Sunday, April 8, 2007


If you've been checking out the candidate videos on this site, you may be interested in how many views each candidate has received. Let me first state that I know this is not a "scientific" survey, any more than the number of yards signs is a true measure of popularity. That said, I couldn't resist plotting the results (I was a scientist in a former life.)

Of course the graph only represents those who have computer access and visit blogs and candidate sites that link to YouTube. It may also include those who stumbled upon the videos and are not Denver voters.

The first 3 bars on the left are for the 3 at-large candidates who have only one video on this site. Linkhart is the clear winner.

The next 5 bars to the right are based on 4 videos each except for Smith who has three videos. These results are static and reflect the results as of the date of this post.


  1. Interesting study. The graphs are note, however, visible at the moment, so you may need to do some tweaking to get this info out to folks.

    The big question is what the data means, and I think that can be spun in either direction. That is, the folks with the highest hit counts can claim they have the most supporters (because supporters are likely to follow "their candidate").

    But it could just as easily be argued that higher hit counts are for more obscure and less likely to win candidates. I, for one, tend to view folks I don't know instead of the ones I do know. That to me seems the biggest service you provide in putting these videotaped forums online.

  2. Thanks for the comment Dave. I think the graph problem is solved now. I agree that the # of hits graph shows only that. I can imagine a fan (or even a campaign volunteer) watching one video over and over again.