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Bicycle accident leaves videographer in coma

(Ed. note: Juliette is a good friend of mine, a pro videographer, a Mother Jones re-enactor, an environmental activist, a union member, and an all-around vivacious spirit. Go here to view the Trinidad video series produced by her with her husband Greg Calvert last year. She needs our help now - donate here.)

Special to TTI

Juliette Mondot was in a devastating bicycling accident 10 days ago and is currently in a coma, having suffered severe brain trauma. The family has started a fund to cover her ICU bill and help get her the best treatment possible to restore her life. She also suffered broken bones, a cracked rib, collapsed lung, and is on a ventilator to help with her breathing. A few days after the accident, the swelling and bleeding in her brain was so bad it was threatening her vital functions. She required multiple blood transfusions and the doctors gave her, at best, a 40-percent chance of survival. But in spite of their grim predictions, Juliette is fighting and winning. The dangerous swelling in her brain continues to diminish daily. The doctors are now confident that she will pull through, and they are astonished at her progress. Small, encouraging steps forward that would normally take weeks are happening now: she is already moving around in her hospital bed, opening her eyes, and blinking on command. This is a woman who wants to live. And her family and friends are doing everything possible to get her back.

Fortunately Juliette has Medicare, which will help cover many of the immediate expenses: she needed a LifeFlight airlift to a Neurotrauma Center the night of the accident, underwent two brain surgeries, and was in the ICU for over a week. However, the urgent-care bill (probably totaling in the hundreds of thousands) may have a substantial deductible attached to it. Furthermore, it’s likely that little, if any, of the post-coma therapy and rehabilitation will be covered by her insurance. It may take a couple of years for Juliette to get back to 100 percent, as her injuries and recovery period are comparable to that of a severe stroke. Greg, her husband, will continue to do double duty at his job during the day and serving as her caretaker at night, but as lifelong artists with only modest savings, they are not financially equipped to shoulder this kind of catastrophe in the long-term. All campaign money will first and foremost go towards paying off the ICU expenses that insurance does not cover; whatever remains would go towards helping our family pay for the costs of Juliette’s rehabilitation and therapy.

The more money the family raises here, the better quality treatment they can afford, and the faster she will recover.

Anyone who meets Juliette is struck by her astonishing enthusiasm for life. Both fascinating and fascinated by the world around her, Juliette is always in search of a new project or an excuse to travel. Her friends adore her for her irreverent sense of humor and down-to-earth sensitivity and compassion, but she will also fiercely defend any civic cause she feels is worthy. Loyal to a fault, Juliette has been a caretaker to many of her friends in times of need, and her family is grateful for her unconditional love and tireless efforts in creating a supportive home environment. Juliette is a beautiful woman, inside and out. As a young woman she was breathtakingly attractive and kept herself in peak condition as a dancer and tai chi instructor. Health has always been important to her and Greg, and they have made every effort to lead a clean, fit lifestyle. Her family is committed to getting her out of the hospital and back on her feet with her friends and loved ones.

As a visual artist in the 1960s and ‘70s, Juliette was a vibrant member of the arts community, first in Northern California where she attended UC Santa Cruz and later California Institute of the Arts in L.A. where she received her MFA. She would take many things from her years there, including a lifelong dedication to filmmaking and the arts as well as her husband, Greg, whom she met at Santa Cruz. After they were married, Juliette and Greg moved to San Diego to raise three children, whom many of you know well. While in San Diego, Juliette was active in rehabilitating the downtown Historic Gaslamp Quarter where they lived, constantly advocating civic responsibility and organizing community-building groups and events. Juliette and her family eventually moved to Trinidad, where she has been a powerful presence in the civic life of the community. They have produced multiple videos for the local tourism board and at the time of her accident, she was en route to a building improvement committee meeting.

Even though Juliette is still in a semi-comatose state, the most critical threat — her brain swelling — appears to be under control. Much of the rest of her body is also swollen from the trauma of the accident, but it is slowly reducing over time. She was unrecognizable her first few days in the hospital, but is now finally looking like herself. The doctors had to remove part of her skull to prevent lethal brain damage, but it will be put back in a few weeks when they think it’s safe to do so. In the meantime she is on a ventilator and will be taught to breathe on her own again in the weeks to come. Once she is fully out of the coma, it’s a matter of reminding her brain how to do familiar things: walking, talking, eating, dancing, etc.

The family asking for your help. It is no exaggeration to say that every single dollar makes a difference here. If you know this family, you know they have survived for years on very little. But they literally cannot get through this accident on their own. If you are in a position to donate any amount, however large or small, please know that it will make an immediate and significant difference in Juliette’s life, and in her family’s. They have been incredibly touched by the response to this crisis: proof that Juliette has made an impact on everyone who has met her. Your donation is going directly into her recovery.

To donate:


We, Friends of Denver Parks, will have our own booth space with tables and chairs, an awesome sign, posters and of course petitions to sign!!!!
See our website for updates and to join our group!!!
The People’s Fair hours are 10 AM to 9 PM on Saturday, and 10 AM to 8 PM on Sunday.  We need circulators (you will be coached) to work from 10 AM to 2 PM on Saturday or Sunday
From 2PM to 6 PM on Saturday or Sunday
Can we count on you?   Can the owls and wildlife that live in Hentzell Park count on you to save their home and nesting area?
Call:  303-758-2754 to answer the call and help us!
Ask for Shawn Smith, she has the sign up list!

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ALL THINGS MJ with Jessica LeRoux - May 27, 2013

Ed. Note: In which Jessica takes a day "off" and turns out an extra comprehensive review of All Things MJ. Show her some love and appreciation by going here and finding a dispensary near you that carries her Twirling Hippy Confections.

Hey Now, 
Hope you are having a great memorial day, and showing some extra medicated love for our veterans of all ages. I also hope you and all you serve are staying safe on the roads this weekend, It is not too late to remind your clients to stay sober on the road, and stay alert to increased police presence this summer. Brighton PD beefs up DUI enforcement this weekend | TheBrightonBlade.comwww.thebrightonblade.comBrighton police will step up their efforts to take drunken drivers off the road this weekend. Thanks to a grant from the Colorado Department of Transportation, four more officers will be added to the department's normal DUI enforcement program. Police also plan to participation in a saturation pat...

Its been a while since i had the time to sit down and write an update for y'all but Ive given the team the day off over here so I can catch up on some details. 
Im gonna give you some indications of what I see as strengths and concerns re the recent legislation. I want to be 100% clear that  we can not know what really awaits until the "rule making process" begins promulgating these laws, which are set to be signed by the governor on Tuesday. While it would be nice if the governor refused to sign these pile of crap laws, hopefully at least by wednesday we will start to see some promulgation progress given the rapidly dwindling sands of time.  We are gonna have to be diligent to make sure this entire process is done with proper regard to Sunshine laws given the speedy timeline to complete so many complicated regulations. 
here is a link to each final bill:

this link shows all other bills that deal with cannabis on any level:

My observations are that any of us who wish to apply for recreational or dual licensing will need to apply in October well prior to the tabor vote on the excise and special sales tax... the issue is that we will need to apply before the funding for the agency is established. Of course I do not think we should vote for or support voting for the excise tax (in fact I am strongly in favor of starving the DUID madness by specifically defeating the special sales tax.) There is a good chance that the enforcement agency will not want to issue many licenses, if they do not have money they feel entitled to, to oversee the licensees. Given these funding conflicts if the opportunity presents itself I may decide to wait until November 7th to apply. Additionally in areas where a local retail sales ban has been passed by town council or county commissioners, citizens can do a ballot initiative and gather the needed signatures to be on the November ballot, giving established medical businesses in those towns the option of applying for recreational licensure after the election and only loosing 5-6 weeks of time compared to their non-local competitors. This strategy is going to take some team work by businesses in areas with bans, and if that is you, I will be happy to do what ever I can to help you draft a ballot initiative and establish the guidelines of signature gathering etc... 
The other big-ass stumbling block will be the legal custody of the plants currently being grown for specific patients per 1284. There does not seem to be a viable legal way to appropriate the legal property of a medical patient to recreational inventory as outlined in Hb13-1317. I am very very uncomfortable about the prospect of merely transferring a portion of my current medical inventory to recreational use and mysteriously applying an excise tax to that. (of course if the excise tax is defeated in November this is a moot point, one more reason to vote no on new taxes under Tabor). I may wait until I can be certain that there is a crop of proper recreationally grown cannabis with all appropriate taxes etc attached to apply for a recreational infused product license given the complications of actually being able to produce a viable legal product on jan 1st 2014. There will be issues with the build out required for dual licensing, another good topic to be involved with your local agency about. 
So what Im saying is that I do not see any clear and easy path to recreational licensing and until the rules start to shake out I am neither counting my chicks nor putting my eggs into any baskets. I advise you to keep your eyes open, and if your town has passed or discussed a ban get involved now on the local level. If you are facing a local ban what you can and must do now is get the ball rolling to gather signatures and have your business be on the ballot in November, START TODAY! 


Well friends week two of owning the new refer truck, and of course the adventures of cheesecake lady continue a pace out on the weird roads of Colorado... Locked my keys in the dodge for the 1st time at an isolated trailhead outside of Gunnison... and found a wire gas/fracking flag to use to break back in... With the help of a sweet good old boy and his funny son. Then I walked out the trail to celebrate my victory over my own lax attention to details... and in the all things happen for a reason category, who did I run into but David Baumgartner, the Gunnison county Atty... he was giving Panama biscuits when I walked up, and I recognized him from the Task force, we ended up having a good talk about the recent ban of recreational cannabis in the county. He was very disappointed the county reacted that way, and predicted a successful voter overturn of the commissioners decision in November if the citizens get organized... Hint hint you crested beauties.

One step forward, two steps back... 

I heard CO Congressman Doug Lamborn on the radio talking about the priority his office is making to help business entities (NFP's) who have been unfairly investigated, persecuted, and or harassed by the IRS... While I guess maybe he meant the Tea Partiers, I know of one other group (with strong representation in his district no less) who've dealt with burdensome IRS intervention in our operations: the CANNABIS INDUSTRY. So why not call ol' Doug and tell him how unfairly the IRS is treating licensed medical marijuana providers right here in his home state!
The Other IRS Scandal: Outright War Against Marijuana"Should the IRS campaign be successful, it will throw millions of patients back in to the hands of street dealers, eliminate tens of thousands of well paying jobs, [and] destroy hundreds of millions of dollars of tax revenue."

When you combine the new federal push for lower BAC levels, the DOT push for hair sample testing of interstate truckers, and new THC blood levels it seems the content of your body is the only "jobs" plan the fucking government has come up with in 2013... we cant fix our country's financial problems by having the most costly and invasive driving standards in the world...

DO NOT show your tongue, there is no proven science behind this... Demand a warrant if any LEO wants to look anywhere inside your body or veins even your mouth. Admit NOTHING! 
This is what passes for DRE science that all state patrol will receive in the coming year funded by Hb13-1318 the cannabis tax bill... VOTE NO under TABOR on new retail cannabis taxes... even if you are a medical patient you will be forced to pay (not the tax, you'll pay with your freedom...) 
Man arrested for suspected pot DUI over color of his tongue?q13fox.comMike Simmons says he was busted for suspected pot DUI because of the color of his tongue. PUYALLUP -- Pot may be legal in Washington state, but Kent police recently arrested a Puyallup man for driving under the influence because, he said, he had


I think the contrast in imaging says as much as the article... one pic is professionally paid for, of a person who is stiff stuffed and standing in a defensive stance in front of cardboard boxes stacked with toxins talking about buying other people's dreams... the other person is sweaty, smiling, working on a real product with real ingredients, and snapped by an irreverent employee for a laugh at the bosses expense talking about the desire to continue owning their own dream. to me that is the unspoken contrast, and you gotta ask yourself who are you? and... is all that "money" (per seeking alpha there aint none there either) making anybody happy? truest statement in the article.... "the hippies were right"! 

read more.... 
Hucksters and Charlatans. Is Medical Marijuana Inc. making it harder on possible legit cannabis stock options in the future?
So, let me get this straight...this "company" has 5 full time employees and lists itself under "Real Estate Development" (and was formerly known as "Foreclosure Solutions Inc.")...and yet they list themselves as a company focused on hemp based products? Who are these people trying to kid? Let's see what's CannaVEST worth? Well, they have $431 to their names (I've got more than that in my checking account), zero revenues, lost $45K over the last 12 months, and are cash flow WAY negative. With 7 million shares outstanding, and total worth of about $431, that means each share is worth $0.000065 assuming the company doesn't spend its cash balance buying a few cokes at the vending machine.CannaVEST is worthless, so Medical Marijuana just got paid handsomely in Monopoly money. Not only is management of MJNA trying to mislead investors regarding the way it gets paid, but it looks like it's also trying to convince investors that the "riches" it just earned from earning fake money are deserving of your real money. Also, I'd love to see proof that MJNA management isn't draining the company by selling shares, either directly or indirectly, because if I were an investor, I wouldn't want to be trading real money for Monopoly money.
too bad the markets are closed today, hope you dont loose value over night... 
I think that this introduces some risk in the near-term (and may explain why former interim CEO Ted Caligiuri left the Board and his executive position so abruptly and why Tripp Keber is no longer a Director) and perhaps explains why the audit has been delayed, but it also gives the management team a chance to clean up a bad situation and start fresh.*
*start a new bubble scam shell don't you mean?


and to think we could clean it up with hemp instead... 

I sincerely hope all of you will make time and find a way to see this important exploration of the drug war from the perspective of the product and the profiteers... Every elected official should watch this and every parent too. 

the consequences in CO including a nice chunk $ to fat ass Waller to buy a new DUID limit:

many are invested in the success of the profit system all down the rope used to hang citizens

CO prisoners got paid pennies to make the $1000 seating that the MMED bought without getting any comparison bids from any fair trade manufacturers What Do Prisoners Make for Victoria's Secret?www.motherjones.comFrom Starbucks to Microsoft: a sampling of what US inmates make, and for whom

The "Care of the Caregiver" session is a powerful half-day session that can help prevent a caregiver from becoming overwhelmed by their duty. Attend and learn how taking care of one's self improves care for all! Register for only $25 at 

I made a meme! 

Final Week for May special flavors Ginger Coconut & Tooty Fruity Cheesecake, next week we go to our June specials so stay tuned next week! 
Bites are still Liberty Bites this week, changing to Pride Bites with a rainbow wrapper for June. Order by 7pm and save 25 cents on each Bag of Bites*
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Its wedding season: We will be offering a 5% discount on all full sized custom cakes ordered for a Civil Union or Wedding in June of 2013. here is an updated order form for full sized cheesecakes to print and display: 

Allergies getting you down? Locally sourced honey can help, and everybody knows that cannabis is great for runny noses, but eating it works best so as not to inflame the respiratory system while it is under a pollen attack! 
Kinship Bars are a great 2 in one camping solution: solid nutrition & real pain relief... pack less, do more!

Best thing ever for camping? put a frozen apple crisp down into the coals and pass it around all hot and bubbly before bed... You'll all sleep through any scary animal noises in the night guaranteed! 
Order by 7pm Monday to save $1 off all crisps*
* discount items must be ordered as part of a regular minimum order of 18 units (order can be any asst'd 18 units)  

Thanks for reading, hope you learned something interesting today! 

Jessica LeRoux 
Twirling Hippy Confections LLC
303 922 3661 
2145 W Evans Denver CO

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HEADS UP: from Jessica LeRoux

5/23/13 is the 1st day of Colorado's annual "Heat is On" campaign...

Law Enforcement's push to generate DUIs, also known as the "100 days of Summer"…

This year there will be increased emphasis on THC enforcement. While I know responsible patients like you would never drive while you might be impaired, you are at risk of a false science based per se nanogram conviction now thanks to new DUID laws…

RIGHT NOW is the time to make sure your lights are working properly, your tags are up to date, and your windshield provides clear visibility.

WEAR YOUR SEATBELT, they are specifically targeting unbuckled drivers.

Carry your cannabis in a scent proof container away from the driver's reach, and DO NOT smoke while in your vehicle even if you are at your stopping point...

Do not consent to showing any officer your Tongue! This is a new non-science based method of entrapment, there is NO science on a green or grey film from using cannabis, this is a way for the officer to generate probable cause to stick you with a needle.

Please pass this info on to any patient you speak or toke with!

Please be safe instead of becoming a statistic!

This public civil rights concern brought to your attention by Twirling Hippy Confections

Block Party this Sunday

Come celebrate the gorgeous Memorial Day weekend weather and have fun with your neighbors THIS SUNDAY, May 26th at the 8th Annual Whittier Neighborhood Block Party! We'll be serving up burgers, brats, veggie burgers and hot dogs. Please bring a side dish to share, and your beverage of choice. Location: E 25th Ave, between Franklin & Gilpin. Event starts at 4:00 PM. See you there!

Denver Day of Rock

Denver Day of Rock is a one-of-a-kind music event presented by Concerts For Kids to raise awareness of the children in our community. This free event will feature five stages of live music throughout downtown Denver on Saturday, May 25, 2013.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Landmark Training on Colorado's New Marijuana Laws today (5/22)

Sensible Colorado and the United Food & Commercial Worker's Union Local 7 Team Up for a Public Education Event

FORT COLLINS -- Interested community members and prospective marijuana business owners from around the state will gather at the Council Tree Library in Fort Collins this Wednesday evening, May 22, for a public seminar on the legal and business aspects of Colorado's new marijuana laws. This training will provide an in-depth explanation of Colorado's recently passed marijuana laws -- including Amendment 64, the new "adult use" implementation laws, as well as a special focus on Question 301, the local medical marijuana law recently passed in Fort Collins.

Expert speakers include the authors of Amendment 64 and Question 301-- along with allies from the labor movement -- who will explain rights and opportunities created by these new laws.

"Colorado voters and the state legislature recently endorsed a number of complex and important marijuana laws," said Brian Vicente, director of the non-profit Sensible Colorado and co-author of Amendment 64 and Question 301. "This training will answer 'frequently asked questions' about these new laws for medical patients, business owners, and interested community members."

What: "Free Training on Colorado's New Marijuana Laws"

When: Wednesday, May 22 from 6:30 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

Where: Council Tree Library, 2733 Council Tree Ave., Ft. Collins, CO 80525 -- Community Rm C

What Else: Training open to patients, business owners and other supporters of sensible marijuana laws.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


SUNDAY JUNE 2nd - Welcome to our 4th edition of HOH on June 2nd were we will be showcasing Hemp building materials - Live demos from Hempcrete manufacturer and free hemp product samples give-aways. This is a networking afternoon with many hemp entrepreneurs, advocates and as always the latest political news from some of the top Hemp Lobbyists!

3354 Larimer St Denver - 4:20-7PM

Friday, May 17, 2013

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Live streaming of A64 Business Symposium right now

Graaywolf of is live streaming from Casslemans. Our own Jessica LeRoux is on the panel along with Robert Corry Jr, Charles Houghton, Warren Edson, Teri Robnett, and Craig Small. It's just now starting - 7:20 pm and will run until 9:00 pm. This panel has a wealth of knowledge, having been involved in all aspects of cannabis in Colorado from the beginning.
I went to videotape, but when I found out that it was being streamed, and that it was being videotaped by Tyler of Focus4Design for distribution on YouTube, I decided to watch it from the comfort of my own cave.

Right-click and print out - take to grocery store with you

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

House renews ban on Piñon Canyon expansion

By Robert Ewegen
          TRINIDAD, Colorado - The military construction budget that was marked up in the Military Construction Subcommittee of the U. S. House Appropriations Committee today will continue the funding ban on "any action that relates to or promotes the expansion of the boundaries or size of the U.S. Army's Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site" in remote southern Colorado, Jean Aguerre, president of the watchdog group Not 1 More Acre!, said Wednesday.

Keeping the funding ban in the law has been a top priority for N1MA! as it fights to protect fragile prairie lands being ravaged by the Pentagon's armored tanks, high-tech weapons systems and training at the Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site. The funding ban was first passed by Congress in 2007 to stop a massive secretly planned military expansion across 6.9 million acres of fragile native grasslands.   Because the U.S. Senate has failed to enable a permanent prohibition on expansion of the site, the funding ban must be renewed every year by expansion opponents and Representatives in the House.
Aguerre announced the renewal of the funding ban for the sixth consecutive year as Not 1 More Acre! hurled its third challenge against the Army's Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site environmental disclosures in just six weeks. The latest N1MA! rebuke was filed Wednesday (May 15, 2013) by the Denver-based Ewegen Law Firm in response to the "Programmatic Environmental Assessment and Draft Finding of No Significant Impact for the Integrated Natural Resource Management Plan 2013 - 2017 for Fort Carson and the Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site."  
N1MA's latest effort to parry the Army's expansion plans followed on the heels of objections filed on Tax Day, April 15 that exposed the Army's shadowy partial disclosure of illegal construction supporting expansion at PCMS.  Just three weeks earlier, on March 21, N1MA! protested the Army's claim that ongoing and expanded operations at the remote Southern Great Plains maneuver site pose no significant environmental or economic impacts. 
N1MA's reprimand called those findings a "bizarre greenwash of an ongoing assault on fragile prairie grasslands in an area that Fritz L. Knopf, an historical Great Plains ecologist, describes as the 'headwinds' of the 1930s Dust Bowl."  

The N1MA! reproach filed Wednesday accused the Army of continuing to "piecemeal its plans for the Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site in an effort to sidestep basic requirements of the funding ban, the National Environmental Policy Act and a 2009 Federal District Court ruling that vacated the PCMS Transformation Record of Decision issued by the Army in its original efforts to expand the site.
Over the last nearly eight years the Army has issued a staggering 10,000 pages of alleged NEPA documentation - all of which make the absurd claim that the Army's actions have no significant impact to the quality of the environment, economy and culture of the Southern Great Plains.
In one segmented document after the next, the Army's analysis ignores science and even the sound principles of science that establish military damage to the shortgrass prairie are irreparable and irreversible. Even as military training expands - less than 5% of the PCMS is currently off limits to training - and intensifies, the Army and its tax-supported real estate partners encumbering land in the region to be managed for military needs employ environmental tactics that appear to trick 'neighbors' and the public into believing that impacts will be insignificant.
While admitting the "sheer amount of alphabet soup" generated by the Army's disclosures and the legal processes are confusing, Aguerre said the underlying theory of the law isn't complicated. The Sikes Act, passed in 1960, recognizes the importance and value of natural and cultural resources to military lands.  Accordingly, the Sikes Act requires the Department of Defense to develop and implement Integrated Natural and Cultural Resources Management Plans (INRMPs/ICRMPs) for military installations across the United States.
"As a further example of this deceptive piecemealing, N1MA! asks where the Integrated Cultural Resource Management Plan is and why it wasn't issued as part of the Integrated Natural Resource Management Plan? And, why - except to mislead and confuse taxpayers - does the Army continue to ignore science that proves all the past, current and future military damage will devastate the entire region? The Army's 'make-believe NEPA' fails to comply either the spirit or letter of the law while perpetrating real-life catastrophic impacts to our security and health," Aguerre said.
The Army's latest mockery of environmental and economic impact analysis should be withdrawn because it fails to meet the basic requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act. It also fails to heed the mandates of Congress as expressed in the funding ban - renewed for the sixth consecutive year on this very day. This Integrated Natural Resource Management Plan fails to make sense from a policy standpoint and it would both sanction and inflict massive and irreversible damage on America's last major intact grassland, a fragile ecosystem that elsewhere has not yet recovered from the devastation wrought by ill-considered federal government policies that led to plowing of these fragile grasslands in the 1920s in the bone-headed public campaign that "rain follows the plow." In fact, what followed the plow when the inevitable drought cycle reasserted itself was this nation's most catastrophic environmental collapse, the Dust Bowl of the 1930s.
The Army, its contractors and politicians, in defiance of the law, scientific knowledge and common sense, are effectively asking the public to believe that "rain will follow the tank!" and magically reseed and renew these tortured lands. Alas, the best science on this subject shows that the notion that invasive species can somehow revive devastated grasslands that required thousands of years of natural processes to reach their original productive state is a discredited policy as misguided and mischievous as the original "rain follows the plow" folly, Aguerre said.

Monday, May 13, 2013

All Things MJ with Jessica LeRoux - May 13, 2013

Hey Now,

Jessica at the Capitol
Voters who dont read beyond the headlines are destined to being duped into a half assed version of cannabis legalization, and in return they will get less than nothing of their rights...
I will be in the panel discussing A-64 and the bills related to it on Thursday evening hosted by Cloverleaf, at casselmans bar... Come out and learn what I know! (May 16, 6:00 pm, 2620 Walnut St.)
Waiting  will be easier than answering each of you personally, and lets be honest, the last couple weeks have been so overwhelming that I havent been able to get the news written, and if more of you would not call and ask 30 minutes of one on one questions I could prolly get more info out to all in the state more quickly.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Colfax Marathon 2013 Traffic and Road Closure Information

12,000 athletes expected at Denver's community race May 18-19, 2013

May 9, 2013, DENVER-- To provide a safe environment for the 2013 Kaiser Permanente Colfax Marathon, the cities of Aurora, Denver and Lakewood will have temporary traffic impacts along Colfax Avenue on Sunday, May 19, 2013. While travel on Colfax Avenue will be restricted, normal traffic patterns will resume as soon as it's safe for athletes, spectators and motorists. 
General Traffic:
  • The marathon will have full and partial closures of westbound and eastbound Colfax from Aurora to Lakewood starting as early as 3 a.m. and ending as late as 1 p.m. 
  • Roads that cross Colfax Avenue and 17th Avenue could experience significant delays.
  • The easiest places to cross Colfax Avenue will be at Interstate 25, Federal Boulevard, and Interstate 225.
  • Drivers are urged to avoid Speer Boulevard and Colfax Avenue all together. 
  • Crossing intersections along Colfax will be allowed on a very limited basis when safety allows and only at intersections with uniformed police officers. 
  • Eastbound Colfax Avenue will be open from Denver's City Park west to Quitman Street and from Colorado Boulevard east to Ursula Street.
  • Westbound Colfax will be closed from Havana Street in Aurora to Garrison Street in Lakewood in certain sections. 
  • As the race progresses from Denver's City Park to Aurora and Lakewood simultaneously, streets will open to normal traffic as rapidly as possible.
Colfax Avenue in Aurora:
The half-marathon course starts at Denver's City Park, heads east on Montview Avenue to Yosemite Street in Aurora, continues south to East 17th Avenue, then East to Galena Street, then south to 16th Avenue, west to Del Mar Parkway, north to East 17th Avenue, then returns west to Dayton, south to Colfax, west on Colfax to Oneida, north to East 17th Avenue, west on 17th back to Denver's City Park. 
  • Westbound Colfax Avenue will be closed from Havana Street to Yosemite Street at 5:40 a.m. 
  • East 17th Avenue will be closed to all eastbound traffic from Colorado Blvd to Yosemite Street at 7 a.m. 
  • East 16th Avenue will be closed to all east and westbound traffic from Havana Street to Chester Street at 6 a.m.
  • Yosemite Street will be closed to all north and southbound traffic from Montview Ave  to Colfax Ave 
Colfax Avenue in Denver:
  • Westbound Colfax will be closed. 
  • Colorado Boulevard between Colfax Avenue and East 23rd Avenue will be closed. 
  • Southbound off-ramp to I-25 at Colfax Avenue will be closed. 
  • Speer Boulevard at Colfax Avenue in both directions will have very long delays. 
  • The only places to cross Colfax Avenue will be at I-25 or Federal Boulevard. 
  • Seventeenth Street will be open as the runners will be in the far north lanes only. Some cross traffic and turns will be limited. 
  • The last runner will cross westbound Colfax Avenue at Speer Boulevard at approximately 7:30 a.m. and the road will open shortly after.
  • The last runner will leave Perry and Colfax (they will go north and south on Perry to Sloan's Lake, encircling it) at approximately 8:45 a.m. 
  • The last runner will cross westbound Colfax Avenue at Sheridan Boulevard at approximately 10 a.m. 
  • The last marathon runners will pass through downtown at 11:15 a.m. 
  • The last marathon runners will cross eastbound East 17th Avenue at Vine Street at approximately 11:25 a.m. 
  • The last marathon runners will enter City Park at East 21st Avenue & York Street at approximately 11:55 a.m.
Colfax Avenue in Lakewood:
This year's marathon route in Lakewood will take runners along West Colfax, turning north on Pierce Street, traveling through Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, returning to Pierce Street and heading north to West 20th Avenue. The runners return to Colfax Avenue at Glen Moor Drive, heading east, remaining in the westbound lanes of Colfax Avenue. 
  • North to south streets that cross Colfax from Sheridan Boulevard to Garrison Street will be closed to through traffic from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. 
  • North to south streets that cross Colfax Avenue between West Sixth and West 26th Avenues will be closed to through traffic
  • To move traffic north and south through the area, motorists will be funneled on detour routes to Interstate 70 and Federal Boulevard, using West Sixth, West 26th and West 32nd Avenues. 
  • Kipling Street is open to north/south traffic crossing W. Colfax.
  • Traffic traveling east on W. Colfax will be diverted south on Garrison Street, then continue east on W. 14th Ave. 
  • Traffic will be allowed to proceed westbound on Colfax from Garrison. 
  • Traffic will be allowed limited access to local only traffic across W. 20th Avenue at signaled intersections, expect delays. 
  • Local traffic and marathon spectators will be permitted access. 
  • Access to Colfax businesses open on May 19 will be allowed from side streets either through limited-access lanes on Colfax Avenue marked with cones or through police escorts. 
  • Access to and from residences and churches adjacent to Colfax Avenue will be allowed through the use of side streets. 
The last runner will be off of Colfax Avenue in Lakewood at approximately 10:30 a.m.
Colfax Avenue will be cleaned and swept immediately following the passage of runners. 
For detailed information on Lakewood traffic, please visit the City website at
RTD Operations:
The marathon will cause delays on RTD routes that run on and/or cross Colfax Avenue. Riders are encouraged to contact RTD directly for full details by calling (303) 299-6000 or visiting under Detours and Alerts.
Course maps can be found online:
High res EPS files can be downloaded here

 Please note: The Kaiser Permanente Colfax Marathon's 13.1 mile Half Marathon is sold out! Six thousand runners have registered for the race's most popular event on Sunday, May 19, 2013, reaching the cap placed on the inaugural run through the zoo. The Colfax Half Marathon is the only race in Denver to run through Denver Zoo, and runners registered in record numbers to take part in it.