Monday, January 9, 2012

Occupy Denver Revealed

As you know I've been supporting Occupy Denver since the beginning, with my video work at first and by now about 10 food and supplies trips, one using the now-famous Drive-by Drop Off technique (jk). But I've found the GAs tedious - I'm not a big fan of mic check - and although I've talked to some good people "on the row", I haven't really gotten a feel for it, and I've often been turned off by the antics of druggers and drunks.

So it was with a great hurrah that I discovered "Thick socks and Picket Signs", a blog by Locke in Socks, aka Jo Newton. She is a good writer who is reporting from the ground, aka "The Row". Go to the site and scroll down to read some of her entries and you'll get a good feel for what is going down.

AND...the Occupy Denver townhall meeting held yesterday was livestreamed. Unfortunately, much of it was during the Bronco's game and it went on for about 6 hours. Not very many people are going to watch for that long. But thanks to Rob Witte (rwitte42 at for the effort. It's now recorded and broken into 5 segments for viewing.

So to those complaining about lack of direction and/or intrusive personalities, this is your chance to catch up. That's what I've been doing and I'm actually quite impressed and more hopeful for the future of Occupy Denver.

And don't forget Occupy Denver, the official site which has ramped up recently to full-scale relevance.


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