Saturday, February 14, 2015


by Gerald Trumbule
Bridget Walsh at Denver Zoo incinerator site
You may have noticed Bridget Walsh's efforts to bring to our attention the incinerator proposed for City Park  (including our own video here). Her efforts have included a Facebook page devoted to the topic where she has posted information regarding the tons of pollution that will be released by burning animal waste at the Denver Zoo. (If you go to the FB page start at the beginning of timeline (bottom of page) where she explains her intent to use the site as a repository for the information she has gathered on the topic).
Strangely, her efforts have resulted in personal attacks on Facebook and YouTube by a small band of trolls who seem intent on attacking the messenger rather than refuting the message. For example, from "Nathan Parks" on YouTube we have this:
Please don't continue to allow this insane fear mongering on youtube. Aside from her concern for safety, she obviously has nothing better to do than spew her incorrect and inaccurate information about the zoo and gasification. Its not a looming, toxic, industrial, scary power plant. It is a facility that is catalyzing the process of sustainable energy. Yes it does have its draw backs and safety concerns but those are being researched and tested every single day that the zoo is open. She continues to focus on incorrect information and continue to produce it over and over and over again. In other words, SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU CRAZY BITCH

In truth, I don't understand the vitriol aimed at her and I can't understand the motivation of anyone in favor of an incinerator in City Park. The "green" argument, and the "cost efficiency" argument fade into insignificance compared to the resulting tons of pollutants predicted by the proponents themselves. Walsh does an admirable job of presenting the facts without hysteria, the exact opposite of the accusations above.
The formation of City Park Friends and Neighbors (CPFAN) of which Walsh was a board member, has also drawn the ire of many commenters who claim to be incorrectly spoken for. No one has made any claims that they are speaking for anyone but themselves and the members of their group. Nonetheless, Walsh has seen fit to resign her position on the CPFAN Board, and thus remove herself  as a lightning rod for the unwanted attacks.
Dear Friends,
It has come to my attention that CPFAN's main goal is Landmark designation for City Park. I agree that it has to be a top priority .
I found out about the Zoo's (and their partners in the project, the oil companies) plans to install a carbon polluting ( among other nasty things) gasification plant right in the middle of City Park, at a most inconvenient time for the Landmark process. Some in the community are trying to "kill" the messenger.
After considerable study and thought, I believe strongly that the plant in the middle of City Park could have dire consequences for the health and safety of neighbors who live around the park and perhaps for the greater Denver area, to say nothing of property values and the mess it will make of City Park.
At a time when Colorado and the rest of the west is facing the specter of decades long, extended, mega droughts because of climate change due to the carbon emissions that we put into the atmosphere, i think that putting tons more carbon emissions into the air in City Park is the wrong choice especially when there are many safer truly green and more efficient alternatives .
I suspect that since there have been no commercial success stories for Gasification in North America, due to faulty technology and successful citizen opposition , that the oil companies may be using the friendly , happy face of the Denver Zoo as a Trojan horse to introduce a polluting , non sustainable, non renewable , plant in the park.
Why? I think it all has something to do with GW Bush who during his administration cooked up a phony carbon accounting system and tax incentives for gasification when he found out that you could burn up trees and crops and waste to make fuel for cars. I think thy just didn't count the carbon emissions because they thought that they could "grow " more. Pretty tricky. If it burns , it pollutes.
So I am resigning from the board of CPFAN effective immediately so that i can be free to follow the path of discovery wherever it should lead without bringing attention to CPFAN.
It has been great working with all of you to protect City Park. I will still be a member of CPFAN and will cheer you on from the sidelines. Please wish me luck and a safe journey.
Warmest regards,
"Bridget" Eileen Walsh


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