Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Nudist Post Outstrips All

Not in Denver

Google Analytics, a new tentacle into the internets, is a tool for the owner to see what’s going on with their site. I was amazed to learn that about half of the visitors to this site are not from Denver, but spread around the globe.

My satirical “
Nudist Post” got the most views. Very popular among men 20 – 30 from India. Really. I guess these help desk guys are searching the tubes for info on Denver nudists in between calls. That would explain a lot.

Hey, go with the flow. From now on I’ll be blogging about the Denver nudist scene, for example, here, here, and here.

Just kidding (JK).

But seriously, I will be expanding the scope of my posts here to reflect more of my interests, including things that have a direct influence on all of us, even in this little corner of the universe. Plummeting Dollar, Eroding Tax Base, the Plasma Universe and other fun posts are all in the works.


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