Friday, December 7, 2007

Queen Carla

Those of us who sat through years of meetings with Carla Madison when she was pretending to be the President of City Park West Neighborhood Association recognize the autocratic streak making itself apparent in her new role as primo pimp for the Anschutz Entertainment Group. I say pretending because for the last 4 years of her reign at CPWNA most of the rules established in the by-laws were abandoned. No minutes of the meetings were kept. No proper elections were held – Carla was reappointed by proclamation. Money was improperly transferred into Hubby Paul’s accounts. In short, Queen Carla did what she wanted to do on the road to Councilhood. So it is not surprising to see her jump so quickly into bed with the PR firm of CRL, a major Madison contributor and our new “out-sourced” arm of government (which ran the wildly successful Dancing Letters campaign for Hickenlooper.) But I was surprised to see Carla’s smiling face in the promo movie for Chuck and daughter Brittany Morris’s grand Anschutz Experiment. So blatant. So in your face. The question has not yet been put to Council and Carla is in the movie! She just doesn’t get the concept of conflict of interest. “Hey, we can get branded!” she says in the movie, tossing around the jargon of the PR crowd. Their main argument is that we can all make money. Chuck: “You guys can sell parking spaces.” Do you need a license from the City to do that? “Hey, nobody pays attention to those rules.” Well, paying attention to the rules is what it’s all about if we are to have a civil government that benefits us all, and not just the billionaires and their sycophants among us. Carla is proposing to “facilitate” the committee to decide where the Anschutz “community” money goes. Har har. We’ve seen that kind of “facilitation” before. Would this be for some kind of "arts" project?

Hi neighbors! Well, the Mile High Music and Arts Festival is all the buzz as I'm sure you've heard! One of the things that is being talked about is the $1/ticket that AEG Live proposes to donate to a non-profit organization (specific organization to be determined) to solely benefit the neighborhoods surrounding City Park in a gesture to "share the wealth" and because we will be such an integral part of the success of this festival. One point of discussion is how that money is going to be distributed amongst the groups or how we think it might best be spent and what mechanism should be used. The thing that has been agreed upon by those of us who have been engaged in these conversations is that we need to pull a group together of two representatives from each group so that we can have a good conversation or two about how this all should be done. I agreed to facilitate this and I think that we should hold our first meeting after the first of the year and after the legislation goes through council that decides whether this Festival can happen or not. I'm giving us all plenty of time to arrange this, I'm thinking Jan 10, the second Thursday, around 6, probably at my office. I do not think this date conflicts with any regularly scheduled neighborhood meetings. Do some talking and see which two representatives from each group would like to participate. I know you are already being asked to send representatives to the Parks and Rec meetings about the parameters of charging for events in the Parks, and to participate on the AEG Live hosted Mile High Music and Festival Community Advisory Committee. The need for this group could be fairly long term though the representatives can certainly change. Please let me know if his night works for a couple of representatives from each of your groups. Thank you! Carla Madison
Queen Carla never knew how to properly run a neighborhood association. How could she be expected to run a Council district?
Madison made no comments at the CPWNA meeting on Nov. 27,
but she had plenty of body language to spread around.


  1. Maybe it's just a personal bias, but I've always been a little leery of people who wear dead animals on their head; animals that are obviously frozen in that last frenetic YIKES! moment when their muscles tense, their hair stiffens rigid with the realization their days are done. Always thought there was something grossly morbid about wanting to kill a wee critter simply to place it upon one's head. : - ]