Friday, December 30, 2011

Occupy Albany - Great Video

In Denver, be sure to come to the March to End the War on Drugs tomorrow, Saturday, Dec 31, noon, at Civic Center Park. It's going to be a beautiful windy day - time for all the jokers, tokers, and midnight smokers to get off the couch and join the march!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

March to End the War on Drugs (Occupy Denver)

Saturday, Dec. 31 - 12:00pm until 3:00pm - Start at Civic Center Park - Colfax and Broadway

Like most wars, we think this one has done more harm then good and has gone on for way too long. It needs to END!!!!!!!!!!!

Alcoholism... Drug Addiction... These are HEALTH issues, not legal ones. So why has money been endlessly poured into convicting drug crimes rather than educating people and paying for treatment of these conditions??!! Because there is BIG PROFIT to be made on the enforcement of drug laws and the punishment for breaking them. Not to mention big business/ government relationships with foreign cartels!

The War on Drugs has filled our prisons with nonviolent "offenders" and has cost this country Billions. It's been used to trample civil rights and profit from misery all around. Drug addiction is a disease that needs to be treated by medical professionals or any of the many 12-step programs out there. It's a giant waste of time and money to treat addiction in jails and prisons.

Drug addicts are treated unequally, under current law. Rush Limbaugh got a pass for gobbling down Vicodin and Oxycontin like it was popcorn. Then, he bragged about how he was morally superior to other addicts, espousing how "poor" addicts go to prison. For once, he spoke the truth.

There is a massive disconnect in our country between the reality of substance problems and they are treated. But we now see who benefits from the way it has been for so long.

.................................. The 1% ...........................................

We think it's time to end this benefit to our oppressors.

Won't you stand with us?


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Recreation Centers

Membership at this Level includes full access to all Regional Centers as well as all Local and Neighborhood Centers.
Age GroupAnnual
30 Visit
15 Visit
Visit Pass
Youth (2-17)$50.00$42.00$25.50$2.00
Young Adult
Adult (25-64)$369.00$126.00$76.00$6.00
Person with
Disability & 65+

Membership at this Level includes full access to all Local Centers, as well as all Neighborhood Centers.
Age GroupAnnual
30 Visit
15 Visit
Visit Pass
Youth (2-17)$42.00$31.50$19.00$1.50
Young Adult
Adult (25-64)$249.00$115.50$70.00$5.50
Person with
Disability & 65+

Membership at this Level includes full access to all Neighborhood Centers.
Age GroupAnnual
30 Visit
15 Visit
Visit Pass
Youth (2-17)$35.00$21.00$12.75$1.00
Young Adult
Adult (25-64)$190.00$105.50$64.00$5.00
Person with
Disability & 65+

Friday, December 23, 2011

Occupy Denver Driveby Drop Off

If you've been following Occupy Denver, you may be aware that police have been ticketing supporters for stopping to drop off contributions and/or honking in support. I had dropped off supplies during the early weeks but couldn't rationalize getting a ticket with this new DPD selective enforcement policy in place. So I tried to figure out a way I could get some supplies to them (by myself) and minimize the chances I'd be ticketed. The vidie above demonstrates how I did it.

(Sorry I missed the "money shot" of the bag falling from the window, but you can hear the window opening and the Occupier shouting thanks.) I'm not recommending that anyone else try this. Obviously there are other infractions for which I could have been stopped - littering comes to mind.

I am also aware that there has been considerable complaining from those who disagree with what OD has been doing lately and how they have been doing it. Yes, I've been down there and witnessed drunkenness, pot smoking, and crazies yelling at each other. But know this: as long as there are people of any description continuing to Occupy Denver, I will do my damnedest to support them in any way I can.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

More current Livestreaming now

Update: 5:19pm OWS at Times Square - cops preparing for another mass arrest attempt. This is getting addicting. WALL STREET, TIMES SQUARE, OCCUPY EVERYWHERE!!

Update: 4:43pm - Cops on horseback.

Update: 4:25 pm (Denver) Police kettle failed, occupiers back in the streets.

Update: OWS running on 7th Ave against the traffic. Cops helpless.

Update: NYPD screwing up big time now - 1:47pm (Denver)

If you are interested in the livestreaming phenomenon, check this out ttp:// It's the best I've seen so far. Tim says he is using an iPhone (4s) with external battery, and a 4G connection.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Livestream from Occupy Denver - 11:31 am

Also see,0,5475348.story

Update from OccupyDenver FB:

Police Chief White just came down himself and stated that he wishes to have a conversation with us (up to 10 of our committee representatives) on Monday. He said that the encumbrances are a problem and they must go, or else action will be taken. He said he's coming back for the 7:00 PM G.A. Here's some recorded video... mostly audio actually... Chief White starts about 01:30 in, gets on the people's mic at 05:30 >>> <<< Not sure what's going to happen next!!! -- #Occupy Forever

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

From Occupy Denver Facebook Page

Sure, it MAY be a coincidence that we had just announced to march on our state Senators tomorrow AND that it just so happens to be 'National Bill of Rights Day' and we got served this notice. Either way ------ WE STAND!!! ---- First off .... 24/7 (Family of Love) is asking for donations of wood to fortify their part of the occupation camp. Second.... We 'll be growing some Tent Monsters on site (Grrrr....) to welcome our oppressors ~~~ Please come down by 10:00 am if you want to be a tent monster. And Lastly... This Saturday is #D17 National Day of Action in which Occupy Wall Street will be officially re-Occupying at Duarte Park in New York. Isn't it fitting that one of the first cities to get violently evicted (Denver) is called to stand up for their 1st Amendment right to Occupy space first, again??? COINCIDENCE??? ~ Hope to see you ALL TOMORROW!!! -- P.s. this march is STILL ON ----> -- (take THAT, 1%)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Occupy Singer

Sometimes it's really great being the editor/videographer for this blog. Like when an unexpected email comes in from someone you've never heard of who is talented, bright, and creative, and who supports the Occupy movement. The vidie below blew me away, not just because of its cinematic art, but because of the talent and beauty of Gabrielle Louise. Thank you, Gabrielle, for sharing with us.

I spent the next hour enjoying her work, and then this:

Just the singing

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Author Welsome to speak

Editor's note: Eileen Welsome wrote the Westword 3-part series "Lowdown on Lowry" revealing the secret deal that allowed the major polluters to flush toxic waste into Denver sewers, which now flow to our lakes and fields through the Purple Pipes.

Denver Chapter Annual Meeting 

Saturday, December 10, 2011 from 10 am -12 Noon
The Kirk (Church) of Bonnie Brae, 1201 S. Steele, Denver, CO

Special Speaker:
Pulitzer Prize Winning Writer
Eileen Welsome

Denver's Healthcare Roots
Eileen Welsome
Eileen Welsome
Eileen Welsome is an author and investigative reporter who lives in Denver, Colorado. She has won more than two dozen national awards for her work, including the Pulitzer Prize in national reporting, the George Polk Award, and two PEN awards. Her previous books were The Plutonium Files, and The General and the Jaguar
Her latest book, Healers and Hellraisers  tells the history of health care in Denver and specifically the story of the institution that is now Denver Health.  It begins in March of 1860, before Denver even had a city government and tells how a small frontier hospital, which provided medical care to the injured and indigent and was largely supported by charitable contributions, grew to become Denver Health.  Healers and Hellraisers is not a corporate history, but an absorbing tale that recounts the hospital's near-death experiences, its numerous rebirths, and the internal struggles that helped shaped it into the powerhouse that it is today. Through epidemics and pandemics, economic recessions and depressions, extraordinary technological and medical changes, Denver Health survived.  Eileen's presentation will include great early photos.
Following the program you will have an opportunity to purchase a copy of her book and have it autographed. The book was published by the Denver Health Foundation and is part of their fund raising program.
If we are going to successfully reform health care it is important to understand our history of health care.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Occupy DC Livestream now

Livestream here:

Denver time
6:14pm Cops attempting to remove (with cherry picker) an occupier from roof of structure occupiers built today

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Occupy LA preparing for police invasion

Denver time
10:54pm Livestream here and here.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Occupy Unity takes over Washington State capitol in Olympia, WA

Live stream here:

Denver time
8:36pm Cops picking off protestors and hauling them off.
8:43pm Softly singing "which side are you on". Good percussion. Cops continue to quietly removed seated occupiers.
8:47pm Cop grabs uplink laptop - livestream stopped.
8:57pm Occupiers being taken away in buses - reportedly not being arrested but "detained".

Occupy Denver Friday, Nov 25, 2011

We went down to the Civic Center Park Friday evening for the Sand Creek Healing Ceremony held at the Wheel sculpture in front of the Art Museum. A group of about 50 Indians gathered to conduct this solemn remembrance of the Chivington Massacre in 1873.

We strolled over to the Occupy Denver site and caught some footage of a GA with a group of about 20 talking about getting a source of power to recharge their batteries, and their dedication to the movement. It was cold, and about 20 other Occupiers had turned in for the night, doing the best that they could under the circumstances dictated by Mayor Hancock and the Denver Police Department (no structures!)

Knowing that these folks are out there every night weighs heavily on me. I've taken coats and tarps and plastic and food donations down there from time to time, but much of it has been swept away by the DPD raids. They are down to a bare minimum, and you'll get a ticket if you stop on Broadway to drop off donations. A minimum of 6 police cars seems to be there all the time. Selective enforcement of the law to the max!

It takes dedication to subject yourself to these conditions if you have a choice. Some of these folks have little choice, and some could go home tonight if they wanted to. But they don't. I've heard that there is an Occupy Denver house where some are staying, but I've had no verification of that.

The biggest crowd was in the park for the Christmas lighting of the City and County building. I've never understood Denver's urge to light this building with the most garish display of all time, and I marvel at those who come out to see it every year. I could hear the crowd oooing and the bells playing, but I really had no desire to participate.

The 3 events added together in an unpleasant way. America - land of contradictions!


Gerald R. Whitman, Chief of Police
The mission of the Denver Police Department is to deliver high quality public
safety services so all people may share a safe and healthy environment.
For Immediate Release
Date:        November 22, 2011
To:            All Denver Police Officers, Media, Denver City Council, and Denver Community Associations.
Contact:   Sonny Jackson
Address:  Office of the Chief
                  1331 Cherokee St., Denver, CO 80204
Phone:     720-913-6534
Fax:           720-913-7021
Purse Snatching
On November 21, 2011, Denver Police responded to the Cherry Creek Mall on a purse snatching. The investigation revealed the suspect was loitering in the vestibule. As the elderly victim was leaving the store, the suspect ran his shoulder into the victim knocking her to her knees, causing  injury. He then grabbed the victim’s purse and dragged the victim out the exterior doors. The victim released her purse and the suspect ran Southbound across the parking lot.  
The Denver Police Department is asking for anyone who witnesses this for the suspect to Crime Stoppers at 720-913-STOP (7867).  
Holiday Safety Tips Reminder

As we are approaching the holiday shopping season.  The Denver Police Department would like to wish everyone a Safe and Happy Holiday Season.   We would like everyone to take some special precautions to assure their personal safety and have an enjoyable Holiday Season.  We have listed some tips to help keep you safe while shopping.
Dress Down:
Dress casually and comfortably. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry.

Shop Together:
Shop with friends and family. Try not to shop alone, especially at night.

Educate Your Kids:
Teach kids what to do if you get separated. Tell them to find a store clerk or security person.

Tell someone where you are going and how long you will be gone. Let them know if you change your schedule.

Park Smart:
Park close to the store. Avoid dark and secluded areas.

Lock the Car:
Keep doors locked and windows closed. Remember your keys.

Stay Alert:
Remember where you park your car. Be aware of suspicious cars and people.

Watch Your Purse:
Hold your purse close to your body or use a front pocket if carrying a wallet. Preferably wear a fanny pack.

Avoid Cash:
Never flash large amounts of money. Try to use checks or credit cards instead of cash.

Use Credit Cards Safely:
Beware of identity theft and keep receipts safe. Record credit card numbers at home and guard PIN numbers.

Shop in Small Doses:
Make regular trips to the car. Avoid carrying too many packages that put you off balance and make you a target.

Returning to the Parking Lot:
Have your car keys out when returning to your car. Check the back seat and under the car before getting in.

Hide Packages:
Store packages in the trunk of the car. Put your packages in the trunk before you drive to your next location not when you arrive. Never leave them visible inside the car.

Never go home if you think you are being followed or if you feel threatened. Go to a busy well-lit safe place.

Don’t Play Hero:
Comply with a thief’s demands. Record an accurate description for law enforcement
height, weight, eye color, hair color, scars, tattoos, clothing, and license plate.
Sonny Jackson

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


DENVER – The Five Points Business District will host their second annual holiday celebration, “Holiday in the Points,” on Saturday, Nov. 26.

Open to the public, Holiday in the Points will kick off the holiday season with an array of festive, family-friendly activities and a wonderful lighting display.

Key features of this year’s celebration include photos with Santa Claus, holiday-themed arts and crafts stations provided by the Colorado Creative Giving T.A.B.L.E. and a light display called “Art of Light.” Firefighters from Denver Fire Department Station No. 3 will make an appearance with their fire engine. Live music performances and holiday specials will be featured at Coffee at the Point.

Dante James, interim executive director of the business district said, “We are thrilled to host Holiday in the Points for the second year. This event is really an extension of our larger vision to promote a diverse community by making Welton Street and surrounding areas a great place to live, work, shop, learn and play. We encourage any and all to attend to get into the holiday spirit and soak up a little of the history Welton Street has to offer.”

WHO: The Five Points Business District
WHAT: Second Annual Holiday in the Points celebration
WHERE: Arts and crafts and Santa Claus: HALO Center for Youth, 2758 Welton St.
Art of Light: On Welton Street between 25th and 28th Avenues
WHEN: Saturday, November 26, 2011
Arts and crafts and Santa Claus: 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, Art of Light will follow
At 6:00 pm.

Holiday in the Points is part of a larger, ongoing effort by the Five Points Business District to promote awareness, use and revitalization of the historic Welton Street corridor.

About the Five Points Business District
The Five Points Business District (FPBD) is responsible for the growth and development of Denver, Colorado’s historic Welton Street and the promotion and economic empowerment of the broader Five Points community. Funded in part by Denver’s Office of Economic Development, the office is part of the city’s Neighborhood Marketplace Initiative. The work of the FPBD is a comprehensive effort that incorporates Business Development, the Promotion of Art and Culture, Historic Neighborhood Preservation and the Greater Good of the community. For additional information on FPBD, visit

Sponsors: Five Points Business District, Councilman Albus Brooks, Civil Technology, Inc., Welton Street Pedestrian Maintenance Mall District, Whittier Neighborhood Association, Coffee at the Point and Halo Foundation.

13th Annual Sand Creek Massacre Spiritual Healing Run

The 13th Annual Sand Creek Massacre Spiritual Healing Run begins Thursday November 24, 2011, at the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site. The run is an annual event coordinated by the Northern Cheyenne Tribe of Montana with support from the Northern Arapaho Tribe of Wyoming, the Southern Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma, the National Park Service, Town of Eads, Kiowa County, the Denver organizing committee, and History Colorado to honor those killed at the massacre. This year’s event marks the 147th Anniversary of the Sand Creek Massacre.
Activities associated with the run will commence with a Prayer Ceremony at the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site. The event will conclude in the afternoon of Saturday, November 26, on the steps of the west lawn of the Colorado State Capitol, followed by a reception for participants at the Denver Indian Center.

Schedule of events: (all times are approximate)
Thursday, Nov. 24
9 AM - Pipe Ceremony and prayer at the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site 55411 County Road W - Approximately 8 miles north of the intersection of Kiowa County Road 54 and State Highway 96, near the town of Chivington CO.
Runners will be blessed and the annual Spiritual Healing Run to Denver will commence, followed by a meal in Eads, CO.
Friday, Nov. 25
7 AM - Sunrise Ceremony – To Be Determined, The ‘Healing Run’ will continue on to Denver.
7 PM - Candlelight Vigil at the Denver Art Museum Wheel sculpture,100 West 14th Avenue Parkway, Denver, CO.
Saturday, Nov. 26
8 AM - Honoring Ceremony at Riverside Cemetery, 5201 Brighton Boulevard, Denver, for Captain Silas Soule, and Lt. Joseph A. Cramer, U.S. Army. Both men instructed their troops not to fire at the massacre.
9 AM - Continue ‘Healing Run’ from Riverside Cemetery to 15th and Arapahoe, Denver, CO.
9:50 AM – At 15th and Arapahoe — near the site where Captain Silas Soule was assassinated — the runners will join with walkers and continue on to the Colorado State Capitol Building.
11 AM - Presentation on the steps of the Colorado State Capitol Building (West Lawn side) 4 miles distance – MUST REGISTER TO RUN
Noon reception - Location To Be Determined
For additional information about the Annual Sand Creek Massacre Spiritual Healing Run/Walk, please call run organizer Otto Braided Hair (406) 749 4325.

The National Park Service cares for special places saved by the American people so that all may experience our heritage.

To learn more contact Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site at 719-438-5916 or .
The Sand Creek Massacre site is located at 55411 County Road W, 23 miles from Eads, CO. To drive to the site take Colorado Hwy. 287 near Eads, or west off Hwy 385 at Sheridan Lake. Near Chivington, turn north onto Chief White Antelope Way (County Road 54) or at Brandon, turn north onto County Road 59. Follow either road to its entrance with County Road W, one mile east (right) of its intersection with County Road 54, or several miles west (left) of County Rd. 59. Hours of operation at the site are from Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM. The park headquarters is located at 910 Wansted, in Eads, CO. The hours of operation at the park headquarters are Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM except Federal holidays.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Denver Police Urge Reporting Suspicious Actions Downtown

For Immediate Release

Date: November 16, 2011
To: Denver Police Officers, Denver City Council
Media, Denver Community Organizations
Contact: Detective John White #98046
Address: Office of the Chief
1331 Cherokee St., Denver, CO 80204
Phone: 720-913-6028
Fax: 720-913-7021

(Denver) Denver Police are reminding citizens to be vigilant and report suspicious activity while in downtown area.

Over the past several months, groups of individuals have displayed predatory behavior while in the Denver downtown area. In some instances, victims have been assaulted and/or robbed. These suspects instigate contact with the victims and create confrontational situations. The suspect is then joined by several other individuals and assault and/or rob the victim(s). There have been 15 incidents reported from August 1, 2011 through November 9, 2011 in the downtown area.

Information on several of these assaults has been released previously by the Denver Police Department and do not appear to be racially motivated. While there has not been a recent assault over the past few weeks, the previous attacks were occurring almost weekly and at least one suspect has been involved in multiple incidents.

Ch31 news report here

We do believe that there have been instances where the assaults have been captured on camera by bystanders. We are asking those people to come forward and provide us with the footage. This new information could assist investigators and prevent others from possibly being victimized.

No arrests have been made at this time.

Anyone with information regarding these incidents or if you have been a victim of this type of crime, please call Crime Stoppers at 720-913-STOP (7867). You can text to: CRIMES (274637) then title DMCS and enter your message or send an e-mail to If the information you provide leads to the arrest and charging of a wanted individual, you can receive a cash award up to $2,000.

*Please find the attached map. Video footage is also available upon request at the Denver Police Headquarters information desk.

Below is a list of safety tips while walking:

· Be aware of your surroundings.
· Walk only on busy, well-lighted streets, even if it makes the trip a little longer.
· Avoid shortcuts through parking lots, alleys or parks.
· If you feel you are being followed, cross the street or begin walking in a different direction. Walk toward lighted, more populated areas.
· If a vehicle is following you, turn and run in the opposite direction. The driver will have to turn around before continuing to follow you, buying you time to make it to safety.

Occupy Denver live stream now

Go to Ustream (30 sec ad)

Freezes up, inconsistent, but the best we've got.

1:49pm Offair - but thanks for trying. Upgrade and come back.
2:03pm Back up


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Occupy Denver 11-17-11 (6 viewers)

OWS taking over the streets in NYC (22,000 viewers)

"Whose streets? Our streets!"
Police trying to set up barriers in front of crowd. People knocking down barriers. DAY OF ACTION!

100 cops trying to hold back 3000 marchers. FAIL.

2:29pm Black Block spotted.
2:36pm Marchers back in action with drums at front.
3:26pm Marchers still at it - about to converge with unions at Foley Square.

Helicopter shot at

Marchers are going to head toward the bridges. Police are said to be waiting for them. This real-time live streaming is exciting.

3:58pm Tim (live-stream operator) is denied access to speaker by OWS security. Group now headed toward Brooklyn Bridge.
4:00pm Air space reportedly being cleared.
4:04pm Union workers with linked arms surround and block police.
4:10pm Police gathered to block bridge. (Your edit in italics - This is what a police state looks like. Can martial law be far behind?)
4:14pm Marching band ahead in march, providing nice sound track.
4:22pm Police blocking bridge. More barricades being delivered. (Are the police going to arrest thousands?)

Nov 17th - A day of live streaming

If you can't come to the Webb building today for the International Day of Action, try the next best thing - live streaming.

Denver - 


NYC helicopter -

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Occupy Denver - Be There

November 17: 60 Days of Action
We have reached a pivotal moment in history, as we find ourselves on the threshold of a great and lasting change. We at Occupy Denver stand in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and all occupations across the country and around the world. The accelerated and coordinated efforts to destroy the Occupy movement, evidenced by the forceful actions taken against the occupiers in Zucotti Park and other cities, are confirmation that the Occupy movement is working.
These actions will not stop us; they will only make us stronger. This has brought us to the precipice of tremendous change, a change for the better. We believe and know what is right and good and thus we will take that next step.
The Occupy movement stands in sharp contrast to the forces that are being marshaled against us. When they use force, we use nonviolence. When they try to isolate us, we build community. When they move against us, we call for peace and cooperation.

Together, we are standing up and speaking out for the rights guaranteed by our Constitution: the right of free assembly, the right of free speech, the right of free press. We affirm that all people are created equal and have the right to share in the prosperity of our great nation. Without such rights, then what have we? We are committed to ending the corruption of our government and restoring political power to the people. We believe that our country, and our world, can be a better place and that we must work together to make this happen. To those already standing with us: we ask that you continue to stand strong. You are making the difference. To all the rest: we need for you to join us. We need individuals and organizations from every corner of the country to join the Occupy movement now.

We call upon you who have been silent: Speak and be heard.
We call upon you who have not stood up for what you believe in: Stand and be seen.
We call upon you who have yet to put your needs on paper. Write and be counted.

Make the difference and bring about the change you want to see! Join us at noon tomorrow, November 17, at Civic Center Park as we celebrate the two month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street and the nearly 2,000 Occupy movements that have sprung up around the world. There has been a coordinated effort to silence the voices of the 99%, Mayor Hancock and the Denver Police Department are scared of an awakened populace. We will call attention to the Mayor’s decision to violently crackdown on Occupy Denver. We will present alternatives and show the contrast with other communities around the country and how their local governments have supported the 99% rather than attempt to silence the voice of their constituents. There will then be a 6 p.m. rally at Occupy Denver after which we will conduct a General Assembly where we will discuss the Occupy movement as a whole and how we should progress over the coming months. So come out, have your voices heard and once again stand up for freedom, for justice, and for the future of our world. United we stand!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Living (and driving) in a police state

I was down at Occupy Denver (Colfax and Broadway) a few weeks ago and saw a woman making a new sign. The sign read "Are we living in a police state?" I paused, and she looked up, smiling. Conversation ensued. I realized that she had no idea that she was already living in a police state; the here and now of Denver Colorado. See also.

It is not that hard to live in a police state if you know the rules. You must know and live by their rules. This is for your own health and safety, as the authorities have pointed out to you countless times.

1. Spend most of your free time at home. You are probably already doing this.
- do not raise your voice or play your music loud.
- don't get falling down drunk or beat your wife or children.
- be aware that your neighbors already find you suspicious and are poised to dial 911.
- go outside and walk around your house at night. See how much can be seen. Note dark areas of your property. Carry a maglight as needed.
- protect yourself against home-invasion (which is becoming increasingly popular). I'll be expanding on this theme later in a separate post.

2. If you must go out by car, make sure you have every last regulation regarding the use of your vehicle on their streets fulfilled and executed down to the letter. For example,
- did you know it's a $90.00 fine if you have your registration in the car BUT HAVE NOT SIGNED IT. That's right, check yours, turn it over and see if you have signed it properly.
- and, hello, no outstanding tickets, warrants, or other things that can easily be looked up by an officer with a laptop. You must inquire for yourself and pay all of this off before you drive. If you don't, you are asking for it.
- do not slow down or stop to drop off supplies at Occupy Denver on Broadway. They are now ticketing for this infraction.
- At stoplights and signs, stop your vehicle completely and well back of the crosswalk line. This is hard to learn after a lifetime of rolling stops but the photo cameras are already in place and being used to ticket you for this infraction. Denver City Council even discussed whether or not there should be some allowable (1 or 2 inches) infraction. Their answer was NO, and be aware that the camera angle can make a difference, so stay back far enough that you can see the entire line on the street in front of you.
Yes, that's me going 40 mph in a 30 mph zone on 17th.
 And yes, I paid the ticket (aka Dumbo tax)
- know the speed limit and never exceed it, even when passing. Beware of speed limit change-ups designed to catch you going the wrong speed, and mismatched speed limits much lower than the physical road was designed for.
- make sure your license plate is tightly mounted with slot-less bolts, and that all of your car lights are working.
- if stopped, never consent to a search - actively say that you do not consent.

3. If you must go out on foot, again, you must obey all the rules.
- do not jay-walk. Selective law enforcement makes its use rare but available if they want to "detain" you.
- do not walk on the grass in parks.
- do not wear outlandish or unusual clothes or outfits. Unless of course, you want to be singled-out and beaten.
- do not wear jewelry or expensive shoes, unless you can afford to loose them.
- always carry photo ID.
- never carry more cash than you can afford to lose. You may risk offending the holdup man if you have nothing, so take just enough to satisfy him so he won't kill you for being so cheap. A $20 bill will do.
- never carry any hidden weapons. Carry your gun in a visible holster if it is legal in your state.
- never carry any contraband, which by definition, is stuff you shouldn't carry.
- do not even think about going out if you are intoxicated beyond control in "keep your mouth shut" situations.
- always be aware - look out your window before you go out your door.
- assume there are people out there who mean to do you harm.
- walk with a purpose, your body language is important and can be a deterrent.
- keep your head up and scanning. In Denver (Capitol Hill) thugs hide behind large trees in the street verge with aluminum baseball bats and take you down in one blow from behind. True.
- pay attention to the traffic lights. Do not cross against the light even if there is no traffic.
- remember that you may be on camera. See "halo" cameras on Colfax.
- beware of any curfews that prohibit your presence at certain times of day.

4. General considerations:
- don't fool yourself.
- all phones (landlines) are tapped, i.e., they all go to the Central Office where they can easily be picked out and listened to or recorded. Don't imagine that they need a warrant to do this - those days are gone.
- all emails are examined by computers for key words. Those containing key words are then read by humans.
- all emails are saved, and deleting them on your computer does not remove them from the email servers.
- act as if you are under surveillance. You may be. The good news is that you are probably not important enough to warrant specific surveillance.
- in the city, someone is always watching.
- prepare for the worst.  When it doesn't happen, you'll feel good. If it does happen, you'll be prepared.

If you think things might get worse before they get better, you may want to read this book - Surviving in Argentina.