Saturday, March 14, 2009

Denver Councilwoman Montero Makes a Statement

Denver Councilwoman Judy Montero usually has plenty to say at City Council meetings. But Tom Anthony, activist constituent in her District 9, has been emailing her repeatedly regarding hazardous zoning violations in his neighborhood, and can't get a word out of her. Tom was surprised to see Montero outside his residence on National Western Drive this past Thursday morning (3/12/09), along with Denver Fire Chief Gonzales, Jeff Shoemaker of The Greenway Foundation and others, having a "street meet". When he approached the group he was shooed away. When DenverDirect showed up with camera running, the group immediately began to disband. Montero and aide headed for their car. When asked repeatedly to make a statement, Montero replied “I don’t even know who you are”, got in her car and drove away. Doesn’t Montero realize that by refusing to talk to us, she was making a statement? Public officials approached in public with a legitimate request should always respond, lest their refusal be interpreted as a statement in itself. Slamming her car door says a lot.
Addendum: Jeff Shoemaker of The Greenway Foundation was willing to make a statement regarding the meeting. No video, but at least we got some information.


  1. Tom,

    The citizens of the region owe you a huge debt for your role in the environmental cleanup at Shattuck when you lived near it.

    Why then, would you move to a neighborhood that is downstream of and adjacent to the most pollution sources and hazards in the region?

    I know you're a very smart guy, so you should explain it to those of us who question the wisdom of such a move.