Sunday, April 11, 2010

Purple Pipe Water Coming to Cheesman Park

It looks like it's time for Cheesman Park to be added to the list of parks and places where the recycled sewer water and the horrible effluent from the Lowry Landfill Superfund Site are mixed for the delivery of 157 pollutants and 10 radionuclides to the lakes, lawns and fields of our Denver parks.

Better Denver Bond money for "irrigation" projects is spreading the reach of this "recycled" but badly polluted mix.

This topic is covered at great length on this site, (see the index (right sidebar): Purplewater, Greywater, City Park Pollution) as well as the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center site. You can also see what Denver Water told Councilman Linkhart here, what the Washington Park Profile had to say, and Amy Goodman's report on Democracy Now!

And here's the list, from the permit, of the stuff in the water.
As usual, click to enlarge (it works now):


  1. Please upload this water quality data in a readable form

  2. Yikes. I guess this means you'd better not sit on the lawn. You don't know what it was watered with.

    The south side of my lawn was constantly a problem; always drying up until i got the sprinklers adjusted. At least I know it's safe to sit on it.