los Angeles Walmart Workers Walk Out‏

With Protests America’s Largest Retailer Expanding Nationwide,
Los Angeles Walmart Workers Walk Off Job
For the First Time in History, Walmart Faces a Strike Over its Illegal Retaliation and Attempts to Silence Associates who are Speaking out for Better Jobs

Community Supporters Join Workers to Call on Walmart and Chairman
Rob Walton to Stop Retaliation against Workers who speak out against Poverty Jobs that are
Hurting the American Economy

LOS ANGELES –As communities across the country raise their voices in calls for changes at Walmart, workers from nearly a dozen stores in the Los Angeles-area went on strike this morning in the first-ever Walmart Associate walk-out in protest of attempts to silence and retaliate against workers for speaking out for improvements on the job. Hundreds of community supporters, including Dr. Jose Moreno, Executive Director of Los Amigos, Maria Elena Durazo, Secretary-Treasurer of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, Rev. Eric Lee, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, are joining Walmart Associates in their ongoing calls on Walmart and Chairman Rob Walton to address take home pay so low that Associates are forced to rely on public programs to support their families and understaffing that is keeping workers from receiving sufficient hours and is also hurting customer service. The company has not only refused to address these concerns that are affecting 1.4 million Associates across the country, it has attempted to silence those who speak out and has retaliated against workers for raising concerns that would to help the company, workers and the community.

“Walmart should not be silencing workers for standing up for what’s good for my store, my co-workers, my family and my community,” said Venanzi Luna, a striking worker at the Pico Rivera Walmart. Luna is one of thousands of members of OUR Walmart, the nationwide Associate organization calling for changes at the company. “I am striking to take a stand against Walmart’s illegal bullying tactics.”