Thursday, May 24, 2012

Colorado MMJ Patients: Please Share

Press release from: Twirling Hippy Confections  
CSP's "100 days of Heat" campaign kicks off the holiday weekend tomorrow in Colorado with increased emphasis on "impaired drivers".
Colorado public radio reports that CO had 185 alcohol related traffic fatalities last year, (still NO stats on Cannabis, CDOT reports numbers too low to track).
MOST IMPORTANTLY Be Alert and Drive Safely... Check your lights, buckle your belt, and pack your stash in a scent-proof container, get out of the car to medicate when traveling, reveal nothing concerning your patient status until the possession of MMJ becomes unavoidably obvious to the enforcement agent.
Please be responsible. DO NOT give these nanogram limiting douchebags anything to build false statistics about patient road safety upon.
this public service notice sent by 303 922 3661 


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