Saturday, June 2, 2007

Chimera in the Home Stretch

I wasn't really planning on using these photographs of Madison's (home and campaign headquarters) front yard until I read this morning's posting at Colorado Pols. Read it for yourself here. But I like to go for the visual - so here they are. (Aside: gargoyles are associated with rain spouts - these are more properly called chimera. Second aside: Is this a "sign" on an R2 property and do you need a permit to have one?)

And as for the reports of husband John Bailey's wacky phone calls - I'd pit Carla's husband (and campaign manager) Paul Weiss against John any day on the "over the top" scale. Either way we get a "special" spouse. This may prove to be a lot of fun for the next four years.

Update: I hadn't read the attributed Rocky Mountain News article when I posted this. Interestingly, the Colorado Pols post left out John Bailey's comment that his phone is in his wife's (Sharon Bailey) name so his name couldn't have shown up on Madison's phone ID. Hmmm.

Other questions that come to mind: Is fire-breathing yard art a code violation? And did either run-off candidate get a (required) city permit to run their campaigns from their homes?


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