Sunday, May 17, 2009

Colfax Marathon

I wasn't really planning on shooting the beginning of the Marathon, but since I woke up early and it was only 1 block away... Later, I ambled down to 17th and Gaylord where a group of enthusiastic supporters stood and cheered as the runners turned north. I was told that the front runner was way out in the lead and had passed there about an hour and a half earlier. Cheers to all who participated. Update: From

Hear are the winners: Half marathon men's winner: Andrew Smith and his time was 1:10:10. Half marathon women's winner: Becky Pretty and her time was 1:25:54. Full marathon men's winner: Matt Kempton and his time was 2:41:10. Full marathon women's winner: Heather Utratra and her time was 3:13:48.


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