Thursday, July 5, 2007

"Don't Make Me Have to Shoot You!"

Thanks to Senator Ken Gordon and his newsletter for the heads-up that got me downtown on July 4th to videotape the guerilla theater by the Iraq Veterans Against the War.

Of course it was hot in Denver but that didn't stop the Vets and friends from doing an all-too-realistic job of transforming the streets of Denver into the streets of Baghdad.

You can see the training these Vets received emerge as they conducted Operation First Casualty, a simulated arrest and detention mission. Their shouts of "Don't make me have to shoot you - in front of your children!" were chillingly realistic.

The action was followed by short speeches from three participants. These men have received letters threatening them with "less than honorable" discharge from the military, yet they soldier on. Listen closely to what they are telling us, from the heart. Do what you can - this War must stop.


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