Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wouldn’t It Be Nice ….

Denver Mayor Hickenlooper has the opportunity to fill a vacancy on Denver Water’s 5-member Board of Commissioners. The vacancy was brought about by the departure of newly-appointed Senator Bennett who took his wife, Susan Daggett, to Washington with him. She had been appointed to a 6-year term on November 6, 2007. Given the current composition of the Board, Penfield Tate III, President, a shareholder in the Public Finance Group at the law firm of Greenberg Traurig, John Lucero, a broker associate at Lucero Real Estate, Inc., a local real estate company that offers residential, commercial, development and investment real estate expertise, Tom Gougeon, a principal in Continuum Partners LLC, a Colorado-based development company known for "green" building projects, And George Beardsley, a principal with Inverness Properties, LLC, which specializes in the development and operation of commercial real estate properties, Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a Board member who represented the interests of the people who use the water? Someone with years of experience working on behalf of water consumers and workers? Someone like Adrienne Anderson?

By email to Mayor John Hickenlooper Dear Mayor: It is my understanding that there is currently a vacancy on the Denver Water Board of Commissioners. Please consider appointing Adrienne Anderson to this position. Anderson has a background unlike any other current Board member, with over 25 years of service to the Denver community in water-related issues. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Gerald Trumbule With a simple copy and paste, you can join me in emailing Mayor Hickenlooper to recommend Anderson for this position. Wouldn't it be nice...?


  1. Anonymous4:16 PM

    According to one of Anderson's articles for the Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Center, she says that DWB President Penfield Tate III's law firm represents Lockheed Martin. If that's the case, pretty neat deal, that the water board's top guy is a partner with one of the law firms being paid by Lockheed Martin to protect its corporate interests, when the company illegally polluted one of the sources of water for Denver Water for decades, published reports reveal. The top-secret military contractor's plant still poses an ongoing threat to water in and around the Chatfield Reservoir, being used by several south suburban water districts and at times, Denver itself.

    Why has Mayor Hickenlooper stacked the board with developers' interests? Is there no concern for public health and workers' interests in overseeing this runaway agency, that has risen its rates numerous times in the last few years at our expense?

    Citizens have the right to a broader spectrum of representation on a board of this significance to the health and safety of a large municipality like Denver and its suburbs.

    Otherwise, our interests are being flushed down our low-flow-toilets.

    - A Denver Water Ratepayer

  2. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Mayor John Hickenlooper
    February 19, 2006

    Dear Mayor:

    I urge you to appoint Adrienne Anderson to the Denever Metro Water Board of Commissioners.

    The gentlemen currently serving as Commissioners may indeed be competent in some ways, but none of them is on record as an advocate for the public users of Denver’s water resources. Ms. Anderson is a longtime consumer advocate and researcher on issues of water quality, and a strong representative of citizen interests.

    Ms. Anderson would bring to the task more than 30 years of experience, a powerful work ethic and a strong sense of integrity. She has the scholarly recognition, political acumen and the public visibility to do the job well. I think you could find no more qualified individual for the position.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    David P. Felice
    (Council District 8)

    COPY TO: Carla Madison, Doug Linkhart, Carol Boigon
    Dear David,

    On behalf of Mayor Hickenlooper, thank you for taking the time to write. I have forwarded your email to the Mayor and to Suzan Moore, the Director of Boards and Commmissions.

    Thanks again.

    Best regards,

    Mary Crosswright
    Executive Assistant
    Office of Mayor John W. Hickenlooper