Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Denver Mayor Hedgejumper: Extraordinary Event? OK, Now I’m the Decider.

Hick and the Council of Cretins are getting scared. Now they want to make sure everyone is safe (before, during, and long after the DNC, and BTW, here's $50 million), so they need to change the rules. Your free speech rights? Disappeared. Right to assemble? Gone. The City would be able to pre-empt you at every turn, and by the way, make sure you don’t use “fighting words”. You’ll be hauled away for sure.

Thanks to the ACLU for standing up.
"The ACLU also says proposals that would require permits for the free speech of "one or more persons” are unconstitutional. The ACLU letter claims the permit requirement “is broad enough to include one person walking through or sitting in a park with a sign that states ‘Repent Now! The End is Near’ or ‘Impeach the Mayor.’ Indeed, it is so broad as to include a person walking through or sitting in a park wearing a T-shirt containing such a message.”
Hearing today, Jan 2? I can't find it on any agenda. Stay tuned.


  1. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Hick and the Council of Cretins need to admit that they no longer have control of the city. When they made the Faustian deal with the Democratic National Committee, the council and mayor ceded control to the Secret Service and the lawyers! As an extreme example, if Secret Service officials said they wanted lighted 24-hour surveillance of East Colfax, there would be helicopters with search lights in the air round the clock. It wouldn't matter what residents and businesses thought or how they were affected. This is just the beginning. There IS going to be a security perimeter all around downtown, but the Secret Service won't tell anyone until the last minute and it's too late to do anything about it.