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This week we seemed to score a few in the win column - all things considered. We started off with the New York Times Editorial Board finally taking a position on TPP that reflected some critical analysis, and the L.A. Times running a TPP Op-Ed penned by Congress Members Louise SlaughterGeorge Miller and Rosa DeLauro - giving these vocal opponents of Fast Track and TPP nearly as much space as Secretary of State John Kerry had for his "TPP love letter" several weeks back.   

Then we heard that 
President Obama this week failed to smooth out the TPP rough spots with Japan so he could return from his four-nation Asia trip with his hoped for TPP "agreement in principle." (Because the information source requires a paid subscription, the link above is to my post on the Global TPP Team Facebook page. Thanks to CTC's Arthur Stamoulis for sharing the original article.) 

BUT....we are not out of the woods yet! There is still the unpredictable 
"lame duck" (read: nothing to lose) Congress to consider - and several months in between now and election time when any number of deals could be struck between candidates and the individuals and corporations who hold their campaign purse strings. With McCutcheon adding spice to Citizens United, who knows how and to whom the cash will flow? That's why we must continue the fight, and keep up our campaign to put pressure on Congress and the mainstream media until we are sure the "free trade" monster is dead and buried for as long as possible.

1. To join in the effort (today through Saturday, April 26) visit and click on  two new targets each day to bombard them with messages on Twitter and Facebook. (Note: be sure to save and use the link above - others sent out recently from our partners have had errors.)  

2. Use the NEWLY UPDATED  Countdown to Coverage Letter to the Editor Tool - with FRESH CONTENT, where in just3 MINUTES you can click to CHOOSE FROM SEVERAL NEW TPP talking point paragraphs, and cut, paste, and send a letter to the newspaper of your choice!   (You can also use the tool to create and send a letter in your own words!)

3. Save this link and 
click here every Tuesday to join Twitter storms with Emilianne Slaydon of TPP Media March

4. Save this link and  
click here every Thursday  to storm with Beth Allen and Communications Workers of America.


With few exceptions, 
the failure of mainstream media to give TPP coverage the space and time it deserves in print and on our airwaves, is why most Americans remain generally unaware of just how much impact the TPP will have on their lives.  

This week's National TPP Team Conference Call will feature updates on the "Save the World, Stop Fast Track" campaign fromKian Frederick of GTW, the latest activist updates from Dr. Margaret Flowers of Popular Resistance, and details about the exciting coalition wrap-up rally on May 7 in Washington, D.C., sponsored by Communications Workers of America (CWA).   

You'll also hear (from me!) how to plan and post an event for your own solidarity rally on May 7 with support  
And Andrea Miller from PDA will share what's happening with Countdown to Coverage, our letter to the editor campaign - where we now have all new, updated content for you to choose from when you create your letters! 
SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKERS: Alan Minsky, producer with KPFK public radio in Los Angeles, and writer Cole Stangler of In These Times magazine, will talk about  WHY Mainstream Media Doesn't Cover Some Stories - notably TPP - and what the progressive media and the public can do about it. And they'll be on hand to answer your questions afterward!  
National TPP Team Conference Call
Mainstream Media: Stop the blackout. Cover TPP! A Progressive Media Talk
Sunday, April 27, 20144:30 p.m. Pacific7:30 p.m. Eastern
Call-in number: 559-726-1300   Access Code: 951146#
Meeting Room URL:
Until Sunday, In Solidarity,
Liz :)
P.S. We'll be posting a link to important content from last week's speaker, Bill Bullard of R-CALF. Watch for more details on the call, and on the Global TPP Team Facebook Page. If you need the information sooner for a meeting or event, send me an email.
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