Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Notes from the New Drug War by Jessica LeRoux - Oct. 7, 2014

From: Brittany Wirth <brittany.wirth@state.co.us>
Subject: Re: audit info?
Date: September 18, 2014 4:24:06 PM MDT

Hi Skyler,

I did some research, and there are no "promised follow up 2014 audits" that have a "legislative mandate". Often during the Legislative Audit Committee hearings, legislators will request the Department to provide an update on or before a certain date, perhaps that is where the confusion may be coming from.

There were the two medical marijuana audits in 2013, and each had a status report in January 2014. Status reports for both of the audits were combined in this one document, see attached.
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Jessica says:
I know I keep talking & talking to a deaf audience about the missing follow up Audits of MED & CDPHE, But It still bothers me that im being given the run around... the latest dodge is the member of the State audit board dismissing my inquiries by saying that there was no mandated follow up audit for either entity (Bitch I was sitting in the 2013 audit audience when the 2014 re-audit was mandated by now resigned corrupt LEO Steve King!) And the CO audit board sent me a PDF document as proof... but the document they sent me was Generated by Barbara Brohl of the DOR, not by anybody at the audit board, and the document they sent me is a january 2014 checklist from Brohl about the things they are kinda resolving at MED which they got dinged on in that 2013 audit (lets recall Ms Brohl has NO authority over the CDPHE) this document does NOT answer my questions, in fact it prompts investigation of a whole new set of potential problems.
the DOR is not the deciding agency for these missing audits, They continue to harbor a sub-agency which fails to meet agreed upon changes to proceedure, and they are the subject of a failed audit... MED & CDPHE are due for a review audit simply because that is a state law concerning agencies which fail to do their mandated work efficiently. 


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