Sunday, May 11, 2008

Adult Beverage Alcohol Good, Stoner Reefer Marijuana Bad

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper was a drug pusher before he became Mayor. Now don't get all bent. I mean “pusher” in a good way. The drug he pushed (sold) was alcohol, all legal and proper. Now he wants to expand the use of his drug in our Parks. (Read the whole alcohol-in-the-parks story at, and below in Dave Felice’s report on Thursday’s “More Booze” hearing.) The People of Denver have twice voted to request that another drug, marijuana, be considered in a similar light. Not exactly made legal but at least considered as a lowest priority for the police. This has not been done. In fact the opposite has been done, as the number of arrests for petty marijuana possession went up after our first vote. Now it’s hard to hold Hickenlooper responsible for this, since these marijuana arrests (made by City police) are being done under State law. That would mean that District Attorney Mitch Morrissey is the person responsible for each and every decision (case-by-case they call it when they want to unevenly apply the law) to prosecute a marijuana arrest in Denver. The DA’s office representative has confirmed this at the Marijuana Commission meetings. But don’t these guys talk to each other? It is also easy to see that the Mayor is pushing to have the use of his favorite drug expanded in the parks, for commercial reasons I assume. It’s hard to image that he just wants more drunks around. This sends an interesting message to the citizens of Denver: Only the Mayor’s drug will be condoned, the line forms over there, $7.00 a hit. Get drunk responsibly! But how about this idea – Marijuana Beer! Call it 420 Lite, or Two Birds. Not a new idea. Google it and check out Brain Death. Now Hickenlooper can get on the band wagon! Let's ask Towelie: Now where were we? What?


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