Saturday, May 30, 2015

National Stroke Awareness Month - Stroke prevention starts with you‎

Personal note by Gerald Trumbule

National Stroke Awareness Month - Stroke prevention starts with you‎

Last month I became acutely aware of a stroke by having one of my own. Fortunately for me, my partner Pat found me on the floor next to my desk, quickly determined that I had had a stroke, called 911 who quickly came and took me to PSL ER, where they quickly decided to fly me by helicopter to Swedish Hospital Stroke Center (one of the best in the nation). In short, I quickly received all the expert care I needed to prevent the stroke (a middle Cerebral Artery Stroke caused by atrial fibrilation (a heart condition I did not know I had) from becoming worse than it was. I suffered some effects (mild difficulty walking, got excellent rehab at Swedish Hospital and later at Rose Hospital, and am now back home recuperating, thanks to the 10-15 doctors and 30-40 nurses who took care of me. Check out your risk factors and make any lifestyle changes necessary now. Believe me, brain damage is no fun and needs to be avoided. (Click above)


  1. Glad you made it. Many people in my life have not, or have not gotten the rapid treatment that can make all the difference in a positive long term recovery.