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All Things MJ with Jessica LeRoux - April 29, 2013

Hey Now! 

This morning at 10am the House will vote on the unfortunately amended Hb13-1317 rules & HB13-1318 taxes... SB13-283 (BHO & Contracts) passed committee this morning. If you can do your emails now it will be a big help. 
here is a link to what Im hoping is every legislator in the capitol, get cracking folks! (See 2nd page)
HB13-1317 in amendments they've brought back vertical integration for a year, and added the DUID bill on the end of the bill, as well as a few other ugly trolls lurking under this so called bridge bill... here is the latest amended version: 
This is a letter I wrote to the legislature you can copy any part you like... 
also mention:  if a new entrant to the industry must apply in January 2014 with proof of a lease as part of the application but cannot open until October of that year, how is this open to small mom and pop type expansion if there are 10 months of rent to pay w/o any income. Please no mopre protectionism for the biggest money, protect equal access instead! 

Hb13-1318 will present voters in November with a TABORed 30% combined tax, now includes amendment to repeal A-64 if the tax is not passed, basically "smart CO tack on" creates blackmail for the blackmarket to steal our businesses. 
here is the yet unpassed ammendment please send emails now asking for a no vote on the amendment
this article sums up the proposed changes. 

Catch up with movement to create a public bank for the State of Colorado

Dear friends,

At some point in the last year or so, you expressed interest in being informed about the effort to create a public bank for the State of Colorado. 

This is a link to a short summary of our efforts.

This is a link to the text of the current initiative, which will be reviewed by the Title Board this Wednesday, May 1st, at 9:30 AM, at the Secretary of State's office, 1700 Broadway, 3rd Floor, Aspen Conference Room, Denver, Colorado.

This is a link to the text of the current initiative, with commentary.

This is a link to today's post, which provides some background on the current monetary system of the United States and why a public banking system is needed.

Please feel free to email me with your ideas and comments. 

Best regards,

Bob Bows
Colorado Public Banking

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The Naysayer by Phil Goodstein - May, 2013

Colorado Mandatory Reporting Requirements Regarding Children

Colorado Mandatory Reporting Requirements Regarding Children subjected to abuse or neglect or [observation of] the child being subjected to circumstances or conditions which would reasonably result in abuse or neglect.

Who Must Report?
• Physicians or surgeons, including physicians in training;
• Child health associates;
• Medical examiners or coroners;
• Dentists;
• Osteopaths;
• Optometrists;
• Chiropractors;
• Chiropodist or podiatrists;
• Registered nurses or licensed practical nurses;
• Hospital personnel engaged in the admission, care, or treatment of patients;
• Christian science practitioners;
• Public or private school officials or employees;
• Social workers;
• Mental health professionals;
• Dental hygienists;
• Psychologists;
• Physical therapists;
• Veterinarians;
• Peace officers;
• Pharmacists;
• Commercial film and photographic print processors;
• Firefighters;
• Victim’s advocates;
• Licensed professional counselors;
• Licensed marriage and family therapists;
• Unlicensed psychotherapists;
• Clergy members (but not if the reasonable cause is acquired through a privileged communication);
• Registered dietitians;
• Workers in the state department of human services;
• Juvenile parole and probation officers;
• Child and family investigators;
• Officers and agents of the state bureau of animal protection
• Animal control officers.
• Worker in a licensed child care facility or agency

Reports should be made to the county department or local law enforcement agency.
Contents of Report
• The name, address, age, sex, and race of the child;
• The name and address of the person responsible for the suspected abuse or neglect;
• The nature and extent of the child’s injuries, including any evidence of previous cases of known or suspected abuse or neglect of the child or the child’s siblings;
• The family composition;
• The source of the report and the name, address, and occupation of the person making the report;
• Any action taken by the reporting source; and
• Any other information that the person making the report believes may be helpful.
If any officer or employee of a local department of health or state department of public health or environment makes a report, he or she shall include only the following information:
• The name, address, and sex of the child
• The name and address of the person responsible for the child
• The name and address of the person who is alleged to be responsible for the suspected abuse or neglect, if known
• The general nature of the child’s injury

Timing/Other Procedures 
An initial report must be made immediately. A written follow-up report shall be made “promptly.”
Other • A “victim’s advocate” means a person at a battered women’s shelter or rape crisis organization or a comparable community-based advocacy program for victims of domestic violence or sexual assault and does not include an advocate employed by any law enforcement agency:
o Whose primary function is to render advice, counsel, or assist victims of domestic or family violence or sexual assault;
o Who has undergone not less than fifteen hours of training as a victim’s advocate or, with respect to an advocate who assists victims of sexual assault, not less than thirty hours of training as a sexual assault victim’s advocate; and
o Who supervises employees of the program, administers the program, or works under the direction of a supervisor of the program.
Anyone who willfully fails to make a required report will be guilty of a Class 3 misdemeanor and shall be liable for damages caused thereby. 
Source/Applicable Statute(s) Child Protection Act of 1987, Colo. Rev. Stat. §§ 19-3-301 et
seq., 26-6-104 (2009).

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All Things MJ with Jessica LeRoux - April 23, 2013

Editor's note: Thanks to Jessica for her tireless efforts in organizing and TESTIFYING! We know it's not easy when you are running a business full-time.
Hey Now! 

Well I still say there are 16 days in the session, and some of these dickbags have a DUID hard-on so im not doing a victory jig until May 8th, but I am very pleased with yesterday's Vote killing the current version of HB13-1114 Black heart (cards) a good day at the capitol, and the best part is that it represents a big victory for the private activists and patients with zero support from any of the alphabet soup cartel of industry lobbyists taking any credit since they bailed on the fight against this bill... Ha! we have some momentum lil people lets keep it up now!
Im sorry this week's news was a bit late... i thought prioritizing my energies into the DUID battle was the best use of my time for us all, and it looks like the choice is justified! I may have more on the new bills once I have a chance to get indepth on them, hearings start thursday so expect me to have more info this week to share with y'all... 

Senator Pat Steadman invites everyone to a town hall meeting.

Saturday, May 11, 2013, 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.
Legislative Wrap-Up
Tears McFarlane House, Community Room on Cheesman Park
Capitol Hill United Neighbors Community Center
1290 Williams St., Denver
This month we'll recap the accomplishments of the 2013 legislative session, which is scheduled to conclude on May 8.  Find out what passed, what failed and what this means for Colorado.  Bring your questions, and bring a friend!

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DPS and Hentzell Park‏

Hmmm....RSVP and a free continental breakfast and lunch for a public meeting.

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Westword has the best slide shows ever

A Drought Update for Denver Water Customers

Senator Irene Aguilar, MD    P.O. Box 27424, Denver, CO 80227     (303) 601-0955  ?

Join Senator Irene Aguilar
And Guest Speaker, Chris Piper
With Denver Water
For A Town Hall Meeting On
A Drought Update for Denver Water Customers
Tuesday, April 23, 2013
6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
Washington Street Community Center
809 S. Washington Street, Denver CO 80209

Senator Aguilar welcomes Chris Piper with Denver Water to provide an update on the drought. Most of Colorado is experiencing a second year of a severe drought and recent snows have not done enough to relieve the drought.  With above average temperatures and low snowpack, our reservoir levels across the state are low. The recent snows have been good but Denver Water’s watersheds are so far behind that even with a normal snowpack, their reservoirs are not expected to fill completely this year.
Paid for by Aguilar For 32
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Denver Post BigPix produces interesting closeups

Close-ups from the Gigapan photo produces some interesting artifacts/situations.


Going all the way green.


Twins with man who lost the top of his head.

Walkabout at the Capitol for the annual Cowboy BBQ - April 19, 2013

 Although he is no longer in office (term-limited after four 2-year terms in the House) and is not running for anything, Wes McKinley (D - Walsh) continued his tradition of a cowboy BBQ east of the Capitol on Friday. The legislators and staffs lined up for the Kirkwell Cattle Co.'s delicious free hamburgers.

McKinley looked relaxed. 

The sibling team of Random Notes provided both classical and western music.
I walked south of where the BBQ was being held to talk to the workers. These are the guys responsible for putting up the scaffolding around the dome and they are rightfully proud of it.

I hope to get up there to film before they put the rest of the wrapping up. BTW, they didn't raise enough in donations to pay for this project so, we, the taxpayers, are footing the bill. It is necessary maintenance and it's going to look real nice.

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Its Colorado's 1st legal 4/20 - from Jessica LeRoux

Now please celebrate in a limo, a taxi, a bus or on foot!

On monday April 22nd the Colorado Senate Judiciary Committee will be meeting to discuss proposed bill HB13-1114 the "THC DUID" bill. The timing is not lacking in irony. Whether you are a long time resident or a visitor to Colorado during this awesome and exciting week, please please please be responsible if you choose to drive. We anticipate increased stops of motorists for minor infractions such as headlights and windshield cracks during the entire "holiday weekend". Please make sure your entire vehicle is in proper working order, from bumper to bumper and most importantly do not smoke while behind the wheel. The last thing we need is for law enforcement to walk into the hearing monday with a stack of alleged THC impairment encounters from the 4/20 weekend. Please do not engage in any behavior to contribute statistics to justify a knee jerk reaction to A-64 at the capitol on Monday morning.

Here's hoping you have a fantastic 4/20 in Colorado. Please do your part to set a shining example of what is possible if adults are given the right to responsible use of Cannabis.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Archdiocese Breaks Vow with Denver Dems

The Democratic Party of Denver (“DPOD”) House District 8’s annual spaghetti dinner fundraiser to be held Saturday, April 13 at 6:00 P.M. has been moved to the Assistance League of Denver at 1400 Josephine due to the Archdiocese of Denver's last-minute cancellation of their contract to rent space at St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic Church for the event.  While the DPOD had a signed contract in place for several weeks to use the space at St. Ignatius—which had hosted the spaghetti dinner for the previous four years—the DPOD was informed only on Monday, April 8 that the contract would not be honored.

JD Flynn
DPOD Chair Edward Hall spoke with Archdiocese Chancellor J.D. Flynn—a registered Republican—who informed him that, in Chancellor Flynn’s opinion, Democratic Party events “were not good for the community.” While legal counsel for the Archdiocese indicated the decision was due to nonprofit tax status concerns, that rationale does not explain the extraordinary timing of the decision and furthermore rings hollow in light of the arms-length nature of the contract, St. Ignatius’ established history of contracting with the DPOD, and Chancellor Flynn’s own words.
The decision to not honor the contract left the DPOD scrambling to find a new space and inform attendees of the change. The DPOD reminds Chancellor Flynn of Numbers 30:2, which states that if someone “swears an oath to bind himself by a pledge, he shall not break his word.” While the DPOD is weighing its options for legal recourse, a successful fundraiser at the alternate site—the Assistance League of Denver at 1400 Josephine—will help ensure that the only damage done from this situation will be to Chancellor Flynn’s reputation as someone who values keeping promises.
Tickets for the dinner are $20 for adults and $10 for seniors and children, and are available for purchase at the door.


Update: See Westward article:

Marijuana clubs: Mayor's call for a ban blatantly unconstitutional, advocate says

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Opinion by Gerald Trumbule

If you've followed the marijuana legalization story as we've tried to do here over the years, you will have seen Rob Corry's name many times. He participated in the creation of A64 in the first place, and is a very active activist attorney. Now he has created a line-by-line commentary on the results of the A64 Task Force Report that you can read here. I recommend that you take the time to read it all. Corry brings up an important topic that I haven't seen elsewhere regarding the prisoners of the drug war:
The Drug War is Over, Prisoners of War Should be Released
The State should consider amnesty, pardon, or commutation of sentence for all individuals in Colorado currently serving a sentence of  prison, jail, parole, or probation for any previous “crime” related to marijuana that is no longer a crime under Amendment 64, Article XVIII §16of the Colorado Constitution. Recently, Governor Hickenlooper appeared on public radio to agree that it was unjust for any person to serve a sentence for a previous marijuana “crime” that is no longer a crime, but claimed that his office and the Executive Branch lacked the resources to consider and issue gubernatorial pardons for individuals applying for said pardons under the pardon process. See Colorado Constitution, Article IV § 7; C.R.S. § 16-17-101 et seq.
Since the “War on Marijuana” is now over and Prisoners of War must released when any war is over, this law firm will donate our staff time--with no expense to the State or its taxpayers--to review and evaluate any pardon application and underlying criminal court file provided from the Governor’s office and provide a recommendation to the Governor as to whether the underlying criminal offense is no longer an offense, and whether a pardon should be issued to a particular POW. If the Governor is unwilling to work with us in the pardon process, the legislature could still pass an amnesty bill automatically commuting any marijuana-related sentence.
And we can start saving money as we defund the insane, racist war on drugs. How much could be saved at the City, County and State level? No one seems to know exactly how many people are in our prisons right now for possession, but it's time to let them out.

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All Things MJ with Jessica LeRoux - April 7, 2013 - 8 truths about vertical integration‏


I am taking the pre-emptive step of sending this email to every member of the legislature as the issue of vertical integration will impact marijuana issues for every voter in the state. I hope that you will read these bullet points and if you identify  any issues that resonate with the voters in your district and the vote they cast last november regarding A-64 please direct your concerns to the Joint Select Committee on implementation of A-64 on Monday before the issue is enshrined in any bill. We have too few days left in the session to make a protectionist mistake now.  
Vertical Integration is a proverbial vestigal tail from Medical Marijuana because under 1284 all plants grown had to be tracked and attached to the specific patients they were being grown for. (This is why it is not legal to transfer the plants in an MMC's inventory to recreational sales, they are legally the property of a patient, and are merely in the custody of the OPC attached to their primary care MMC.) Many rural areas suffered under this model as there was not enough commercial warehouse space available in rural areas to meet the needs of the numerous patients spread over a relatively vast area of the state. To this day the MMED is struggling with completion of the shifting sands of paperwork from 70/30 marriages of the small rural retailers and the Big Denver warehouse gang to get compliant with this unworkable rule. To continue to force the combined medical and recreational industry to be subject to VI will be a form of protectionism for those already in the industry who hold leases on huge Denver  warehouses, these are the same MMC's who fund the alphabet soup of lobbyists making outrageous claims of federal intervention on behalf of Vertical Integration. The proposed model for vertical integration will ensure that only the most well funded current medical entities from the big city will be able to expand into new locations, rather than a more organic expansion coming from new owners who live in the immediate community.

Friday, April 5, 2013


Opinion by Gerald Trumbule
See Denver Business Journal article here
Remember when U.S. Senator Michael Bennet was Superintendent of Denver's Public Schools? Remember the ill conceived bond/swap deal he got us into then? That's right, the one we had to pay $42,000,000 (in 2011) to the banksters (JPMorgan Chase) in termination fees to get rid of half of it?
Well, here comes the second half.
It's now going to cost us (DPS) $124,000,000 to get rid of the last half of this steaming pile of groat cakes. So it looks like Bennet, brain-child of Billionaire Anschutz, cost DPS $166,000,000 so far (and that's to say nothing of the interest that will be paid over the years). That's a big bite in our collective ass.
Didn't we just vote to raise our property taxes to give more money to DPS? (My personal tax liability went up $1,000 this year as a direct result.) I guess I see now why they needed the money. Bennet, the Bagman, had arranged to deliver more money to the banksters.
Bennet beat Andrew Romanoff to win his current Senate seat. Why did we elect a Bagman? Oh, that's right...Obama's boy.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Survey finds law criminalizes activities necessary for homeless survival
without providing alternatives.

By Chris Casey | University of Colorado Denver, University Communications
DENVER – Denver’s controversial “camping ban” has left the homeless no place to sleep outdoors safely and legally at night, forcing them into hidden spots or to seek indoor options that don’t exist, according to a report written by a University of Colorado Denver political science professor.
In collaboration with the Denver Homeless Out Loud (DHOL) community group, Associate Professor Tony Robinson, Ph.D., compiled survey results of 512 homeless individuals regarding the Unauthorized Camping Ban. The 80-page report details the background of the ban, survey results and policy recommendations in the wake of one of the nation’s most severe laws against public homelessness.
The Denver City Council passed the ordinance in May 2012 under pressure from members of the downtown business community who argued that the growing number of homeless camping on the 16th Street Mall and Civic Center Park was impacting business and harming the perception of Denver.
Robinson and DHOL presented their study to the Denver Homeless Commission and held a press conference at 10 a.m. Wednesday in Denver.
Among the survey’s findings:
  • 59 percent of respondents said it has become more necessary to avoid police after the ban; 4 percent report police being more helpful.
  • 53 percent said they feel less safe in Denver since the ban; 6 percent feel more safe.
  • 79 percent who used to sleep downtown regularly now avoid the area far more; 69 percent said they now seek more hidden places to sleep at night.
  • 50 percent their sleeping habits have been negatively affected.
  • Though there has been a reduction in outdoors sleeping, the decline is minor. Before the ban, 72 percent of survey respondents said they sometimes or always slept outside in Denver, as compared to 64 percent reporting outdoor sleeping after the ban.
  • No arrests have yet taken place under the ordinance, though citing and arresting people for other code violations and moving homeless people along through oral and written warnings are very common.

Real-time audio of Joint Select Committee on the Implementation of the Amendment 64 Task Force Recommendations

as of 7:30 am.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

DPS answers to Ortega's questions re Hentzell Park and schools

Denver City Council's "disgraceful vote" on Hentzell Park

Opinion by Cathy Donohue
Ed. Note: Cathy Donohue is a former Denver City Council member and the first female City Council President.

In their disgraceful vote on allowing the Hentzell Park trade scheme to go forward, several council members "deferred" to Councilwoman Peggy Lehmann, in whose district the park land is located. The suggestion is that as long a Councilwoman Lehmann approves, nobody else should object.

Although there has been a system called "Courtesy Zoning" operating within the Denver City Council, for many years that "courtesy" vote was limited to re-zoning of private land. The rationale for this practice was that zone changes were often made after unrecorded contributions were given to certain council members in order to influence their vote. This "Courtesy" system has now morphed into decisions on Parks land. I can see some rationale for "Courtesy Zoning" on a parcel of privately owned land; after all, the owner requests a change, but I fail to see how this system fits into our parks. The Parks are owned by all of the citizens of Denver. It is not private land! Does Councilwoman Lehmann have the right or duty to represent just her constituents? Or should she and the rest of the members of Council represent each and every citizen of the city--who do own the all of the parkland in the city?

Re-zoning at the request of the landowner at least embodies the wishes of the person who owns the land. I do not accept that Councilwoman Lehmann possesses some kind of personal power over any piece of publicly owned land. Councilman Lopez stated that he supported her wishes to remove this land from free public access because she "speaks for a lot more people than this room could ever hold". Maybe she does, but the rest of the Council had a duty to represent all of the citizens, also. Simply, stated; "Courtesy Zoning" should not be used for publicly owned land. I also question whether it is still necessary to continue the practice of "Courtesy Zoning". I doubt that any member of Council has ever been offered or taken unrecorded contributions.

Council also made a serious mistake with continued comments about the exact address of the "consolidated" shelter for abused people. I worked with a number of shelters for abused women and children, and no address for these facilities was ever published. This is one rule that is always applied when shelters are established. The people who spoke in support of a new consolidated facility seemed unaware that they were insuring that everyone in the greater Denver area will now be able to locate the major center for abused citizens. Their abusers will know for certain where to find their prey. The most common trait of an abuser is to stalk their prey in order to force them to "come home" or to even kill them. Let us hope that this new super center will be able to hire a competent and large number of guards in order to protect the clients. No one that spoke in support of a shelter displayed any awareness of just how important it is to keep addresses of shelters a secret.

The 10-to-3 vote shows serious errors in judgement. Council should not participate in "Courtesy" voting when it involves land that is owned by the citizens. Both Councilman Paul Lopez and Councilwoman Susan Shepard spoke with passion about their use of Hentzell Park. They expressed clearly how they used a piece of land that was not in their Council District. Unfortunately, Lopez did not have the courage of his conviction and voted to transfer the land.

Now, everyone knows for certain where abused people must go to get services. The cat is out of the bag. Too bad. The abused are in great danger.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Felice to City Council: Write a better story.

Denver City Council
The matter before Council is fundamentally about the loss of irreplaceable natural area and betrayal of the public trust.
But you should reject this insidious scheme because there are too many misleading and deceptive questions about how the deal was made and how much this so-called trade is actually going to cost.
As an example of the confusion, the Council bill now describes 11-point-seven acres, when previous discussions have been about 11-point-five acres?
Why does anyone think it’s a good idea to build a school in a flood plain?  There are open spaces along south Monaco where even commercial building is prohibited because of potential flooding.  Who actually pays for getting proper drainage at Hentzell Park Natural Area?
When Kelly Leid worked for the school district, why did he decide the natural area was the only site for a school building? Did Leid know he’d go to work for Michael B. Hancock who wanted the land for a trade?
Leid apparently didn’t even know the land was designated as a natural area.  The Parks Department initially had difficulty describing the land and describing how much land was to be involved.
When did Michael B. Hancock promise the building for a domestic violence assistance center?  According to its web site, the center declared it had secured a lease in October, even before the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board considered de-designation.
How much is actually going to be spent to renovate a building which School Superintendent Tom Boasberg acknowledges “has outlived it usefulness.”  Who pays if asbestos abatement is required? 
Why did Boasberg buy 1860 Lincoln even before the deal on 1330 Fox was complete?  Did he have a secret assurance from the city administration?
The school district’s own reports show overcrowding throughout the city.  Is there a plan to build more schools in other locations and does this plan involve taking more parkland?
The supporters of this ill-advised proposal will talk about their self-interests and say anything necessary to get what they want at the expense of the general public.
Don’t be part of a government whose legacy is the killing of prairie dogs and the deaths of other animals, the destruction of natural vegetation, and the loss of open space.
History is full of stories about someone taking land away from somebody else.  Write a better story.
David P. Felice
April 1, 2013