Sunday, September 16, 2007

Amy Goodman in Denver

Wow! Double Wow!! Amy Goodman rocks!

I went to hear Amy Goodman last night at the Central Presbyterian Church located at 1660 Sherman Street and sponsored by KGNU and KBDI Channel 12. I contemplated taking my camera but figured that KBDI would have that covered. I was surprised not to see any pro video cameras, but only a few individuals running personal tape.

Ms. Goodman is a pro. Her speech was flawlessly and forcefully delivered, covered an enormous number of topics, and (the content) made me want to puke. The current state of our country is perilously close to ruin. Can it be turned around? Amy obviously hopes that independent media can help that to happen. I do too.

I talked to a shirtless guy outside with a big plywood sign – AMY GOODMAN IV PRESIDENT. I thought he would be a kook, but he seemed intelligent and coherent. He just really loves Amy Goodman – his only source of truth these days. I agree.

Watch her on KBDI Channel 12 at 5:30 weekdays. And buy her new book - Static.


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