Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Trumbule Trail

The old sign at the Trumbule Trail

Because of the unusual spelling of my last name, it is easy for me to track the activities of my relatives with Google Alerts. Thus, this heartening piece came to my attention, about the renewal of the Trumbule Trail in Hyattsville, Md., where I, my older brother Robert, and our siblings, grew up after moving from Greenbelt, Md. in 1954.

Robert Edward Trumbule, “Bob”, was a heroic character, father to five, active in Boy Scouts, church, and community. His sudden death in 1984 by heart attack was totally unexpected, as he was only 47 years old, a marathon runner, and thought to be in good health.

The Trumbule Trail, in Magruder Park, was one response to his passing. As I recall, his four sons and their Troop built the trail, a nature walk through a swamp, without government assistance of any kind. A few months ago, I noticed that the City of Hyattsville had designated $18,000 for the rejuvenation of the Trail.

 The new sign at the Trumbule Trail

Now the work is done and a fine slide show is available. Thanks to the City of Hyattsville and to all of the volunteers for their effort in keeping the trail, and the memory of my brother, alive.


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