Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Denver's "Extraordinary Event" Discussed at City Council 1-22-08

Denver City Council meetings are usually long and mostly boring. Here I bring you selected clips from their meeting of 1-22-08. The Mayor's Extraordinary Event Powers (MEEP), to be imposed during the Democratic National Convention, are discussed by citizens and Councilpersons, in a hearing on Council Bills 35 and 36, regarding assembly in our parks and parades on our streets. This post is not intended to bring you a summary of what was said, but merely what I found interesting. I mostly prefer what the citizens have to say. If you want the entire 2+ hours, go to channel 8 online. (Technical note: After recording, editing, uploading to YouTube, and posting, I noticed there is a bit of slippage between the picture and sound. This was a result of the process, and could not be corrected.) Bill of Rights

Camping in the parks (I missed the first part of this one)

Carla's Contribution

First Amendment

Free Speech

Councilman Linkhart (the voice of reason)

No Fees

Street Medic


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