Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Notes from the A64 meetings with Jessica LeRoux - January 23, 2013

Issues in A-64 workgroups for today... nonmedical roadside blood draws... read as: roll up your sleeve of your parka to your armpit, its 1am, its 17 degrees out, and this officer is gonna do a complicated inter-venal procedure on you out here cause he doesnt want to spray your diseased pothead blood all over his cruiser, why is he worried about spraying your blood? #1 because he isnt worried about you, you druggy dirtbag... #2 because he's a cop not a phlebotomist... your choice.

I've read 64 a few times, so how is a DA chairperson of a subgroup that recommends limiting the plant count per household, no matter how many adults live there... and limiting the stored product of the 6 plant home grow to 2-3 "a few" ounces per household as well. Cause that is not the language of the new law, and the last I checked the state (tax payers, that is me & you) doesnt have money to throw down the drain on guaranteed loser court cases....

Lastly... A-64 Advertising presentation today wants to ban all commercial advertising outside of retail shops state wide (no print ads, no radio, no tv, no sponsoring events or teams, no internet ads) and restrict in shop marketing/branding to no product claims, no comparison statements, no health claims, no frequent shopper programs, no coupons, no discounts, no samples or cross marketing... limit any allowed print advertising to publications solely distributed at bars, and make all print adds black & white only with text but no characters or images, and no product claims.... The "rational" was that 64 only allows possession of cannabis, and was not intended to compel the state to allow the industry to expand its user base or frequency of use through marketing techniques... sounds completely unpassable, but got at least 50% or more support for every point I just listed...

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