Thursday, March 11, 2010

Score one for the people

La Alma mural - photo by Dean Sanchez

from Dean Sanchez:
Yesterday Kelly and I attended a meeting at City Council Woman Judy Montero's office to discuss La Alma Recreation center. In attendance were Kevin Patterson Manager of the DPR and R. D. Sewald Director of Legislation Services City Council Liaison.
After once again reminding them of our (the community's) position and commitment to preserving La Alma, the City informed us that they will not be closing or transitioning our Community Center. The city was able to move around money and delay a Denver paths project to give us funding for another two years. This being said, LCAG will continue to work to ensure that La Alma continues to be a vibrant, long lasting resource to the community.
There was also some discussion about the La Alma pool renovation, which becomes somewhat confusing. After attending the last two pool meetings, there was some misinformation about the actual budget amount that was in the bond to remodel the pool. Officially, as of yesterday afternoon according to R. D. Sewell, there is a budget of $1.8 million dollars to rebuild La Alma's pool and bathhouse. La Alma Community action Group with the community will work with the City to make sure that we use this money wisely and get the most benefit for our kids.

I can not thank you enough for your commitment and all the hard work you have done to make the city realize that La Alma is successful viable commodity, that will always lead the example of what Recreation Centers should be. We must stay involved to make sure that we not overlooked again. To guarantee that our input and participation is recognized, Kevin Patterson will take lead on all matters pertaining to our Recreation center.


  1. Anonymous5:21 PM

    So, this is considered a win? The city has said since the beginning that it does not have enough money to continue operating all 29 rec centers. So, to fund maintaining La Alma under city operations for another two years, it has shelved two park improvements in District 9 -- a trail and park of the Swansea Park improvements (INCLUDING A PLAYGROUND). And, in two years, this SAME EXACT CONVERSATION will have to happen again.
    My thought is, "woohoo, the people scored a reprive for la alma at the expensive of other neighborhoods." Whereas, if they would sit down at the table with the City and discuss A NEW WAY to operate the center, maybe they could have had both: a viable rec center and park improvements.
    Neato. Really great job, people -- of perpetuating the problem.