Monday, November 28, 2011

Occupy Denver Friday, Nov 25, 2011

We went down to the Civic Center Park Friday evening for the Sand Creek Healing Ceremony held at the Wheel sculpture in front of the Art Museum. A group of about 50 Indians gathered to conduct this solemn remembrance of the Chivington Massacre in 1873.

We strolled over to the Occupy Denver site and caught some footage of a GA with a group of about 20 talking about getting a source of power to recharge their batteries, and their dedication to the movement. It was cold, and about 20 other Occupiers had turned in for the night, doing the best that they could under the circumstances dictated by Mayor Hancock and the Denver Police Department (no structures!)

Knowing that these folks are out there every night weighs heavily on me. I've taken coats and tarps and plastic and food donations down there from time to time, but much of it has been swept away by the DPD raids. They are down to a bare minimum, and you'll get a ticket if you stop on Broadway to drop off donations. A minimum of 6 police cars seems to be there all the time. Selective enforcement of the law to the max!

It takes dedication to subject yourself to these conditions if you have a choice. Some of these folks have little choice, and some could go home tonight if they wanted to. But they don't. I've heard that there is an Occupy Denver house where some are staying, but I've had no verification of that.

The biggest crowd was in the park for the Christmas lighting of the City and County building. I've never understood Denver's urge to light this building with the most garish display of all time, and I marvel at those who come out to see it every year. I could hear the crowd oooing and the bells playing, but I really had no desire to participate.

The 3 events added together in an unpleasant way. America - land of contradictions!


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