Friday, January 22, 2010

Lawsuit Time

Watch the entire 6-hr meeting here.
If the members of City Council vote to do something illegal, what recourse do the citizens of Denver have but to sue? In approving this non-competitive contract with OpenAir Cinema to fence off  8% of Civic Center Park this summer, and then move to City Park for the next two years, City Council may well be in violation of the City Charter. As usual, Councilwoman Faatz makes the most cogent argument against doing so, but is in the minority (8-4) and the illegal lease is approved. When will City Council wake up and stop trampling on our Charter?

I sincerely hope that some group of civic-minded citizens will step forward and sue the City to stop this denial of the citizens right to vote on issues drastically changing the use of our parks.

P.S. As usual, Kenny Be has it nailed over at Westword.

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