Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hickenlooper on Horseback

We waited for over an hour for Mayor Hickenlooper to show up, and when he did, the parade finally got started. But the Mayor opted only for the photo opportunity part, and did not join the parade. (Note to Mayor's Office: Make sure he is wearing a cowboy hat when he is on a horse.)

On a more serious note, Hickenlooper the Gubernatorial Candidate, appearing on the Mike Rosen radio show, took a call regarding the new registration fee for the Occupational Privilege Tax. Hickenlooper called the fee "crazy". Later, on the radio but "off the record", His Honor called the tax itself "wrong-headed". Listen for yourself: 10am on Thursdays show,March 18, about 15min in.

Please email the Mayor at or call his office at 720 865-9000 to voice your opinion. The fact that he is running for the Governor's office may mean he will actually listen now, and, who knows, maybe even do something to stop this crazy, wrong-headed fee on a tax on a privilege.


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