Sunday, June 30, 2013

The subversion of democracy

from Colorado Public Banking
The initiative to amend the Colorado constitution and create a publicly owned state bank.

On May 1st, 2013, at a rehearing requested by the Colorado Bankers Association (Don Childears) and the Independent Bankers of Colorado (Barbara M.A. Walker), the title board of the state of Colorado, which operates under the auspices of the office of the Secretary of State, found in favor of the bankers' argument that the current initiative for a publicly owned state bank contains more than a single subject, thus temporarily placing this year's drive on hold, until an appeal could be filed with, and relief granted by, the state supreme court.
In granting the bankers' motion, the title board invoked the single subject provision as an all-purpose bludgeon to suppress the initiative. Dan Domenico, who voted in favor of last year's initiative, reversed his position because of the added powers of the bank to take on multi-year obligations (bonds), in order to initially capitalize its operations, and the power of the bank to transfer moneys into the state's general fund without limitations (such as imposed by the oxymoronic TABOR amendment). Essentially, Mr. Domenico used single-subject as a mask for his personal political beliefs, denying the people of Colorado a means for expressing their collective political beliefs.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Judge rules against park advocates, refuses to stop land deal (Hentzell)

Hentzell Park Natural Area - Photo by Ray Ehrenstein 
by Dave Felice
In a case he describes as “quite difficult and bothersome in many ways,” Denver District Judge Herbert Stein turns down a request for temporary injunction which would block the transfer of natural area land in southeast Denver to the school district.

Through their attorney John Case, the plaintiffs, Friends of Denver Parks, argue that the land has been used as a park since the city acquired the property in 1937.  As a park, the land would have been designated in the 1955 revision of the City Charter, Section 2.4.5, making disposition of the property subject a vote of the people.
“I recognize there is an emotional aspect and a political aspect to this case, but I have to focus on the legal aspect,” said Judge Stern at the conclusion of an hour-long court session.  “I’m going to deny the request for a preliminary injunction.  I cannot in good conscience say there is a likelihood of success on the merits of the case.”
Indicating that he had carefully considered the arguments, Stern continued:  “It is extremely bothersome that land represented as parkland can be pulled from the public and turned into other use.  Absolutely something needs to be done with other (city-owned) properties which fall into the same category (as undesignated parks).”
Friends of Denver Parks indicated they would continue to pursue all legal remedies.  Case immediately stated:  “I would like to set a trial date, with a jury.”  Stern said he would accept a motion for a trial, with or without a jury, and get the matter on the calendar as soon as possible.  Responding to a request for more time to gather petition signatures to get the issue on the November ballot, Stern said he would rule by midday Monday.
The case hinges on 11 acres of Hentzell Park Natural Area.  The plaintiffs contend this land is part of property which the city named Hampden Heights North Park.  Before issuing his ruling, Judge Stern repeatedly asked Case to define what constituted a “park.”  Assistant City Attorney David Broadwell said the land had been used for a variety of purposes.  Attorneys for Denver Public Schools said nothing.
Mayor Michael B. Hancock has pitted community interests against one another in the complicated scheme to trade the natural area to the school district as a building site.  In exchange, Hancock would get an aged building at 1330 Fox Street which the city would turn over to a non-profit agency to operate a center for victims of domestic abuse.

Nightmare on Greed Street

Proposed Wall of 20 Story Highrises Along 17th Avenue Shock Sloan's Lake Citizen Senses
By Larry Ambrose

On Wednesday, June 26 the Sloan's Lake and West Side communities saw for the first time the St. Anthony's General Development Plan presented by EnviroFinance Group (EFG). The meeting, was held as a requirement of the the City's General Development Plan (GDP) and rezoning process. The City code requires the GDP applicant, in this case EFG, to hold a public meeting, present the substantive content of their preliminary application, record public comment, and submit a written report of such recorded comments to Community Planning and Development.

The GDP showed massive development with a wall of buildings along 17th Avenue 12 to 20 stories tall. The meeting was run in such a manner that no public comment was allowed. There was, however, more than an hour of content presented by EFG's Cameron Bertron, former Redevelopment Manager for the Denver Urban Renewal Authority (DURA) and architecture and planning firm RNL. RNL principle, Brad Buchanan, who recently retired as Chair of the Denver Planning Board, addressed the benefits of 20 story buildings next to 17th Avenue.

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Friends of Denver Parks denied injunction to stop Hentzell deal

From The Denver Post:

A Denver judge on Friday denied an injunction that would have stopped a land swap between the city and county of Denver and Denver Public Schools.
A group fighting to overturn the swap filed suit in district court to stop the pending transaction.
The Friends of Denver Parks nonprofit is trying to halt the swap of nearly 11 acres of vacant city land in southeast Denver that would become the site of a new school.


Video above from April 11, 2010. Anderson died of glioblastoma multiforme (brain tumor) November, 2011

Just found this on the EPA Region 8 site here under What's New which was updated October 2012

North Area Response Action: The organic compound 1,4-dioxane has been detected, at concentrations slightly higher than the Colorado groundwater standard, in groundwater monitoring wells up to 2.4 miles north of the Lowry Landfill site. The EPA has evaluated the health risk associated with public exposure to 1,4-dioxane at these concentrations north of the site and found no significant health risk associated with surface water or groundwater. The extent of the groundwater plume has been determined through a groundwater investigation conducted by the City and County of Denver and Waste Management of Colorado under oversight by the EPA, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and Tri-County Health Department.
Denver and Waste Management have implemented a groundwater extraction and treatment response action immediately north of the Lowry Landfill site to minimize the potential for additional contaminant mass to migrate northward beyond Section 31 (located within a one-square-mile area immediately south of Yale Avenue). Several groundwater extraction wells in the area of the plume are currently extracting contaminated groundwater, which is being conveyed to the on-site wastewater treatment plant via a pipeline. The wastewater treatment plant treats the collected groundwater, along with other site groundwater, then discharges the treated water to the sanitary sewer system for additional treatment at the metro and Aurora municipal wastewater treatment plants. Denver and Waste Management are continuing to monitor groundwater in the area of the plume to ensure response action objectives continue to be met and to monitor concentration trends. Additional extraction wells will be added as necessary.

Don't be fooled. When they use the words "treated" or "treatment" they don't mean removed. Often the "treatment" has no effect on the toxic substance in question.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Central Denver Recreation Center Public Meeting

A Word from Councilman Brooks

When: Thursday, June 27th, 6:00pm-7:30pm
Where: Church in the City - 1580 Gaylord Street

Parking available at the church
What: Discuss new developments in the plans for a Central Denver Recreation Center, including acquisition of land and next steps for planning and funding the project.
Albus Brooks
Denver City Councilman, District 8

ALL THINGS MJ with Jessica LeRoux - June 24, 2013

  • Indictments , MED rules, renewals and icy cool new products... whew!‏

Hey Now! 
I got back to the office last night at 9pm, from what was a rough weekend of driving/fires and missed signals and maddening redundancy... but when I arrived this was waiting in the mail for me... turn around time 6 days to cash my check and 14 days till the license arrived in the mail... Pretty good MMED, pretty good! keep up this preformance.
ps: it feels kinda good to be one of the trusted owner operators whose license is easily renewed! 4 years and counting same owner 100% original products and recipes handmade and personally delivered, not one penny of investor money taken... I've made it this far on strength of sales of our delicious products alone, in our very own private commercial kitchen and as a MIPs owner I am fucking proud as hell of that fact, even though its been a long road and hard work every day of the past 4 years! If you dont know why we are still standing it is obvious you've never tasted our products, one bite and you will know that I love my work... and you will love em too!
you can print this copy to update your Twirling Hippy Files please! 

Completing this process twice when many MIPs do not have their vertical license yet at all is a big deal, we'd like those of you who have also completed the Licensing goal to show your support for reliable vendors by supporting only MIPs that are completely licensed from now on, and we hope to help have 100% of our clients completed and ready for October ASAP. We want to reward those clients who also have run the state and local gauntlet and reaped the reward of fees like we've done: This week we will be offering a special deal for vertically licensed clients* 10 cents off every unit ordered for 1st time full licensee's... 20 cents off each unit for renewed licensee's if you scan and send us a copy of your 1st vertical license, or copies of both licenses by noon on Tuesday the 25th...  New clients are welcome to take part! 
* must be ordered as part of a minimum order of 18 units, and order must be paid in full upon delivery to receive discount... 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The City Park West Neighborhood Association is up and operating again.

City Park West

After researching and planning over that last several months a small group of neighbors have worked diligently to lay out the framework to restart the CPW Neighborhood Association. All we need to do now is have and annual meeting (Planned for Wednesday, July 17th) and file the necessary documentation with the City. How can you help? You can attend the upcoming Annual Meeting, fill out the City Park West Survey that will be distributed soon, and volunteer to hand out fliers announcing the Annual Meeting and CPW Survey.

Volunteers needed to hand out fliers. 

CPW Neighborhood Association needs volunteers to help hand fliers door-to-door announcing the meeting. There are only 100 people on this email list and about 150 people on the CPW facebook group which means only a small number of residents are receiving this information. Its important that everybody gets an opportunity to be involved with the Neighborhood Association therefore we will need to distribute fliers. If we can get about 15 or 20 volunteers, the flier task will be a piece of cake.  Email or call Paul Cunningham to be put on the volunteer list.  

Monday, June 17, 2013


Opinion by Phil Goodstein

One example: This 7-Eleven has an extra (empty)
 story to conform to the new zoning code
The goody-goodies are outraged and shocked. A prime achievement of John Hickenlooper when he was mayor was the adoption of a new zoning code. Supposedly, it was to simplify an exceedingly convoluted document. Planning director Peter Park vowed it would create “a predictable environment for developers.”
Neighborhood activists embraced the effort. They attended and sponsored numerous meetings about the zoning revision. Despite their eagerness to have an input about the code, for quite a while city hall treated the proposed changes as vital insider secrets. The document that city council eventually ratified was bulkier and far more complicated than the zoning code it replaced.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

All Things MJ with Jessica LeRoux - June 16, 2013

  • Rolling heads,slapping wrists, you name it!‏

Hey Now! 
Jessica LeRoux at the Capitol
Its HOT in the KITCHEN, no joke, we are really brutally hot in our kitchen if y'all can get organized and get your orders turned in to us the earlier the better we can get a early start before the temps grow too insane and since we are not open to the public we can start at the crack of dawn way before you are open, if we know all of what we'll need to make the night before it helps a lot. So be kind to your loyal and informative MIPs makers and give us a heads up on or before Monday's each week if you can remember, so that we can keep our cool while making the most amazing whole food natural edibles. Of course we will deal with late orders and last minute requests but we just wanted to ask you nicely to always think of us ahead and be kind to our temperature challenged chefs and delivery drivers... 

Well the turn around time on gratification from predictions made last week has been the quickest ever but on June 11th at 6am this was my facebook status and a link to the morning story on CPR... Dr Urbina is a lil bitch, his head is on the chopping block next...|Report_Puts_Convictions_in_Question_ and by Thursday our hated nemesis Chris Urbina from CDPHE is down in the dirt where piggy lil LEOcrats belong, scapegoated along with Cindy B for obediently doing big brother's dirty work. Betcha those bitches never dreamed that the Stoners would out last their brown nosing careers... I predict more details of why they both "resigned"  will emerge as the audit of CDPHE is made public, it is due any minute now...  

my status on june 10th... Beth Gonnaget We need to work one of your sypathetic friends at the capitol to repeal the law based on this evidence... or sue the state DAs for suppressing evidence... Im going to their rally so I can make some contacts to get that ball rolling. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Latest news on Hentzell Park hearing - June 14, 2013

via email:
Good morning Friends of Denver Park

Just a brief summary of the request for injunction proceedings 6/12-13/2013

If you want to decide a case based on the preponderance of evidence then I can say that John Case was a machine for two days. I was worn out each day as the testimony was so engaging. John just kept on and on, and didn’t let up. The opportunity to see this experienced trial lawyer in action was an amazing privilege.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Latest update from Friends of Denver Parks re: Hentzell Park hearing

Dashing off for the Hearing this morning 11AM, City and County building, room 376 Judge Stern.  We packed the courtroom yesterday, and hoping folks with come again for the hearing today.  
Also we have been told that the final decision will be June 28, as the Judge wants to study the case. 
In the meantime, we need to slog those petitions as we won't know his decision.  If everyone who currently has a petition gets them filled then we will have the number that we need.
Mary Ewing is the organizer for those folks who don't want to petition alone.  Please call her and she will pair you up with someone. 
Home: 303-333-6262
Cell: 303-898-9962
We have two events so far this weekend that will be good opportunities for getting signatures.
We have a Friends of Denver Parks booth at  Gay Pride Festival for Saturday and Sunday.  Also City Park has a Jazz in the Park event, Sunday evening
that proved very fruitful last Sunday evening for me.  150 signatures in 2 hours.  
We will try to keep our website updated with the latest information LIKE our facebook page while you are there so we can get the word out.

Friends of Denver Parks

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

AN OBSCENE DEBATE from The Naysayer by Phil Goodstein

An Obscene Debate
In 1954, observing the massive Hispanic influx to the West Colfax neighborhood, Denver Public Library (DPL) closed its branch at West Conejos Place and Hooker Street. On the heels of this, the Denver Urban Renewal Authority (DURA) targeted the area for its inaugural urban renewal project. The result was to destroy the commercial heart of the area at the intersection of West Colfax Avenue and Federal Boulevard for a cloverleaf. The adja­cent section, rebuilt in the name of urban renewal, never lived up to its promise. Ever more poverty-stricken residents were in the area, complete with housing projects. Local retail died out, including in the DURA-sponsored Avondale Shopping Center.

Walkabout at the East High farmers market - June 9, 2013

More booths draw more shoppers this year..

Monday, June 10, 2013

Denver's Annual Gay Pride Parade - June 16

Denver PrideFest takes place on Saturday, June 15, from 11 am until 7 pm, and on Sunday, June 16, from 10 am until 6 pm. The setting is downtown's centrally situated Civic Center Park, at Colfax Avenue and Broadway, right in the shadow of the gilt-domed Colorado State Capitol building. Admission to the festival is free, and two stages will feature an exciting range of talents, including headliners Taylor Dayne, Martha Wash, Mike Munich, Cazwell, plus and many others - there are several stages dedicated to different music themes, including Latino, Dance World, Country, and the Main Stage.
Rise and shine early on Sunday, to partake of Denver's Annual CoorsLight Gay Pride Parade, which commences at 9:30 am in verdant Cheesman Park, off E. 8th Avenue at Williams Street. The procession continues west along Colfax Avenue, finishing at the PrideFest in Civic Center Park.

Free lunch sites for kids this summer

Go here for more information

ALL THINGS MJ with Jessica LeRoux - June 10, 2013

Hey Now, 

The temperature is pretty mellow out there but things are starting to heat up on the revelation and exposure front here in CO, from so-called computer malfunctions, to state laboratory employee malfeasance, to big talkers traveling lawyers making felonies into misdemeanors...  And we will cover it all, as well as stirring up a lil old fashioned fabu for gay pride week, so get out your reading glasses and get some caffeine its newsletter time! I hope the new section headers are helping you cover things by grouping links to like topics... 

people laughed when I testified that given the decreased budget and increased blood testing pressures for DUID this might become a problem... I predicted this would be the case 2-3 months ago... so hard to be right all the f'in time... sigh... actually she did not testify re the DUID this year because this investigation was under way (and Im guessing she knew what the outcome would be)... and I testified back in march that the reason the state was using a private lab owner to testify about blood levels instead of a state employee was that the state knew that their top employee was no longer a credible witness. wish I knew what day that was so I can find proof that I called this months ago when only the DAs knew and were suppressing the info during the damned legislative session to pass laws that would make their job prosecuting ambiguous Cannabis cases easier....

Saturday, June 8, 2013

INC agrees to join Hentzell Park Lawsuit

Update, June 8:
 At the general meeting, INC delegates voted to join the lawsuit as an organization.  The vote was 19 in favor, three against, and seven abstentions.  INC's legal liability is limited to $500.  Attorney John Case is conducting the lawsuit pro bono (without charge).Prior to the vote, Mayor Michael B. Hancock's representative, Michael Sapp, warned that "joining the lawsuit would not be good for you (INC)." Those who want to circulate a petition, should contact Renee Lewis at 303-337-2947 (home) or 970-331-6641 (mobile).  The organization is also selling neon green "Friends of Denver Parks" T-shirts for $25.

A hearing on a request for temporary injunction is scheduled for next Wednesday.  See details at Friends of Denver Parks asks you to show your support and concern for this issue by packing the courtroom and  attending the hearing. 
Many of you have expressed an interest in the progress of Friends Of Denver Parks.Please see the following request from Friends of Denver Parks regarding their effort to repeal the decision regarding the Hentzell Park Land Swap.   Current information about the progress of their lawsuit can be found at their website at

Friday, June 7, 2013

Imprisoned by Profit – Taking Action against For-Profit Prisons

CPC is partnering with Colorado WINS and several other community groups to unite against for-profit prisons. We will co-host an action at 12:30 p.m. just before the Prison Utilization Study is presented to the Joint Budget Committee members at 1:30 p.m. We’ll have signs, chants and speakers. Come help us speak out against corporations making money off of locking up our families!

Date: Thursday, June 20th, 12:30 pm
Location: West Steps of the Colorado State Capitol

Keeping an Old House Cool

This upstairs 1924 window in a Craftsman bungalow was restored, allowing the top sash to come down and the bottom sash to go up. Sunscreen, a reflective screen, was installed in the window screen. The shade was pulled down during the day, and the summer furnace switch was turned on. The homeowner was comfortable and did not require air conditioning, saving money and the environment.
Photo E. Wheeler
Thank goodness, it cools off in the evening! And, thank goodness, bungalows, Denver Squares, cottages and mid-century moderns were designed to stay cool in the summertime. There was no air conditioning when they were built! And, thank goodness, many older homes are in neighborhoods where shade trees have matured.
Here are practical tips and thoughts about staying cool in the summertime.
The easiest this to do in the summer is to close curtains or shutters, pull down window shades, and turn up slates in blinds in the early morning. Keep windows closed all day.
Open windows and doors at night after it has cooled down. Double-hung windows are designed to pull the top window down to let hot air out and to push up the bottom window to let cooler air in. These windows can still work today if paint is removed and they are "unstuck" by a professional that knows what to do. If your home has transoms - like many Denver Squares - open them to let out hot air and cooler air will rush in to replace it.
Before the marketing of air conditioning, furnaces had fan switches labeled "summer" that could be turned on in warm months. (Today, many of them still do. Few are marked for marketing reasons, but they work just as well.) Furnace fans are excellent for circulating the colder and heavier air on the floor.
Today, homeowners are encouraged to increase insulation to reduce heating costs. Insulation also helps to cool homes. Insulation in the attic is particularly beneficial since there is more heat differential there than in the winter.
If the home is still hot after doing all of the above, a whole-house fan is the next step to consider. Turn it on at night only. If this doesn't do the trick, consider an evaporative cooler, also known as a swamp cooler. Coloradoans have stayed cool in the summer for decades with these wonderful appliances. Today, they do not have to be mounted on the roof; many are mounted on the floor. It makes no difference where it is placed. With evaporative coolers, windows and doors can be open and moisture is put into the air.
Air conditioning is expensive and noisy!
In days gone by, people opened up their homes as the sun went down, sat on the porch and visited with neighbors until Colorado's cool air and drowsiness settled over all.

Fracking gets real...

The stakes are high, and it's time to have a serious conversation about Hydraulic Fracturing. We'll do just that at our June 14 meeting.
Our speakers will be Matt Lepore , Director of Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and Matt Sura from Landowner's Alliance of Northeastern Douglass County (L.A.N.D.) and an attorney specializing in the representation of land owners, mineral owners, and local governments in their negotiations and legal disputes with the oil and gas industry. Join us and get real about fracking.

Location:  Le Grand Bistro, 1512 Curtis Street, downtown Denver
Date:   Friday, June 14, 2013
Time: 6:45 A.M. breakfast; program begins at 7:00 A.M. and ends at 8:00 A.M.
Cost:  Buffet breakfast is $17 with reservations (please honor your RSVP; we barely break even)
RSVP: 303-861-8050 or by noon on Wednesday, June 12
The public is invited.  Bring a friend!

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Denver's City Council Special Issues Committee on A64 met Monday, June 3, 2013 to continue the discussion on the implementation of our new (adult or recreational or retail) marijuana regulations. I'm not sure readers have sufficient time to waste on watching these long, boring meetings, but I find them fascinating as a study in how our Council members view their job of "representing" the people in their districts.
This meeting (video provided by Denver Channel 8 here) is broken into 3 parts.
- Part A is the Department of Revenue defending its totally botched job of regulating medical marijuana as described in the recent audit, and their promise to do a better job this time.
- Part B is an unnecessary "straw poll" to "opt in" to the will of the people, and the comments are very revealing.
- Part C is Assistant City Attorney David Broadwell's first stab at the "implementing" ordinance. See the entire text of this draft previously posted here.

Part A - Dept of Revenue

Part B - Straw Poll to Opt In or Opt Out

Part C - Assistant City Attorney Broadwell's first draft

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Denver Parks not so great after all

The Denver Post reported this morning that Denver ranks 17th in the nation in parks, but failed to link to the study providing this ranking. The study is here, and the rankings are below. No mention is made of the "purple pipe water" delivering toxins from a Superfund site (Lowry Landfill) to our parks mixed in with the recycled water for irrigation. Had that fact been included, we probably would have come in last, since no other city in the nation does this.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Draft Text of Retail Marijuana Local Licensing Ordinance, Preliminary draft (corrected) for discussion purposes only, 6-3-13

Preliminary draft (corrected) for discussion purposes only, 6-3-13
Prepared by: David W. Broadwell, Asst. City Attorney
2 Draft Text of Retail Marijuana Local Licensing Ordinance
4 Section 1. Amend the title of Chapter 6, D.R.M.C. by adding the language
5 underlined, to read as follows:
6 Chapter 6
7 Alcohol Beverages and Retail Marijuana
9 Section 2. Amend Chapter 6, D.R.M.C. by adding a new Article V, to read as
10 follows:
13 Sec. 6-200. Purpose and legislative intent.
14 Section 16 of Article XVIII of the Colorado Constitution, also commonly known as
15 Amendment 64 of 2012, authorizes a system of state licensing for businesses engaging in the
16 cultivation, testing, manufacturing, and retail sale of marijuana, collectively referred to as
17 “marijuana establishments” by the constitution. Subsection 16 (5)(f) of Article XVIII allows
18 localities, within their respective jurisdictions: to prohibit state licensing of marijuana
19 establishments; to regulate the time, place, and manner in which marijuana establishments may
20 operate; and to limit the total number of marijuana establishments. The authority of localities to
21 prohibit or regulate marijuana establishments within their respective jurisdictions, including the
22 authority to engage in local licensing of marijuana establishments, is also reflected in various
23 provisions of the Colorado Retail Marijuana Code, Article 43.4 of Title 12, C.R.S. The purpose of
24 this article V is to exercise the authority of the City and County of Denver to allow state-licensed
25 marijuana establishments to exist in Denver in accordance with applicable state laws and
26 regulations as well as the additional local licensing requirements and other restrictions set forth
27 herein. This Article is adopted pursuant to the aforesaid constitutional and statutory authority, as
28 well as the city’s plenary authority as a home rule city and county to adopt and enforce
29 ordinances under its police power in order to preserve the public health, safety, and general
30 welfare.

Haboob (Dust Storm) east of Manzanola, Colorado

This is county rd. 33 near La Junta.
Dust Storm east of Manzanola.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

ALL THINGS MJ with Jessica LeRoux - June 1, 2013

June = D-Day invasion of your rights...

Hey Now, 
Not writing Y'all a love note this morning, dont kill the messenger, I am just telling you what i know. 

Some serious skullduggery and fucked-uppery afoot in Denver. Time to Raise your voices in a HOWL of protest RIGHT NOW! 
the state's link:

What a pretentious bunch are in charge of the state right now...  This whole thing is so super fuckered up beyond any CO sunshine laws. 
and while we may or may not have had much of a victory at the pols last NOvember, every single candidate to toss their hat into the gubernatorial ring so far is a known avowed cannabis hater, so we need to get organized now, identify fresh candidates and flex our political muscle or we shall be ground under the wheel of oppression yet deeper into the mire.

I doubt any of you need to be told patient numbers are stagnant at best lately.... 

I am hearing lots and lots of feedback about the IRS audits that have been going on in pockets around the state for members of our industry which seem to go back to 2010... Get your house in order and your books nice and neat because it sounds like they plan to get to everybody they can eventually. 


you can rest assured these fuckers will have full access to the "emergency" rules team... cause they are the media darlings of the moment.... put Hipa before being media whores please. 


and back... 

Young women find dangerous lifestyle in (unregulated) pot-growing industrywww.standard.netGARBERVILLE, Calif. California's growing marijuana industry is having an unforeseen consequence: An increasing number of young wom...

Including the politics: 
"I aint no senator's son... my daddy is sec of defense bitches!"

Meanwhile voters in Florida have elected CGI hologram Gollum: we musts see their blood My precious... we must... 
Ok on to the delicious savings: 

New June Flavors: 
Welcome the return of the CHERRY WARRIOR... Gluten Free 125 Mg THC cherry cheesecake with medicated cherry core & white chocolate medicated drizzle for shizzle!  Wholesale $6.50

we will also continue to offer the Coconut Ginger cheesecake for June so you can still enjoy pina colada's and taking walks in the rain... 

BTW did you know that eating edibles is way more fun than trying to smoke a joint in a downpour... 
I endorse that all campers should bring Twirling Hippy Edibles along on a camping trip just to ensure you wont get rained on... 

If it should rain at least you'll be having fun in the tent! 


 * THanks to Robin Hackett of Botanacare for making this meme! I LOVE IT! 
after years of longing and contemplation and weeks of supply side consternation, and days of shaping frustration... 3rd time is the charm: New format = new flavor = new name: WAFER MADNESS a 125 Mg active THC gluten free double dose of crispy chocolate enrobed cocoa wafers... FINALLY an answer to 6 years of gluten free dieter's cravings for (and cheating over) a danged Kit Kat! Available starting NOW!!!  wholesale $6.50 

The same great selling and fun to eat/fun to share chocolate candy has a new look for June to celebrate Pride week... this rainbow wrapped wealth of riches is perfect to take as a fun pass around item at a Civil Union, or even to hang out with Hetro-types! But Because we know that not every community we serve is known for their tolerance if you aren't certain that your people will support equal rights (though I rarely meet a judgemental stoner, there are some out there unfortunately) we will still offer the Liberty Bites this month too as 4th of July is only 5 weeks away! Here's the deal, this week the pride bites you order by 7pm on Monday are $0.50 off each pack* but Liberty Bites do not have a discount... Tolerance pays!  
and here is a fun idea for patients who enjoy the bites! 

Whoa: Epic camping tip #5... Use the "bites" to make your s'mores around the campfire! They are the perfect amount of chocolate for the project. Campers can have fun experimenting with all three flavors... guaranteed to ensure a deep nights sleep in the deep woods where neither animal noises nor arctic cold shall wake campers in the middle of the night!

*Discounts will only apply to a regular minimum order placed prior to 7pm Mondays, and to receive discount, order must be paid in full upon delivery... 

Thanks for reading, I hope we all learned something today... 

Jessica LeRoux
Twirling Hippy Confections 
2145 W Evans Denver CO
303 922 3661