Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Honorable Hick Changes the Rules

This is an example (from the south side of Sloan's Lake Park) of the Mayor's current Parks and Recreation Vendor Licensing program 

When I first moved to Denver in 1971, nothing was allowed to be sold in the parks. I mean nothing. Even The People's Fair (this week-end at Civic Center Park) was not allowed in the parks back then.

Now the Honorable Hick has sent down a decree with new rules. Selected vendors will be allowed at selected sites. Community activist Larry Ambrose (Dang! He would have been good on City Council) took some pictures of one of the first vendors at Sloans Lake. Yummy!

From the email tubes:

I understand you have all received an email and photos of a vendor in Sloans’ lake. I would like to thank Larry Ambrose for sending us the photos – as you all know, with so few rangers, much of our enforcement of park rules occurs because of complaints, so we heavily rely on our customers to be our eyes and ears and let us know when something does not look right.

The photos Larry sent are of the permitted vendor for the site in South Sloan’s lake. Of our 32 sites, some are trucks, some are smaller ice cream vendors etc. The vendor is allowed reasonable, small signage; is not supposed to set up ancillary tables and is not supposed to be parked on the sidewalk.

Our permitting staff has already called on the permit holder to review the rules, and has asked him to move to the approved location, in the parking lot. Our rangers are on notice to visit this area to ensure the rules are followed. Because these are temporary (month to month) revocable permits, we are able to place a vendor on notice and are able to pull the permit at anytime.

That site is especially popular because of the proximity to the playground, restroom, tennis courts and playing fields. I was there this weekend with my children and there were over 20 people waiting in line for most of the day to buy a drink and popcorn. We will work closely with this vendor to ensure the amenity is a success and the rules are followed.

Chantal Unfug, Senior Advisor
Denver Parks and Recreation

Update: from KDVR News


  1. Anonymous7:54 PM

    If Chantal Unfug was at the park Saturday and she saw the vendor parked on the sidewalk, why did she not tell the vendor he was breaking the law?