Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Get used to it...

I was issued a ticket for stopping at the red light at 6th Ave. and Lincoln. My front wheels crossed the white line, my bumper extended maybe inches into the crosswalk. And for this I am issued a $75 ticket for "Failure to stop at marked stop line on red light"!!! Do I have to spend my own time fighting B.S. trivialities? Any suggestions on what I do next??
By Anonymous on From DenverGov Photo Red Light Enforcement Progra... at 8:53 AM

Get used to it, you are going to be getting more tickets as you learn the new rules, the hard way. The fines have been raised and the surveilence is being sharpened. Soon these will be photo tickets of "Failure" infractions such as yours as cameras are being installed in all new intersections. Remember back when Denver's City Council was discussing this issue? You have to stop with your bumper behind the "marked stop line", even if, and especially if you are going to make a legal right turn on red. No more gliding into and through the intersection. This will be a great new source of income for the City - increased amount and frequency of fines on the citizens (remember, 20% unemployment means 80% employment; there's still revenue out there to be had).

As to what to do next, Anonymous, I'd suggest paying the ticket (although it's often worth a trip to talk with the "adjuster") and changing your "stopping at a red light behavior". Stop well back from the line so there is no question, because whether or not you are over the line will depend on the angle it is being photographed from. Get used to it...the hammer is coming down.


  1. Anonymous1:23 PM

    I got pulled over on Alameda Quebec. The cop said I was doing 48 in a 35, it was right where the speed limit dropped. I know I was not going 48, but he told me it was a $250 fine.
    When he came back to issue the ticket he instead wrote me a ticket for not signing the back of my registration, a $90 fine.

    I never asked to see the radar gun, it was hot that day and I have no A/C, so I just wanted to get moving again.

    The police are here for revenue generation and they will ticket you for any little offense.
    As was demonstrated by Ritters raising the re-licensing fees, motorists are siting ducks waiting ti be fleeced.

  2. I can totally relate. Just got my citation in the mail for failure to stop at a marked stop line. They even have a video of it. I come into the intersection going an estimated 15 mph and didn't stop in time. total BS if you ask me and infringement upon my Constitutional rights to haul ass at 2:30 am. I paid the ticket after seeing the online evidence and not having the patience or the time of day to deal with these scumbags that are the denver photo enforcement division- the most pussy branch of denve p.d. -- after talking to some of the invalids on the telephone-- I recommend you pay the ticket, if the evidence is stacked against you , like in my case. It will not go on your diving record or any public record, unless you fight it and take it to court. Just some food for thought.
    ONE THING IS CLEAR.. Denver is broke, and trying to get revenues for all shorts of bullshit, so watch out motorists, because the long dick of the law is coming toward a tailpipe near you.