Saturday, April 14, 2007

People Are Pissed Off

I hadn't heard this question asked before of the candidates for Denver District Council District 8.


  1. The Denver City Council voted against war from the very beginning in February 2003.

  2. So true. And how sad that we are still asking our candidates the same question.

  3. Hi,

    It would be interesting to know Council's opinions on a war with Iran. I would oppose any support to a war with Iran. The leading Presidential contenders, Clinton and Obama, support a war with Iran. Interesting!


    Greg Rasheed
    District 8 City Council candidate

    PS I'd be curious to know what Mr.Burrell and Mr. Trumbule's opinions are on the current Iraqi war and a potential war with Iran.

  4. Greg - I've been posting my thoughts on a potential War on Iran for some time now - over at We can only hope that Bush can be restrained before he creates more havoc.