Monday, October 24, 2011

DPD Raids Squat, Support Needed

Posted on October 24, 2011 by denverabc

Sunday afternoon a squat in the Jefferson Park Neighborhood of Northwest Denver was raided by over a dozen officers from District 1 of the Denver Police Department.

Witnesses report that the raid was very violent, with at least 8 officers repeatedly beating one of the arrestees, and eventually using paramedics to sedate them while they laid face down, bleeding, in the street.

Four people were arrested, one being sent to a hospital in an ambulance to receive medical care. As of Sunday night, three of the arrestees are facing 2nd degree Burglary (a class 3 felony) and $10,000 bonds. The fourth arrestee’s charges remain unknown because she is still hospitalized. All four have been active participants of Occupy Denver.

How to Help
Contribute to our bail fund! Contact DenverABC at for information on how to donate to the fund.
Courtroom solidarity! Bond hearings will be Monday (10/24), 10am, at the Van Cise- Simonet Detention Facility (Colfax and Delaware).

Future hearings will be posted on

The first solidarity action will be Monday (10/24), 5pm, at the Van Cise facility.
Stay in the loop for future solidarity actions and opportunities at We are also on Twitter and Facebook. Also request to be on our announcement list by emailing us.


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