Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thatcher Fountain

You may have noticed that I published this video clip of the cleaning of the "Thatcher" fountain in City Park previously and without comment. I was trying to get more information on what I had seen and recorded - the thick white "plaque" build up on the walls and bottom of the fountain pool - that was being removed by the workers. I wanted to get closer (to try to get a sample) but was prevented (properly) from doing so by the admonitions of the workers to stay back. So I emailed Mr. Joseph Sloan, listed as the PR contact person on the http://www.denverwater.org/ website. To date he has not answered, so today I sent him this email:

Dear Mr. Sloan:

You seem to be the “go to guy” with respect to recycled water issues. Your name, phone number, and email address are listed on more than one page of the Denverwater.org website as the person to answer questions about recycled water.

It is to you, then, that I turned to answer my simple question about the use of recycled water in the fountains at Denver’s City Park.

Email sent 4/28/08
From: Gerald Trumbule
To: Joseph.sloan@denverwater.org

Mr. Sloan:

Could you tell me if the recycled water in use at City Park is being used in the fountains? Specifically, I refer to:

1. The fountain at approximately 17th and the Esplanade.
2. The Ferril Lake fountain.
3. The play fountain just west of the Denver Museum.

Thanks for providing this information.

Jerry Trumbule

Please answer as soon as possible (by email) so I can publish your answer and set at ease the minds of my readers who are wondering about the use of this non-potable water in situations where park users might easily, and unknowingly, come into contact with it. Thanks again for your attention to this matter.

End of email.

New still from the video with my titles of what I think I was seeing:


  1. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Yeah, I emailed Councilperson Jeanne Robb about this (specifically the play fountain) on April the 15th. She responded the 16th and Cc'd Nancy Severson.

    Nancy Severson responded that day saying she was Cc'ing Celia VanDerLoop, the Environmental Quality Director and that she or someone on her staff should get back to me.

    So far they haven't...

    I'm going to ping Nancy and Jeanne again.

  2. Thanks for your efforts to get an answer to what seems like a simple question. Keep us informed as to what you find out.

  3. Anonymous3:27 PM

    So I got a reply back from a scientist in the Denver Department of Environmental Health.

    So, the H2Odyssey, evidently the name of the play fountain in City Park by the Natural History Museum, uses drinking water.

    The water is filtered and treated with bromide and ozone. And it's monitored and changed weekly.

    I didn't ask about the other fountains, as my kids don't play in them.