Sunday, August 10, 2008

Last Round in House District 8

This Tuesday, August 12, is the big day in primary politics. Our own District 8 seat in the State House is being sought by 3 fine Democratic citizens: Bergles, Lowery and McCann. The victor in this primary will be unopposed in the General election. So this is the finals for these three. The tally was very close at the caucus - its hard to guess who might win this time. All three were hard-working campaigners, and kept the level of discourse high, without any negativity. McCann started off with over 5 times the amount of contributions as the other two. Her long public service adds up to name recognition, and she has the most experience in government. Lowery's service with the Young Democrats may give her an edge with the under-34 demographic. She's 100% for gay marriage with no equivocation, unlike her opponents. Bergles brings a straight-ahead energy backed by a broad range of experience with classroom teaching in the main, and a PhD to boot. The guy is a determined power house. He got the blessing of Rosemary Marshall, the current holder. Here they are speaking on the mortgage crisis and its effect on neighborhoods. If you haven't made up your mind, here's some evidence, not opinion. McCann Lowery Bergles If you want more, go to YouTube and search on DenverDirect+candidate name.


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