Friday, August 31, 2012

Moving Sale at Office Depot on Colfax at Pearl

I remember when this was a Safeway.
Back of new building which faces Colfax.
The Office Depot is getting ready to move across the parking lot to a brand new building and has all of their stuff marked down from 10 to 30%. I picked up items like a wireless mouse and keyboard, wireless headphones, etc. that I've been meaning to buy but hadn't gotten around to. This is not a paid advertisement, merely a recommendation.

Stock up and save.

Side trip to Heeney, Colorado

While we were driving around in the mountains north of Silverthorne, we felt a compulsion to drive to Heeney, Colorado when we saw it on a map. We couldn't stop saying the name - Heeney, Heeney, Heeney. Once there, we saw this sign:

...which led us to stop at this establishment. The proprietor came out and we had a conversation about wildlife in the area. Bears had become a problem because the drought had made their natural food, berries, scarce, and the trash pick-up had been reduced to once every two weeks. This was a problem because they had to keep their trash indoors until pick-up day.
She also told us a story about the old owners of a near-by ranch, who always said that when they died, they wanted to come back as eagles. After they passed, a pair of nesting eagles had taken up residence on their property. She even showed us the photographs to prove it.
 'Tis a privilege to live in Colorado.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

VOTE NO ON 2A (and keep your money)

We give government the ability to charge us money with tax laws. We have the right and the ability to change these laws should we so decide. At the Colorado State level, we have put the Tax Payers Bill of Rights in place, and it is the law of our State.

That law intentionally stops the tax-spenders (govt) from 1. Raising the tax rate without the tax-payers permission (vote) and 2. gives us back some of what we paid as a refund (credit) according to a predetermined formula.

This really bugs the tax-spenders. They want to start new programs and get us to pay for them. They want to grow their government empires. They also often want more money for themselves, as is evidenced by the recent increase in salary voted for by our City Council members. And, I might add, by the Colorado Legislature when they killed Rep. Wes McKinley's bill to cut all state salaries by 7%.

In short, the tax-spenders want to get rid of our Tax-payers Bill of Rights. They always have wanted to get rid of it, and they always will. It limits them in ways they don't like.

The latest attempt (from Councilwoman Kneich's newsletter):
On Monday, August 20th City Council PASSED Bill 12-0566, an Ordinance placing the following measure 2A on the November 6 ballot.  The measure will read: Without increasing any tax rate or adopting any new tax, and in order to pay for improvements to police, fire, streets, Denver Public Library, parks, after-school and summer programs for children and such services as specified in City Council Bill 12-566 and published on the city’s web-site, shall the City and County of Denver be authorized to collect, retain and spend all tax revenue derived from the city’s existing gross tax rates to the extent those revenues exceed the constitutional limitation on tax revenue, also known as TABOR, beginning in 2013, provided that in no event shall the city increase the maximum lawful property tax rate without prior voter approval as required by Section 20(4)(a) of Article X of the Colorado Constitution, and requiring specific annual reporting requirements by the Manager of Finance to the mayor, the city auditor and the city council on the disposition of these funds?

So, as usual, they tell us that this does NOT raise our taxes, which is technically true in that it does not change the tax RATE, BUT TAKING AWAY OUR CREDIT HAS THE SAME NET EFFECT - WE PAY MORE.

Hey tax-spenders, listen up. WE CANNOT AFFORD TO PAY MORE. We have lost or are losing our jobs, our houses, our safety-net programs. Now is not the time to be trying to get blood out of our turnips.

We understand that you have a "dream", to grow Denver into a World-Class City. We are tired of your dreams and suggest that you get back down to reality. There are only 600,000 of us in Denver. We already gave you back 5 YEARS worth of our credits (which you said would be around $3 billion but turned out to be more like $7 billion, State-wide Ref. C), and that seemed to evaporate quickly.

So, dear tax-spender, suck it up. Cut your own salaries before you ask us for more. WE DON'T HAVE MORE.


P.S. Please quit trying to taint the argument by calling it De-Brucing. The old pissant Doug Bruce has come and gone. Our Taxpayers Bill of Rights remains, and we want to keep it that way.

Occupy Sniagrab

For Immediate Release:
Occupy Sniagrab!  Wednesday night, Thursday night, any time between now and September 1st!
Don’t Miss Ssensselemoh!!! (That’s Homelessness Spelled Backwards)
On April 16, 2012 the Denver city council approved the “Urban Camping Ban” in a vote of 9 to 4 in spite of the mass public outcry that this ban will criminalize homelessness! Passing such a measure clearly showed that they care much more for the interests and profits of the corporations and businesses that were pushing for this measure than they do for the citizens of Denver, particularly the homeless.
Now this week, just over four months later, the city of Denver has granted a permit to Sports Authority to allow folks to “Urban Camp” out outside of their store in order to be first in line for Sports Authority’s big annual sale – “Sniagrab” (bargains spelled backwards). It appears to the City Government urban camping is perfectly OK when it involves a big corporation making lots of money. It’s just not OK when it involves the safety and well being of a homeless person. If the homeless so much as lay down and cover themselves with a jacket in order to protect themselves from the elements and get some rest at night they are subject to arrest and police harassment.  This has driven many homeless people away from the safer more public areas and into dark hiding places down by the river, under bridges or railroad tracks and such where in such secret places with few around to protect them they are in danger of being beaten, robbed (of what little they have), raped, murdered…. 
Since urban camping is permitted in the interest of corporate profit, and not in the interest of people with no place to sleep, we the people of Denver Colorado will not turn a blind eye to this hypocrisy. That’s why we will now have what we call Ssensselemoh! (That’s homelessness spelled backwards). Come speak out with our homeless brothers and sisters! Speak out against the double standard that puts profits over people again!  The urban camping outside of Sports Authority for Sniagrab has already started, so folks, if you have something to say then come on down to 10th and Broadway to say it! This is NOT a protest of all the wonderful folks camping in line for these good deals. This is a time when the hypocrisy of the city government must be called out!  Bring signs, banners, camping gear or just yourself! Come prepared to stay the night or just for a while. While you can show up anytime between now and Friday the 31st, we are planning to be there en mass tonight (August 29th) starting at 6:00pm, and tomorrow (August 30th) after GA. Please keep in mind that our aim is to speak to the hypocrisy of the Denver city government in granting this permit, and to the greed of corporations that care only about profits! We are not aiming to protest the people that are camping there waiting to get into that sale! We do NOT want them to feel that we are protesting them! Please keep that in mind with whatever action you decide to take in this.  See you there!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Attention All Colorado Voters

Even if you are not worried about your voter status for the upcoming November election, you should go to your own record within the system, check the info there, and make any changes you may need. Correct your address, make a mail-in ballot request, or change to active status. Be sure to save it at the end.


Denver Rules Governing Political Signs

Live Streaming from Tampa with Tim Pool

or go here.

Denver time: 2:28 pm - Cops 4 deep in riot gear stand facing protesters sitting down. Seems appropriate that a religious guy with a megaphone is preaching about being born in the water and the blood. This is history in the making, live.

All Things MMJ with Jessica LeRoux - Aug. 27, 2012

  • Labor Day and 3 year anniversary sales!‏

Hey Now, 
Arrrrrgghhhhhh some days are too damn long, here is as much politics and promotions as I can handle this late at night. 

"Complaints may come to us from any source. For the proposed MMJ outdoor advertising ban, *my guess is that they would come from an advertising dispensary's competitor* or from random folks who know about the new law."- Tom Downey, Denver C
ity Attorney, commenting on enforcement of the MMJ advertising ban. 
*s inserted by me to show MMIGs strategy / true colors.... 
upon re-reading this quote it becomes obvious that even the City Atty knows that this law was not written on behalf of, or for the use of, average citizens concerned about their exposure to MMJ advertising. Even Tom Downey fully enters into
 this ban expecting the primary users of the complaint system to be competitor businesses and maybe the very limited portion of the "random" public who are actually aware of this new law... but wasnt the premise used to push the ruling, that the public was clamoring for this law?
Why are the very limited time and resources of the Denver City Council (the intention baring quote comes from Downey's email to City Council members) being wasted on writing custom tailored laws to assist MMIG in their quest to eliminate all fair competition?
Why did the council people vote unanimously to support a bill when the narrow intent is obvious to even a lay person like me when reading Mr Downey's email?
Why does the City Council continue their failed relationship with MMIG, when there are many independent businesses who actually pay their retail taxes as well as City of Denver, and MMED state licensing fees, that the city should be supporting instead?
For Shame....

I really thought this article was fantastic and balanced. a MUST READ! 

You already know most of this... since you are getting the breaking news before it hits the blogs! 

these are picks I snapped at the NCIA travesty of a meeting Wednesday night, I felt that the event was eh... another noisy bar, and controling situtation where attendees didnt get to ask direct questions, most of the questions were dodged and the moderator seemed to be muffling/editing the questions to dumb them down,(maybe the gravitational pull of her giant ass was making reading the print difficult?) But most egregious was the attitude represented by the way MMED employees feel about the nice SUVs we bought them...

this article leaves inquiring minds hungry to know if the food these guys stole was medicated?

Duh, if they wanted something to eat, They should have just read my recipe in this edibles article in the latest chronicle....  If you dont get copies of the chronicle delivered to your MMC remind me to bring a few your way so you can read my first published thingy! 

National MMJ round up:

Anybody who remembers back 6 weeks to the lines of obese people waiting hours in the hot sun to shorten their lifespans by eating carcinogenic chicken sandwiches in order to prove their allegiance to an agenda of Hatred, "in the name of free speech" understands why Republican TheoCon 'Guy-know-cologist' Todd Akin is still a "legitimate" candidate for Senate in the state of Missouri in 2012...

SALES Sales SAleS SaLeS $ALES $Ales S$ales 

September will mark the third anniversary of Twirling Hippy Confections being a legal LLC, and we want to thank you all, we wouldnt be here today without your help! We are going to do a sale where patients can purchase a base price 65mg "birthday" cheesecake from you for only $3 all month long. Each patient may only buy ONE $3 cheesecake for the month. We will replace any item you sell at $3 for free to your center. so you keep the $3 and we get a patient to try our product and help us celebrate our big ol birthday! If you order by 7pm on Monday the 27th you will get $.25 off all cheesecakes you order to help us ensure shelves are stocked when celebratory promotions kick off on Friday! 

every body rejoice, for you shall get some FRESH real key lime cheesecakes this week. and unexpectedly too! Give thanks to Paul who hand picked a whole bucket of Key Limes from the yard of his Island home and sent them here to brighten our labor day week! We will make you as many Key lime as you would like and we will hold a few limes back if this is not your delivery week if you announce your intent ASAP... This seasonal offer will only last till the limes run out! (2-3 weeks maybe?) Gluten Free 85 mg active THC wholesale cost $5 each. 
Photo: Sometime Thursday

Deal of the week is on Triple Crown 115mg Chocolates usually $6.00 each, if you order by 7pm Monday the 27th you can get up to 15 Triple Crowns for $5.50 each, additional units will be $6.00 each... 

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Balsamic Walnuts... the perfect add in to a labor day picnic, in Pasta Salad to chicken salad, they add a zesty peppery lkick that is South Beach diet approved, and heart healthy. All walnuts are 10% off this week only! 

Order by 7pm Monday to get a freebie with your order this week, that is all I am telling you, you are gonna have to roll the dice to see what it is.... might just be a used lighter, might be something bad ass! 

Have a Great night, or enjoy reading this with your Monday coffee as the case may be!

Jessica LeRoux
Twirling Hippy Confections, LLC
303 922 3661

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Third Presidential Candidate

This election there is a choice other than "the lessor of two evils". The other candidate is Gary Johnson. He'll be on the ballot in all 50 states. At least listen to what he has to say.

It could happen. Go here

Early live streaming of Republican National Convention from Timcast

Thursday, August 23, 2012


From the Denver Police Dept. District 6

Denver police are asking for the community's help in finding a man who attempted to abduct two women yesterday afternoon just blocks from Uptown.  The suspect is described as a Hispanic male in his 20's.
The first incident happened Tuesday afternoon at East 5th Avenue and High Street. A woman says she was approached by a man wearing a baggy white T-shirt and long baggy shorts.  The man fled in a black Nissan Maxima with tinted windows and shiny rims. There was orange tape covering the license plate.

A few minutes later, just a block away, another woman says she was grabbed by the same guy and described the same car.

The Denver Police are asking that women in our neighborhood to stay alert and call 911 if they see someone acting suspiciously or driving a vehicle that is similar to the one described.

If you have any information on where the suspect may be, call Crime Stoppers at 720-913-STOP.

Yesterday I wanted to get as high as possible...

Opinion by Gerald Trumbule we drove to Mt. Evans for a day trip above 14,000 ft (no drugs involved).

The mountain goats were very accommodating..

the mountain sheep a little less so.
We found a little picnic spot off of CO 103, and although it was raining hard, we had a nice lunch in our van.

Living in Denver, it's very easy to forget where you are on the planet, and a trip like this, with the scent of the pine forest in the rain, can bring you back to your center. Highly recommended.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thursday, August 16, 2012

News from StopWalmartColorado, Congress Park‏

Image from Denver Business Journal:

An artist's rendition of the proposed Walmart off Colorado Boulevard. 

Press release from: StopWalmartColorado

Congress Park Neighbors gathered for a neighborhood assembly on the night of Weds. Aug. 15th, to discuss and vote on the proposed Walmart at the 9th Ave and Colorado Blvd. redevelopment. Over 200 people packed the Molly Blank conference room for the presentation.

160 votes were cast. The results are as follows

Do you support TIF (Tax Incremental Financing) by the city of Denver for the 9th & Colorado redevelopment project?
No 109 68%
Yes 51 32%

Do you support the 9th & Colorado redevelopment project as proposed to include a Walmart in the tenant mix?
No 142 89%
Yes 18 11%

Do you support the proposed Walmart as part of the 9th and Colorado redevelopment project if there were limitation of size, hours of operation , etc?
No 139 87%
Yes 21 13%

The developer offered their powerpoint presentation, with the now-familiar slew of artist’s renderings of the proposed development and recitation of promises defending their “upscale” 119,000 square-foot, 24/7 Walmart. The traveling road show includes Atlanta-based developer Jeff Fuqua, local lobbyist Marcus Pachner, Walmart spokesman Josh Phair, and Denver PR flack Dominic DelPapa.
Without powerpoint, but with solid facts and obvious passion, two neighbors gave compelling presentations about why Walmart is not welcome in the community.
They noted that the Denver City Council must vote NO on the “TIF” (Tax Increment Financing) for the developer. This would be a $25-30 million taxpayer handout to Fuqua Development, an out-of-state company who has partnered with Walmart to force this unwanted retail behemoth into our community. The crowd cheered at the call for the City Council to DENY TIF financing to the project.
They challenged the stream of misinformation put out by Walmart spokesman Josh Phair, claiming wages at local Walmart stores of $13.42 per hour (surveys conducted by the union UFCW puts the wage closer to $8.50). They raised numerous issues, to thunderous applause, from the obvious traffic debacle Walmart would cause, to the harm that Walmart would cause to local businesses, to the decades of abusive labor practices by Walmart, including the intimidation and firing of workers engaging in legally-protected union organizing efforts, to the abuse of subcontract workers from Louisiana to China.
The critics mentioned Walmart’s dismal, sometimes criminal, corporate culture, which includes the recently-exposed systematic bribery of Mexican officials to advance Walmart’s aggressive expansion into that country, to undercut potential competitors, a felony under the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
The day before the meeting, ranking members of two U.S. Congressional committees, Elijah Cummings (D-MD) of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and Henry Waxman (D-CA), of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, fired off a letter to Walmart CEO Michael Duke, admonishing him for refusing his promised cooperation in their investigation of the bribery scandal. They noted, “During the course of our investigation, we have learned that Wal-Mart's concerns about potential violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act are not limited to operations in Mexico, but are global in nature.”
Colorado’s 1st District Congressional Representative, Diana DeGette, is a member of the Energy and Commerce committee, and should hear from constituents while she is home on the August recess. Let Diana DeGette know how you feel about this lawbreaking corporation, Walmart, coming in to your neighborhood:
Diana DeGette’s Denver Office
600 Grant Street, Suite 202
Denver, CO 80203-3525
Phone: (303) 844-4988

Read the entire letter to Walmart CEO Duke from Cummings and Waxman here:
Remember to contact ALL Denver City Councilors and Mayor Hancock, to let them know if you think Walmart/Fuqua/Pachner should get $25-30 million from the taxpayers of Denver in order to force this ill-conceived, unwanted, publicly-financed development on our community.
First contact Mayor Hancock’s Neighborhood Liaison Michael Sapp:
Tel: 720-865-9024 or 720-865-9016
City Council Contact info here:

Walkabout - Aug 16, 2012

Today was the first day this summer that felt like fall was on the way - temp at 57F at 9:00am - long pants for the walkabout.
The original Jewish congregation took the cornerstone with them. Church in the City (16th and Gaylord) put in this new one.

After sitting empty for many years, this house on Gaylord finally got the attention it deserved.

On Colfax, the So All May Eat (SAME) Cafe - pay what you can or work it off.

Mama's Cafe - used to be an IHOP.

Home-grown business on Vine St.

I'm not sure why, but the renovation of the "new" condos at 17th and Gaylord is extensive.

Apartment dwellers at 17th and Gaylord never can keep their dumpsters straight. They are not supposed to use the City dumpsters.

Code? What is that?

Not very artistic.

Some flair.

Methadone dispensary at 18th and York is closed... 
and the intake facility on Gaylord no longer has a steady stream of female clients. I think they lost their funding. 

And in my own backyard, I'm doing it the hard way. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

All Things MMJ with Jessica LeRoux - Aug. 13, 2012

Hey Now, 

There has been a minor glitch in the system that stored the contacts for this email list, So I went through every email in my danged computer to try to ensure that all active clients are receiving the newsletter each week. gotta say after almost three years of weekly writing these lil love notes to y'all I was kinda confused as to who was an active client and who were people that were using the info without supporting the source (you know who you are...) If you just got this after not getting it for a while or dont want to get it anymore just reply with your hearts desire I can make changes.... If you havent ordered in a while you may not know how may awesome new and stronger products we have now, if you want to get into the cheesecake posse and make an order just give me a call at 303 922 3661... 

Leading off this week with a smile and some "heroism"!

hmmmm and dont most of these SUV's cost more than some folks annual salary? yes, they cost $30,000 each, but we've leased them, so really more... priorities priorities... We need to get the media to stop portraying this a a burden to Colorado tax payers, and we need a good atty to sue the state because in reality this excessive waste was not funded by the entire taxpayer base of Colorado, this flagrant mis-use of funds was ultimately paid for on the backs of 100,000 Coloradans so ill that their doctors recommended Cannabis to aid their day to day health... and that is a fucking crime, although I feel like Matt Cook may have done this on purpose for reasons yet to be revealed... kinda interesting in context of the quote on KUNC this morning from Tom Gorman RMHIDTA director (see lats week's newsletter if you dont know who this is) saying that the MMED has failed and the state should take over running MMJ operations "if this is really about taking care of sick people"...

I want y'all to know the background on this story because this shit did NOT happen in a vacuum. This goes back about 8 weeks or so to the 1st of 2 cases where members of our own industry used this very argument in defense of their bad behavior to their former employees and previous owners of businesses they had purchased, and brought this ugliness out from under the slimy rock where they live to poison the well for all of us, and at this point these bitches need to be exposed to light... So up 1st up my legal and insider (unconfirmed heresay I am repeating as solid speculation) sources both tell me Elutherian (keef, beyond mars, etc...) defended their court case brought by unpaid former product developers for unpaid services, with the "MMJ is federally illegal so contracts are not federally binding. arguement", but the case was dropped and under intense pressure from industry attorneys Elutherian was persuaded to drop that line of defense, and no precedent setting ruling concerning this argument was made. A few weeks later an even dirtier bunch from a group calling themselves Boulder Ventures is alleged to have refused to buckle under the same legal pressure to keep this argument out of our issues locally when they were supposedly being sued by former owners of an MMC they "sort of" bought or stole depending on who's side of the story you hear... So the argument got bandied about the denver courts and the only folks who gossip about the doings of the MMJ set as much as we do are the legal bunch... So lawyers on both sides heard about the issue, and it got spread around the various golf courses and judges chambers like a game of telephone... and unfortunately the case concerning Blue Sky came before a judge who wanted to set a precedent the would be detrimental to the MMJ industry so he thought he would test the fall out from the rumors that had been flying around the court system for weeks... so now you know the whole background, and who is really to blame for our unfortunate current circumstances if you want to hold them accountable.   

Friday, August 10, 2012

Irony Run Amok in Fairplay, Colorado

Opinion by Gerald Trumbule
Banner ad from The Flume, Fairplay, Colorado

Ever since I attended a trial in Fairplay, Colorado, located in Park County, there have been times when I awake at four in the morning, unable to sleep, as I catalog the injustice done there to an old rancher, Vern Wagner. I'm not going to reiterate the litany of injustice through which Vern has suffered here, because it makes me sick to do so, but you can search "Vern Wagner" on this site to read it for yourself.

When I started this blog 7 years ago, I envisioned a kind of easy-going, fun activity which would provide me with some entertainment during my declining years. Instead, I found rampant corruption, evil, and malfeasance under every rock. In my estimation, no other place equals Fairplay, Colorado as a representation of how far wrong things can go. With the name "Fairplay", the irony could not be more complete.

And so it was this morning that I found myself unable to sleep and turned to The Flume, Fairplay's online newspaper, for my dose of Irony Run Amok. First off was the banner ad, reproduced above, and the following article:
Six Park County suicides in 2012 already more than 2011 totalPosted: Friday, August 3, 2012 3:30 pmMike Potter, Staff Writer | 0 commentsSix suicides have been reported in Park County in 2012 through July 31, outpacing the previous year’s total of four. Park County Coroner David Kintz Jr. said the six suicides as of July 31, puts Park County on pace to near the totals from 2009 and 2010.In 2010, 14 people lost their lives to suicide in the county. In 2009, that number was 15.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Obama - Live stream from Pueblo now

Go here - Thanks to 9 News.

Real-time Police Scanner

Check out for a very good and complete police/fire/EMS scanner. You do have to register but there is no charge for the free scanner. Keep yourself on edge at all times!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

President Obama at Auraria Campus, Denver, CO, Aug 8, 2012 - photo by Patricia Manning

Monday, August 6, 2012

All Things MMJ with Jessica LeRoux - August 4, 2012

Hey Now,
when it rains it pours, for those of you who wondered why this news had been so much fluff lately not to worry, shit is getting serious again. and at last there will be sweet savings beyond all this homework so stay the course. This IS the delivery Week for Colorado Springs, so get your orders in for Tuesday Delivery ASAP. But 1st I just want you to know about this fundraiser for the wounded woman who lost her daughter in the Aurora shooting. So lets start reading, I am giving you an extra day this week! 

for Friends of a Friend... attend or share please. Event is this Sunday.
Our Colorado neighbor Ashley Moser who lost her 6-year-old daughter in the Aurora Theater shooting and suffered a miscarriage is expected to be paralyzed as a result of her injuries. Veronica Moser was the youngest victim of the theater shooting.
Please join us to help this family overcome the impossible task of rebuilding their lives after this tragedy.
There will be a silent auction and 20% of all drinks and food purchased will go to the family. If you cannot make it to this event you can always donation @
Date: Monday August 5
Time: 3:00 to 8:00
10661 Westminster Blvd #900
Westminster, CO 80020
(720) 214-3300

Now the ugly politics... 

starting with proof that the new budgetary year was a factor in the cessation of letters last spring here comes the next wave of Federal closure notices just weeks after the budget restarted for the year.  We are trying to track who has been affected right now, please reach out to us if you are one of the recipients. 303 922 3661.

Local local news - Free Food on the Street

by Gerald Trumbule

I headed over to 22nd and Marion to take pictures of the Cleeves Memorial Church street fair because my partner Pat volunteers there. Despite the heat, there was a good turnout. The Cleeves Church is a "food ministry", i.e. they give away food to needy people and prepare a free hot meal for the homeless every Saturday.
In addition to having a chance to dunk one of the Pastors (see picture below), you could help yourself to free fried chicken, hamburgers, and corn on the cob. Free bags of groceries were available to families in need, and voters were being registered.

Pat on the serving line
Trying to catch some shade
Dunk a Pastor, even if he is praying
Colorado State Patrol, with new patrol cars, very fast,

and very high tech

Officer did not know how much they cost, but said they got 10

Free groceries for families in need
and voter registration.