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All Things MJ with Jessica LeRoux - November 25, 2012

Hey Now, 
We have a hint of progress on multiple fronts to discuss today, so grab your reading glasses, make a turkey sammich and get a cup of coffee! I hope you had a very lovely Thanksgiving. Im gonna try to keep the news brief so y'all can focus on the important stuff... 

I got an email from Julie Postlethwaite of the MMED on Friday, concerning the new rulemaking agenda & timeline. I am attaching the entire document, (see below) in hopes you will use this info to get empowered and involved! The game is speeded up and the stakes are higher than  ever. Share this email in an effort to reach as many small independent MMJ business owners so that we can stand in solidarity against the 
lobbyists and profiteers. 

At least it is progress. on the local level....

Today I have for you all the 1st document to surface post election from the Federal Government concerning Medical Cannabis... 
Here's some Gov'rmnt circle logic thinkin for ya... fresh quotes from the Congressional Research Service's Medical Marijuana: The Supremacy Clause, Federalism, and the Interplay Between State and Federal Laws

Todd Garvey, Legislative Attorney November 9, 2012

As part of a larger scheme to regulate drugs and other controlled substances, federal law prohibits the cultivation, distribution, and possession of marijuana.
1 No exception is made for marijuana used in the course of a recommended medical treatment. Indeed, by categorizing marijuana as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), the federal government has concluded that marijuana has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States. 
2 In the medical marijuana context, an individual can comply with the CSA and a state medical marijuana exemption by refraining from the use of marijuana altogether. Under established precedent, it would appear that the federal prohibition on marijuana would only preempt a state medical marijuana law under the impossibility prong of conflict preemption if the state law required individuals to use medical marijuana. State laws, of course, contain no such mandate.
Liability for State Officials?
It should be noted that state laws that provide a mechanism by which state officials who participate in helping qualified individuals gain access to marijuana may theoretically expose those state officials to federal criminal liability. It is not only individuals who possess, produce, or distribute marijuana who are subject to federal sanctions, but also those who conspire, aid and abet, or assist in that proscribed conduct.103 Take for example, state laws that require state officials to return marijuana improperly seized from a qualified individual.104 Theoretically, the action of returning that marijuana would qualify as a felony distribution of marijuana under the CSA. 
The legal status of state laws respecting the use of medical marijuana remains ambiguous. Although state laws that merely exempt qualified users of medical marijuana from state prosecution have consistently survived preemption challenges, state laws that affirmatively authorize and regulate medical marijuana may pose a more serious obstacle to the accomplishment of federal objectives. For example, operators of licensed marijuana dispensaries which may represent legitimate licensed business ventures under state law are subject to felony prosecutions under federal law at any time. Thus, it appears that it is generally the discretionary restraint of the federal government, in addition to the necessity to prioritize limited resources, that brings some modicum of stability to the interplay between state medical marijuana laws and the federal prohibition on the production, possession, and distribution of marijuana.
link here for the full report: 
*I think it is important to note that this report was written for Congress in regards to Medical not Recreational Marijuana. While we may think the guy who wrote this has an obvious Anti-Cannabis agenda, we need to be aware that this is step #1 in the old boy government's strategy to build the federal case against MMJ in general,(and for funds to combat MMJ legalization spreading) despite broad public support for changes to national cannabis policy.  

this seems to be the intellectual response, lets hope it prevails. 

so begins the justifications of funding grabs.... 
Springs police chief estimates he will need 50-200 additional officers to enforce road safety after A64.

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