Monday, August 26, 2013

Intellectual Rape of Colorado Product developers forced by state - by Jessica LeRoux

ALERT: the state of Colorado's so called Marijuana Enforcement Division will be forcing mips to use unstandardized laboratory services while permitting that same laboratory to do research on mips intellectual property without the owner's express permission. Colorado also will allow that laboratory to develop "new" product formulas for the labs own profit, by selling untested recipes to a mips' competitor's businesses based on that unauthorized research. Basically right now Colorado has maybe 20-30 truly unique edible/topical products that have been crafted by local licensees.  This portion of the rules means that businesses located right here, much less in other states, can pay to have products (developed by colorado based licensees, who are paying the state licensing fees in good faith) reverse engineered and bypass a mips' opportunity to franchise their products into the burgeoning market in now 20 other legal medical states; thereby hurting the bottom line not just for those colorado based companies forced to use services granted unauthorized R&D rights, but ultimately hurting the financial future of the entire state by pissing away intellectual property that has been developed in Colorado under our state medical program. I have spoken up on the dilemma repeatedly, I ultimately sought to have the option of choosing a NDA (but not required just an option that must be honored if requested) institutionalized in the state's language, but was shot down for what I feel were some pretty flimsy reasons. Why is the state of Colorado doing this? please join me in asking this question repeatedly until answers are given. If you think the intellectual property developed in CO should stay in CO please use this form to question the state's rule making agenda.

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