Friday, February 12, 2010

"Animal Control" Out of Control - Part 4

US Veteran Glen Belcher testified at the HB1124 hearing on yet another example of "animal control" being out of control. You see, Mr. Belcher's VA prescribed service dog is of the bull terrier breed. The City of Denver has killed over 3,000 of these dogs and wants to kill his as well. He's tried to educate animal control Director Kelly, but to no avail.


  1. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Dave Felice and the Inter-NOborhood Cooperation is at it again! Yippee. Dave, do you stand FOR anything? It must be a sad existence to simply stand against.

  2. manonfetch4:25 PM

    This is ridiculous. The American with Disabilities Act trumps Denver's Pit Bull ban. This man should never have had to go through this mess. Is there a supervisor or committee member or lawyer somewhere telling Denver Animal Control that they cannot issue a waiver for this dog? Why on earth would they NOT issue a waiver for a dog that has passed behavioral tests and been licensed as a service dog, in two other states! I know that in the past, pit and pit mix owners had tried to get waivers based on falsely claiming their dog was a service dog, but a service dog is licensed and cannot be faked. I am familiar with Denver's breed ban, with Denver and Colorado animal welfare laws and regulations. I have checked with other officers and lawyers. None of us can figure out why this man has not gotten a waiver for his service dog.