Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Councilwoman Johnson Initiates Investigation of Lowry Neighbors (RNO)

from The Lowry News

The Lowry Neighbors received a call from Denver’s Planning office requesting documentation of meetings. When asked, Councilwoman Johnson said she had initiated the investigation into the procedural qualifications of Lowry Neighbors. The Lowry Neighbors is an RNO (registered neighborhood organization) on file with the City of Denver which has followed the Denver City rules regulating RNOs. This has the appearance of using taxpayer dollars to go after those who opposed her on the Lowry Vista rezoning. The Lowry Neighbors [had previously] submitted a letter to city council members opposing the rezoning of Lowry Vista from open space to commercial mixed use.

The investigation of a small registered neighborhood organization contrasts starkly with the Councilwoman’s “see no evil, hear no evil” approach when the LCMA (Lowry Community Master Association) President spoke in support of the rezoning at the Denver Planning Board Hearing Dec. 2nd without following proper procedure to obtain prior approval of the LCMA Board or to notify Lowry homeowners or business owners.

The Councilwoman is apparently eager to spend taxpayer money to investigate an RNO. However, when the City’s likely illegal contract for zoning with IRG (International Risk Group, developer of 8th and Uinta and Lowry Vista) was exposed (The Lowry News: March 2009, page 3 – online at past issues), the Councilwoman defended IRG and this contract, calling the language regarding future zoning an “unfortunate provision” rather than calling for an investigation as to how the City entered into such a questionable contract with one of her campaign contributors. When it became apparent to her that the questions were not going away, she had the City Attorney’s office quietly revise the contract. In this case, no investigation was ever carried out.
Who is Councilwoman Johnson working for?


  1. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Well, after the Denver City Council's rezoning hearing in February - which Lowry residents vociferously opposed 3 to 1 - Councilwoman Johnson was observed in a corner of the council chambers in a disturbingly close embrace with one of the Lowry Vista partners, Stuart Lichter. It almost looked like they were in bed together ( euphemistically speaking, of course).

    As Marcia Johnson was not observed hugging any of the opponents to the rezoning of the radioactive landfill, is is apparent who she has had the hots for over this hot, highly radioactive military dumpsite.