Monday, August 6, 2007

Nickel and Dime is Now $5 and $10

(Cano's property in Antonito)

The assessed value of my property on York Street went up $341,000 this year.

No, I’m not kidding. The assessed value of the “improvements” (the building) went up $341,000 (almost 300%) this year. The land doubled in value to $250,000 a few years back.

Of course I appealed, as I have done many time in the past. That’s when I learned that the assessor’s office now uses the MLS to check on your property listing.

“Well, I see here that you listed your property for $xxx just last year. So you will have to agree that you think it’s worth at least $xxx.” Yeah, but it didn’t sell.

And how can it triple in one year? “Last year’s valuation is not relevant”. Oh…

Ok, now that they’ve got the property values all over town jacked up to the max on the back of the bogus real estate bubble, Let’s freeze the tax rate!! Hey, good idea! Now that they’ve agreed to suspend TABOR in Denver for 10 years, we’ll get the stupids to agree to a whole load of capital improvements that we’ve been putting off for 20 years.

Yeah!! Good idea!! Just as we are heading into a recession. It’s a good thing we’re building that new jail, because crime is going to soar, as it always does in recessions.

They are saying this one may be “The Greater Depression”.

Oh, and by the way, hat’s off to City Council for sending that dastardly Fed a nasty proclamation. That’ll teach ‘em.

I’m embarrassed. And I'm still trying to sell my building.


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