Saturday, August 18, 2007

Part 1: DNA Evidence + DA Morrissey = 50 Burglars in Jail

Denver District Attorney Mitchell Morrissey briefed the Denver Democrats (House District 8) on Aug 18, 2007. It's great having a government official who is articulate, intelligent, good looking, and doing a great job. What a pleasant change from the national scene. His briefing to the Dems gathered at the Whittier Community Center was concise: 1. The use of DNA to catch burglars is working. 50 habituals have been apprehended, tried and incarcerated. 2. The recently restarted Drug Court is working well (1200 people processed). 3. We really need to pass the bond for Public Safety, as it includes a new crime lab. The old one is falling apart and could lead to massive problems if evidence is destroyed (leaky roof) or lost. See Part 2 for Q and A including City Council option of passing Marijuana Ordinance instead of ballot.


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